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Since coronavirus became a pandemic, governments across the world have been tempted to lay restrictions on movements, hence preventing many people from plying their businesses. While coronavirus is compelling more and more physical business spots –such as makeshift shops, stalls and marketplaces –to close down, the pandemic is yet an eye-opener drawing people’s attention to the need for online skill acquisition.
They’ve been lots of Top Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic  but more details where highlighted previously.
We have taken time to research how COVID-19 is favouring the idea of online skill acquisition.
This article therefore gives special attention to how COVID-19 is making people effectively use the Internet for acquiring skills that bring about employment opportunities.

Self-learning Is on the Increase

Work from Home –The Impact of Covid-19 on Online Skill Acquisition
On one hand, COVID-19 is threatening global health and on the other hand, it is making people tap into the boundless opportunities the Internet offers. Self-learning or education is one of such opportunities as it stimulates students to specify convenient schedules for completing assignments and for learning things on their own.
The compulsory lockdown imposed on physical activities is doing some good; some students are now zeroing in on the use of online courses, webinars, and online learning software to further their academic development.
Many students who were learning on a part-time basis prior to the lockdown barely had enough time on their hands for academic development. However, the sit-at-home wave of COVID-19 is affording such students sufficient time for prolonged hours of daily learning.
Here is a detailed Infographic on The Impact of COVID-19 on Education

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COVID-19 Is Making People “Upskill”

Upskilling is a trendy concept and thanks to the stay-at-home impact of COVID-19, the concept is garnering more attention. By “upskilling”, young people are encouraged to enhance their immediate skills so that they can stand the chance of faring well alongside competitors.
Sadly, the virulent spread of coronavirus is making people close down their physical business buildings. But again, the pandemic is drawing people’s attention to how they can boost their current skills perhaps by learning how to use various digital technologies which are better suited for rendering services online.
Needless to say, COVID-19 is making people see how they can acquire high-grade technical skills needed to work from home as an alternative to the need to have physical contact with others.

Influx of Young People into Online Freelancing

While some businesses have been crippled by the accompanying lockdown syndrome of COVID-19, some jobs are surprisingly making dramatic waves. Needless to say, online freelancing is one of such jobs that have fascinated many people in the course of this pandemic-infested lockdown.
Recently, there has been a higher drift of young people to online freelancing jobs such as writing, blogging, graphic design, social media marketing, content creation, etc. Some people whose jobs usually require face-to-face meetings are now considering acquiring some of these freelancing skills.
Many more people are realizing the huge potentials they stand to benefit from acquiring online skills. Therefore, some young people are fast enrolling in online courses which better help them acquire such freelancing skills within a short timeframe.
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It is crystal clear that the novel coronavirus is doing more harm than good. However, exploiting the good sides of the pandemic can be a way of establishing alternative income sources. Frankly, the acquisition of online skills prepares people for limitless opportunities such as working from anywhere.
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