Wintub claims to operate in a similar way to conventional paid-to-view (PTV) sites that let you earn money from watching their videos. How conventional PTV sites operate is paying out of ad revenues to members who watch videos on the sites. While Wintub bills itself as another PTV site, you’ll soon get to know if the site is actually legit or not.

A lot has been written about Wintub and if you’re just getting to hear about the website, you may want to learn more about it. Fortunately in this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the self-proclaimed PTV site. Most importantly, you’ll find out if it’s a legit or scam website.

Joining Wintub

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To get started with Wintub, you’ll be required to register with the site. Besides basically paying you for watching videos, another claim by Wintub is that you can make money through its referral program.

For the most part, the claim of paying members for watching videos remains the selling point of Wintub. What the website does here is attaching money to each video you’re about to watch on the site. And when you’re done watching the video, whatever amount (of money) attached to the video will be credited into your Wintub account balance.

Ownership of Wintub

If you’re really keen to find out the brain behind Wintub’s establishment or management, you could be tempted to explore the About Us section of the website. However in doing that, you’ll hardly get sufficient information about the ownership of the site. The information in the About Us section doesn’t specify the exact individual or company that owns the website.

Based on some ownership scrutiny conducted about the website, it was discovered that Wintub was registered by unidentified individual(s) in Panama. The country of origin/residence of Wintub owner(s) is still not known but it was observed that the owner(s) had run 29 websites prior to launching Wintub.

It was also discovered that Wintub registration took place on March 12, 2020. From the clues gathered about the unknown individual(s) behind Wintub registration/ownership, it’s presumable that such individual(s) is/are scammer(s) who own several websites targeted at scamming people. It is most likely that the scammer(s) create a new website after the crash of an existing scam website.

Wintub Referral Program

Wintub’s referral service claims that you’ll earn $1 on each new member that you bring to the website. As mentioned earlier, this referral program is a member’s second way of making money on Wintub.

You may think watching videos is all you need to earn money on Wintub but the sad reality is that you must have referrals before you can withdraw your earnings. Frankly, Wintub does prioritize its referral program, since it’s the best way to recruit new members.

Wintub requires you to have as many as 15 referrals before you can withdraw your earnings on the site. You must have also watched as many as 65 videos on the site.

Why Is Wintub a Scam?

You may have read reviews labeling Wintub a legit PTV site and you might want to believe such reviews probably because some testimonies were attached to them.

However to a large extent, Wintub is a scam you should stay clear of. What you must accept about Wintub is that its stratagem of attracting members (through the fake promise of paying them for watching videos) is a well-known scam. Put simply, Wintub hides behind the self-proclaimed status of PTV site to attract unsuspecting individuals. Ultimately, what Wintub does is prying into the individuals’ sensitive data (such as bank information) and exposing their computers to malware.

Actually, the overriding proof that Wintub is a scam is that the website barely pays you even after reaching the set threshold for fund withdrawal. Normally, the site’s threshold (for withdrawal) is $80 whereas you’ll earn less than $1 for each video watched.

You should recall that we earlier implied that you must have racked up 15 referrals and watched 65 videos before you can withdraw your money. If you eventually scramble to meet those targets (attract 15 referrals and watch up to 65 videos), you still won’t be allowed to withdraw your earnings in full.

Perhaps, you’ve earned as much as $80 and have requested to withdraw your earnings, what you’ll actually get is a payment of $0.03 per day. What this means is that you’ll have to wait for 2,667 days before you can get fully paid $80. Worst of it all is that the site will not inform you of this at the beginning of your journey. It’s only when you have racked up as much as $50 (in earnings) that you’ll get to know that.

The bottom line here is that your chances of getting full payment are no better off than impossible no matter the amount of time you’ve devoted to watching videos or referring people to the website.

Fast Withdrawal Method: Another Way Wintub Scams People

You’ll surely realize that it’s very difficult to get your full payment on Wintub. While Wintub looks to have crafted a kind of deceptive withdrawal system, the site further provides an option of faster withdrawal.

How this works is that Wintub requests your bank information as an alternative to the protracted (and rather deceptive) withdrawal process mentioned earlier. If you ever think that would be a quick way to get all your Wintub earnings, here is what you must know:

Supplying your bank information to Wintub might spell serious doom as the scammers behind the website only need such information for access to your bank account. Worst of it all is that if they eventually rob you of the funds in your account, you’ll barely find it possible to recover the funds. This is because the only supported payment mediums on Wintub are PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Western Union.


Expectedly, this post is an eye-opener that has drawn your attention to how Wintub scams its members. We strongly advise that you don’t join the website.

But if you already registered with the site and provided your bank/personal information, we advise that you remove such information from your Wintub profile.

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