Stag beetles are native to North America and their lifestyle has been studied extensively.

The unique qualities of stag beetles make them a perfect example of how every animal on this planet is interconnected. They are scavengers and also predators that eat other insects, including those bugs they hunt for food.

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Stag beetles have the typical stag beetle look with long antenna, long slender legs, and a spectacular set of mandibles that stick out from its head.

Stag beetle is the most expensive insect in the world

The stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) is a large insect in the Lucanidae family. It can be found in central and western Europe, where it lives on coniferous trees. The stag beetle is the most expensive insect in the world, costing $3,600 per kilogram.

The stag beetle has been around for over 50 million years and is a prized insect for collectors because of its rarity. These beetles are difficult to capture and have an extremely short lifespan when kept in captivity so they do not end up as domesticated animals like other insects.

Can the Stag beetle be gotten in Nigeria?

There are a lot of people posting on Olist and other classified websites like Jiji that they have Stag beetle for sale. Well! You just had to be careful because it might just be another scam technique. This is simply to the fact that Stag beetles MAY not be found in Nigeria. However, stag beetles are typically found in areas that have warm climates and vegetation.

Uses of Stag beetle

The Stag beetle has commonly used for its medicinal properties.

Cost of Stag beetle in Nigeria

Some Japanese collectors of these tiny creatures were said to pay millions of Naira for Stag beetle. It is sometimes sold above 30 Million. According to the beetle is the most expensive insect in the World costing over 34 million naira.

Can Stag beetle truly summon thunder?

The stag beetle has a strange defense mechanism: it can emit a sound that sounds like thunder to scare off predators.

The sound that the beetle makes is called stridulation, and it is generated by scraping one set of its body parts across another set.

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