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Why you must stay at Kumbhalgarh resort?

Traveling is one thing that can give you pleasure, peace of mind, enjoyment, learning and newness in your life. You have no idea how you can expand your life with trips and holidays in your life. If you are simply spending your days in office and at the same places it is time to treat yourself with a vacation. Of course, there are many places out there that are all inviting and rejuvenating. You can have a great experience if you visit there.

You can be sure that you have a good time when you travel to places that are worth going and enjoyable. One such place is Kumbhalgarh.  You know talking about Kumbhalgarh, it is a real feather in Rajasthan’s triumphant touristy cap. It possesses all the things that aids make Rajasthan so fascinating to visitors and travelers-. The place owns temples and forts and the vibrant old war time glorious hideouts, along with an occasional shopping aide thrown all around.

Additionally, it even possesses World Heritage Sites, proving how well-intentioned of acclaim it really is, architecturally, historically, culturally, and so on. The zone of Kumbhalgarh spreads fairly into and around the Aravalli area of Hills too, with chief destinations situated here, and that enhances the overall appeal of it all, because who does not really love a vantage point? Nobody.  You can really look for some comfortable and luxurious Kumbhalgarh resort for your stayover. In this way you can have a wonderful time.

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Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a nature lover and like to explore new natural sites and even animals then this spot is going to get you much enjoyment.  It is situated in the lap of the Aravalli range. You know this sprawling Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the exciting and majestic places to visit in the realm of Kumbhalgarh.

This sanctuary is certainly the home to manifold highly endangered animals such as the rare grey jungle fowl, and even that of the white-breasted Kingfisher. You would definitely have a good time once you are there. Actually, when you go to places like Rajasthan, you feel that everything is going to be too busy and packed with palaces. But the things are quite not that way.

You have no idea how these amazing sanctuaries  can be a perfect place for you. You can be sure that you have a wonderful experience and a good memory too. You would make memories here that would be a gem forever.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Indeed, it is one place that you would never want to miss once you are there. You know the gargantuan fortress constructed under Mewar’s ruler, Rana Kumbha is one of the must-visit spots to visit in Kumbhalgarh for architecture buffs or aficionados and history enthusiasts. This enormous citadel constructed to separate Marwari from Mewar, definitely promises for a peaceful getaway outside Udaipur.

You know it is perhaps the most well-known tourist destination in Kumbhalgarh.  High up on stunning orange-ish hills, Kumbhalgarh Fort actually is a vision and a photogenic space in sunlight. It’s worth is intensified by being a driving force behind the UNESCO heritage status award.  It was constructed by Rana Kumbha over four centuries, and is quite Mewar in fortification.  You can also enjoy different things here like light shows during the times of the evening, and experience inspired major folk literature. You would love it for sure.

Mammadev Temple

If you are a religious soul and you like to go to temples or shrines then you must go to this temple. It is going to get you some really rich and spiritual moments. It was constructed  in the year 1460. This Temple of Mammadev is popular for its gorgeous and charming interiors, intricate sculptures, and even that of architecture.

It is one of the remarkable and wonderful places to visit in Kumbhalgarh because of the monuments erected in memory of Prithviraj Chauhan, and even the Kumbhalgarh’s Raja Kumbha. You would definitely find the formation and vibes of this temple distinct and lovely. Remember this is a temple that is located right below the Kumbhalgarh Fort. It owns four massive slabs with inscriptions on them, however but these have been transferred to the Udaipur museum.

Badal Mahal

Now, this amazing mahal is also a part of the main fort. This is forked in two sections: Zanana and that of Mardana Halls for ladies and men respectively. The charming architecture of both these sections is amazing and heart winning. Also, the view of the circling area from the top of the tower is quite impressive. After all, you have no idea how the charm of formation of this mahal can give you taste and flavor. You get a taste of past and the royalty there has been there for centuries. As mentioned already, this is located at the top point on the Kumbhalgarh Fort, this two-story palace constructed by the 19th century Mewar ruler Rana Fateh Singh is a glorious warrior fort.

It is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Kumbhalgarh because of the tempting wall paintings, the intricate stone jails, or dynamic stonework where the queens used to see the court’s proceedings.  You can feel and experience the royalty in the foyers of this place and the art pieces in there.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, in real Rajasthani style, is even a part of the fort body major, the chief of Kumbhalgarh. It developed into whitish in color when viewed from specific angles in the dark and makes for wonderful and delightful photography. Indeed, if you are a photography buff then you would find magic views in this temple.

It is devoted to The Lord Shiva, and has a six-foot lingam inside, one of the very few actually cared for by local current day mortals. This is quite significant tourism wise, and you must definitely arrange to pay a visit on sightseeing tour when you are in this region. After all, it would not just get you spiritual vibes but artistic tang too.


So, book comfortable and luxurious Kumbhalgarh resort for your trip to this region of Rajasthan. You would have a memorable time for sure.

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