Zelle? Here’s What You Need to Know About Zelle


Zelle is a widely used transfer service which paves the way for enrolled peers to send money to (and receive money from) each other seamlessly.

With majority of credit unions and banks supporting Zelle, it becomes easy for people in the United States to enroll in the transfer service.

Reading this post further, you’ll get to learn more about Zelle as well as find out the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the service.

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Getting Started with Zelle

How It Works | Zelle

To get started with Zelle, you’ll have to enroll in the transfer service either through the Zelle app or your bank. Whichever of the two enrolment methods you’re opting for, you can expect to be walked through a simple process.

Normally, your bank account will be connected with Zelle if you choose to enroll in Zelle via the bank. But if you don’t prefer this enrolment method, you’ll have to download the Zelle mobile app and let Zelle collect your personal details (email and phone number) as required for the enrolment. Importantly, you’ll have to link your debit card in order to get enrolled via the Zelle mobile app.

What Banks Use Zelle?

Zelle is compatible with nearly all top tier banks, and most even have the service integrated into their mobile banking app. Consumers who download Zelle’s standalone app must provide a phone number or email and debit card information to be able to receive and send funds.

As long as you have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, you can download Zelle and use the application to send money. If your bank already works with Zelle, you’ll be directed to your bank’s mobile app, as long as you have it downloaded on your device.

To see the full list of banks that work with Zelle, refer to this list.

Sending and Receiving Money via Zelle

As a peer-to-peer money transfer service, Zelle allows for the sending and receiving of funds between parties who are Zelle users. In point of fact, Zelle is widely admired for its expeditious transfer processing, making people send/receive funds in no time. Also, the service allows Zelle users to request fund transfer from each other.

In the event of sending or receiving money via Zelle, you can always expect an efficient processing period. Prettily, it doesn’t take any long for money sent to you via Zelle to reflect in your account.

If you’re linking Zelle with your bank account, you should endeavour to find out (from your bank) whether there’s any limit on the amount you can send. It’s possible that your bank restricts Zelle users receiving funds for the first time to a specific amount.

What Are the Pros of Using Zelle?

Efficient fund transfer –it would interest you to know that with Zelle, you really don’t have to wait for any long to get your transfer completed. Frankly, transfers initiated via Zelle are completed in a matter of minutes

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