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You are welcome to in today’s article I am going to show you how I create free unlimited dofollow backlinks from Whmcs marketplace with domain rating 92 according to ahrefs analysis.

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whmcs marketplace

Want to grow your business using traffic from Google? Then you need quality backlinks for your website and you can achieve this through Offpage Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The hardest part about trying to learn OffpageSEO is keeping track of all the different ‘types’ of backlinks linking to your website to know when to disavow the bad backlinks so as not to harm your site Google ranking.

Have no fear – in this post I will show you how to create backlinks from whmcs marketplace plus at the end of this article I will provide you the list of over 70+ high DA profile and comment sites with fast indexing to create free dofollow backlinks.

If you are a blogger you know the importance of backlinks, and how a quality dofollow backlinks (like getting one from whmcs marketplace) will double your blog SERPs ranking.

The fact is that The way Nigeria government hunt for crude oil that how the hunt for quality backlinks is in the blogging business.

Without wasting much ado, I am going to show you the very steps to take to create unlimited doffolow backlinks from whmcs marketplace.

What is whmcs marketplace

Marketplace whmcs is a billing system for web hosting companies so the market is where they sell the addons and once you are authorized, you can sell email accounts, SSL certificate, website builder, license and thereabout.

Whmcs marketplace backlinks quality.

You might want to know if getting a backlink from whmcs marketplace will worth your time.

Well. Yes.

I took the link whmcs marketplace and scan it via semrush to confirm the quality of the backlink that I will get from whmcs marketplace.

And here what I got.

According to analysis from semrush, the referring domain linking to whmcs marketplace they are approximately 48,958 and all of high quality and that signifies that if you get a backlink from whmcs marketplace you have gotten a goldmine for your blog.

Also, from semrush data whmcs marketplace has the following link strength.

  • Authority score – 77
  • Organic traffic. – 19.6k
  • Traffic cost. – $29.3k
  • Total BACKLINKS – 14.6M

From semrush data I discovered that getting a backlink from whmcs marketplace is worth it, and if it was not free then a seller can prize is at $20 per link.

I also taught about the spam score, this is because I hate creating backlink from a domain with a high spam score because it shows that they did a lot of spamming.

So fortunately for me, I check the spam score on and it 11%. Hmm, that’s fair not so high so I give it a shot.

How to get a free backlink from whmcs marketplace

Well, I have compiled the very step by step guide to creating unlimited free backlink from whmcs marketplace in this video.

So, watch and follow every step strategically.

Well, for those who are good in reading, you can also follow the step by step guide here and you will get your free backlinks from whmcs marketplace.

  • Step 2. Click My Account menu and select Your Profile. Then select the Group Membership tab. Create a New Group.
  • Step 3. Add your title into the Name field. Place your article, link, and image into the Description field. To create a link, use this coding format in the screenshot below.
  • Step 4. Add your social media links if you have any. Fill the Website URL and Support URL with or whatever you like. Then hit the Create a New Group button.
  • Step 5. To see the result, click the View this Group button.

That is done, congratulations you have successfully gotten a dofollow backlink from whmcs marketplace.

But then, you have to wait for it to be crawl and index by Googlebot, it might take 2-3 days or more. I can’t tell.

However, you can also do manual indexing or pay for indexing services to get it done swiftly.

Note. You can create multiple groups under one account and get your various backlink, and that means you can create backlink for others too, or maybe sell. The choice is yours to make


Hi, I told you I will show you how to get safe high DA backlinks to improve your site google ranking.

Well, I was not bluffing, I have compiled the top 100+ profile and comment sites to create dofollow backlinks for free in this my spreadsheet.

So I have done the whole job for you all that is expected from you after getting this spreadsheet is to visit every secret profile or comment sites listed beneath and create your account and drop a link back to your money site. Simple and short.

How to get the backlinks spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is priced at N3,000 but for I am giving it for just N700

Note: The good part of everything is that you can resell this backlinks spreadsheet and keep 100% of the profit. That’s how lucrative backlinks building is.

Get Your Copy

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After Payment Do This

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