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The “regular” television has been in the market for several decades, and now, some people refer to it as the “dumb TV” because it mostly receives signal from a cable, a HDTV antenna or some AV source. Well, as “dumb” as it may seem to those who want to give it such a name, it used to be a delight to own since it was the only available television viewing option. However, something else has taken over the digital world which is always in need of better, bigger, and smarter things. Of course, the only constant thing we know is change. The world is always changing and everything else revolves with it. Television viewers needed a change in television viewing options and here we are with something smarter, the Smart TV.
On this page, TechCrude will be reviewing the smart viewing option known as the smart TV which is swiftly taking the world like a storm. We will be highlighting in full details what a Smart TV really is, and every single information you deserve to know about the Smart TV including how it works, and why it is worth your attention.

What is Smart TV?

A Smart TV otherwise known as the connected TV goes beyond receiving only signal from sources. It is set with interactive web features, integrates internet and also supports a range of user-friendly applications.

What is Smart TV
TLC Smart TV

It also provides great entertainment options like aiding in streaming videos, playing games, controlling connected gadgets and checking social media. It is very simple to stream shows and movies with a smart TV.

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Details about Smart TVs that you should know

1. Companies that manufacture smart TVs

A Cross-section of excellent manufacturers of the regular TVs are the makers of smart TVs too. This includes companies like Philips, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Hisense, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, and TCL. Each of these companies try to be outstanding with their products — Hisense, included built-in Roku services in their product; LG provided more navigating features on theirs; Samsung added gesture controls that will enable users point and wave the remote to handle voice interaction and on-screen cursor.
These companies continually entice buyers with different features to motivate them to buy. However, one needs to be careful when choosing to buy any product, as to avoid buying a smart TV with limited application selection, less performance rate or a television with some security risks or holes.

2. Services offered by Smart TVs

Some Smart TVs support streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and amazon prime video. Smart TVs support the use of social media with them and some application softwares like Pluto TV, streaming shows, and providing live news. With Smart TVs, you can use popular apps plus all their services on them. Some Smart TVs like the product from Sony and Hisense support Google services.
Smart TVs are made to support voice assistant services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so the television can understand a large array of voice commands. They can as well provide services like controlling compatible devices and deep searching contents.
Smart TVs also come with built-in Google Chromecast that aid in streaming content from a tablet or mobile phone.

Samsung Smart TV

3. Do Smart TVs have regular updates with new features?

Definitely, they do. All the Smart TV manufacturing companies frequently put out updates on their software to add new exciting features, security measures and patching bugs to their products. Some go as far as updating the whole operating system. But all of these depend on the companies in question because some may be swift about it while others do any of such upgrades at a slower pace. Nevertheless, regular system or software updates and addition of new or extra important features and fixes are common with most Smart TV, so you can be rest assured to enjoy your smart device.

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4. Does a smart TV hang and crash like other internet-based products?

Of course yes. As Smart TVs continue to be bombarded with services that were once carried out by high-end smartphones and powerful computers, there is bound to be a crash at some point because Smart TVs are still evolving. With smart TVs pulling in content from different angles of the internet, supporting voice interaction, managing connected devices and even running sophisticated apps, hanging and lagging is imminent. In order to avoid this problem, you should try to go for a high-end smart TV that comes along with a polished software, latest hardware, better components and memory, powerful processors and outfitted systems designated to give you the best Smart TV experience.
But if you run into any problem like having a hanging process or frozen screen, just power off your TV and switch it on again and the problem should be resolved.

5. More Services

Just as we have already mentioned, there are lots of great services which a smart TV is capable of providing. Apart from supporting applications, Smart TVs are capable of ordering you a pizza, search for an uber ride, locating a client, knowing the weather report and so much more, all of which can be initiated by voice commands made possible by the simple and easy voice integration in the Smart TVs.


Smart televisions have come to stay and a huge variety of things can be done with them apart from the usual watching of shows and other regular television stuff.
You can get a Smart TV for yourself or anyone for that matter because you deserve to enjoy the luxurious smart TV viewing experience.

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