Zenith Bank Internet banking: How to Register online and Login


Are you a new Zenith bank user and you are looking for information on how to register for Zenith bank internet banking app on your android device then this guide is for you.

Banking halls have been built in the internet. The era of heartbreaking queues is phasing out with internet banking taking the grounds zealously.

Zenith Bank is one of the banks in Nigeria that has taken a good turn towards internet banking. This has made life easier for customers since they can make bank transactions from the comfort of their home seamlessly.

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Knowing what Zenith Internet banking entails is not only important; it is a necessity for you who want to take a bank like a boss. I will take you through all you need to know about Zenith Bank internet banking in this article.


To begin with, Zenith Bank operates two forms of internet banking:

  • The Personal Internet Banking
  • Corporate Internet Banking

In the personal internet banking, customers will be able to request cheque books, transfer funds between accounts, pay utility bills, check your account balance, buy airtime and do several other operations via the internet. This form of internet banking is used by individuals to manage their personal accounts.

Corporate internet banking, therefore, is for corporate bodies. Through this form of Zenith Bank’s internet banking, secure internet transactions can be carried out and e-payments of all kind made.

Also available in this form of internet banking is the ability to easily monitor trades, administer payroll and make transactions with customers anywhere in the world.

You could also stop cheques, confirm cheques, issue drafts, make import duty payment, view and manage multi-bank accounts, amongst many other features.

To sign up for either of these internet banking services, visit Zenith Bank’s official page at: https://www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking/#


The following are the general feature of the Zenith Bank internet banking

  • Users can view real-time account balances
  • The ability to view real-time transactions on your account
  • You can also view transaction histories
  • Make transfers of funds to your accounts and other accounts within the bank.
  • You will be able to make payment to bulk employees
  • Pay utility bills like power bills, TV subscriptions and so on.
  • Track and view status of trade finance transactions
  • You can download in any format of choice and therefore print your bank statements
  • You can also order cheque books and bank drafts.


As a user of Zenith Bank internet banking, you will benefit through the ways below:

  • The internet banking platform is user-friendly
  • It is convenient since you can bank from anywhere you are
  • There is no closing time. You can bank 24/7
  • You will be able to easily manage your account which will save you a lot of stress and energy.


To enjoy the above benefits as a Zenith Bank customer you have to have a device with which you connect to the internet.

When that’s ready then you can go ahead to apply for the internet banking services. To apply, download the Application form via https://zenithbank.com/media/1638/internet-banking-form.pdf

Download also the Service Agreement form through http://zenithbank.com/electbankagreement.pdf, complete your details in the downloaded forms. Submit the forms to any Zenith bank branch closest to you.

It will take at most 48 hours after a successful application for you to get a sealed pack that contains your login details from your bank relationship officer.

You can go to the bank in which you submitted your application if you want to collect the pouch yourself.


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