Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of opting to vape CBD over other methods of ingestion is the massive amount of customization that vaping allows. Unlike other CBD ingestion pathways, vaping allows users to choose a precise dose of pure CBD and flavoring of the vapor using CBDfx vape juice. These factors allow people to completely customize their CBD vaping experience, making it much more fun and accessible for everyone.

What is Vape Juice?

What is vape juice? — Freeman Vape juice

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Vape juice is the liquid that is put into vaporizers and other vaping devicse that is inhaled by the user. Hihg-quality vape juices only have about five ingredients, which include water, a flavoring agent, propylene glychol, vegetable glycerine, and occasionally terpenes.

Propylene glychol and vegetable glycerine may sound like scary ingredients, but both are widely used in food and medicine. They both play a role in ensuring an even distribution of flavoring and CBD, and are vital to an excellent CBD vaping experience.

Some CBD vape juice companies add other ingredients that can be more harmful, such as vitamin e acetate, essential oils, and more. Steer clear from vape juice brands that contain these ingredients, and stick with trusted companies that only use a few ingredients that are all recognized as safe.

One of the best parts about vape juice is that it comes in all kinds of flavors, which are fun for adults of all ages!


What Kinds of Sweet Flavors of Vape Juice are Available?

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while you vape CBD, you’re in luck. There are several vape juice flavors that are based on fruits and desserts. Some of the most popular sweet flavors include pineapple, kiwi, watermelon, and even gelato!

Some brands even offer vape juice flavors that are based on refreshing drinks like lemonade and tropical cocktails.

What kinds of Savory Flavors of Vape Juice are Available?

Those that prefer a less sweet and more savory CBD experience are also in for a less-sweet treat. Most vape juice manufacterers also create CBD vape juice flavors based on herbs. Some of the most common savory flavor options include mint, rose, and lemon grass.

These herbacious flavors can be a refreshing change from the sugar-sweet flavors that most people prefer, and they are reminiscint of a nice cup of herbal tea.

Can You Mix Flavors of Vape Juice?

Fortunately, when it comes to CBD vape juice customization, the options are truly limitless, as you can combine flavors for a truly unique experience.

It may be tempting to mix a whole bunch of flavors at once, but it is often better to start with two flavors to start and go from there. It can be incredibly fun to experiment with different flavor combinations to come up with your own favorite recipes to suit every mood.

Many people are content to mix a couple of sweet flavors together for a dessert-like experience, but it can also be fun to mix a sweet flavor with a savory one for something completely new and refreshing.

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A couple of popular sweet/savory combinations of vape juice mixtures include strawberry and mint or watermelon and rose. Feel free to experiment with different flavor combinations, but be cautious about mixing flavors with different CBD doses.

What if I Don’t Like Much Flavor?

Some people prefer to have more subtle flavors, or omit flavors altoghether, when they vape CBD. Some CBD vape juice manufacturers offer flavorless CBD vape additive in varying concentrations of CBD. This allows you to either dilute the flavors of other CBD vape juices by mixing them with flavorless CBD vape addives, or opting out of flavor altogether by vaping it as is.

Plain CBD vape additive has a very earthy flavor that many people do not enjoy on its own, but some people prefer the natural flavor over sweet or savory flavor additives in other CBD vape juice products.

It might take some experimenting on your part to determine which flavors, or flavor combinations, you like best, but you may find that you prefer no added flavor at all!

The Bottom Line

Vaping CBD allows the substance to enter your bloodstream in a faster, more consistent way, which is highly appealing to prospective CBD vapers. The fact that you can completely customize the flavor that comes with your CBD experience makes it all the more exciting.

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