What You Need to Know About A Chemist: Chemist Career And Educational Requirement!

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Six out of ten growing children in Nigeria are having the desires to end up in the sciences, either as a Physical scientist, medical scientist, biological scientist or one thing or the other that is science related. But, a survey run on young adults in the university or adults in their field of endeavors shows that four out of the six children whose intentions was to be in the sciences while growing up had grown up into adapting into other fields for one reason or the other.

When you hear the word ChemistWhat comes to your mind? Who do you visualize? In this article, we will know who a chemist is, what his/her career is and the educational requirement of a chemist.

Who is a Chemist?

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A chemist is a scientist trained in the study of chemistry. Chemist study the composition, properties and uses of matter.

With the knowledge of who a chemist is, some may ask whether do we have types of chemist?

The answer is Yes. Depending on the area of chemistry the chemist is trained on, we can have Analytical chemist, Research Scientist(chemist), Medicinal chemist, Nuclear chemist, Organic chemist, etc.

What are the 5 major types of chemistry?

Traditionally, chemistry has been broken into five main subdisciplines: Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Biochemistry. As the knowledge of science keeps evolving everyday, we now have Material chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Nano chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, etc. The list looks endless.

Careers of a chemist

A chemist is a very versatile person. He/She can fit into many establishments, mostly our technological world.

  • In a research institute or establishment, a chemist can work as: Analytical chemist, Pharmacologist, Research scientist( Physical sciences ), Toxicologist, Forensic scientist, Nano tecnologist, etc.
  • In petroleum and petrochemical industries, chemist are there as: Applied chemist, Research chemist chemical engineers and laboratory assistant.
  • In extractive industry we have them as chemist, mining engineers and Geochemist.
  • In agriculture, they are present as chemist, biochemist and physiologist.
  • In the manufacturing indusrty a chemist works there as a research chemist and chemical engineers.
  • In food processing, chemist are present as food technologist and research chemist. Chemist are very useful here because they are the ones that control the quality of foods processed from the industry.
  • In health service they are known as chemist, dietitians, medical assistants, laboratory assistant and dispensers.
  • In teaching service we have them as chemistry teachers and lecturers in secondary schools, polytechnics, colleges and university.

The list is endless, chemist are needed in almost everywhere.

The responsibilities of being a chemist

Lab chemist analyze chemicals and create new compounds that are useful in many aspect of human life. Research and testing are crucial job duties. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is the minimum education required for this job, though some research positions require a post graduate degree.

Job description of a chemist

Research chemist create and improve processes and products, such as cosmetics, electronics and drugs. Chemical compounds make up everything found in nature and a research chemist examines those compounds to determine how they interact with other chemicals.

Now that you’ve known who a chemist is and the lucrative benefits of being a chemist, you can now pick a career in chemistry. If you are already a chemist and you are still idle at home, now you know where to start practicing your career.

Who is a scientist?

In the true sense of things, A scientist is someone who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest. But for an average Nigerian parent, a scientist is that person who ended up making their parents happy by their choice of profession and giving the parents bragging rights amidst their peers. Well, make that a fun fact.

Becoming a Scientist in Nigeria

To become a scientist in Nigeria, the following are the needed starter packs;

  1. Take introductory technology, Basic Science and Mathematics extremely seriously in Junior class at high school or secondary school.
  2. Upon getting promotion into the senior secondary class after making JSSCE, join the science class and become excellent at Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics and Mathematics.You’ll need to be well-specialized in mathematics. Scientists in the physical sciences use a great deal of mathematics, particularly algebra, calculus and analytical geometry, while those in the biological sciences use math less often. All scientists need a working knowledge of statistics, too.
  3. Consider going to science camp during secondary school. You’ll do more intensive projects than you do in your regular science classes in school.
  4. Develop an analytical mind, learn to see issues from angles other than the supposed presented angles.
  5. Pick a science course to major in once in the university and give it your utmost best for the purpose of achieving the set target.
  6. Graduate the university in flying colors.
  7. Keep your knowledge up-to-date. During your decade and more of education (and your career), it’s wise to keep up-to-date in your field and related others by attending conferences and reading peer-reviewed journals. Science is constantly changing – in the blink of an eye you could be left behind.

In smaller fields (and some larger ones), you’ll get to know all the names in these journals. Reading them will let you know who you should ask for research help or favors when the time comes.

With the right contributions from diligent studies and rigorous improvement on knowledge base, you are on the path of definitely making your family proud, making your own contributions to the field of science and making cool money from your knowledge.


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