What Is Printivo? The Highly Profitable and Unpopular e-commerce Platform

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Printivo is simply an e-commerce platform, but unlike Jumia, Konga, and their likes, Printivo doesn’t contain all the kinds of items you’d find on the former. We understand you came here asking yourself, what is Printivo, and if you’d be patient enough to devour the whole article, we can assure you of answers to every possible questions you’d have. So read on.

Printivo Official Website
Printivo Official Website

What is Printivo?

Printivo, as we have stated initially, is an e-commerce platform. In simpler terms, it’s like a website on which you can buy items, and have the items delivered at your doorstep. However, unlike Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and their likes, which contain a wide range of items, Printivo has a certain kind of items you would find on it.

Printivo is the kind of e-commerce platform on which you can buy items you’d like to customize. Take for instance, if you’re starting a new business, and would love to get customized business cards, platforms like Jumia and Konga are very unlikely to make that possible. But with a platform like Printivo, you can.

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All you’d have to do is: log on to the platform; choose what item you’d like to buy; select a design template, from the list of templates available; and that’s all. In no time, you’d have your customized products delivered at your doorstep.

When you take a step backward, and look at the explanation we have given so far, I bet you’d see there’s truly a reason for a such platform to exist. However, what we have explained is only a rough answer to the question: what is Printivo, but we can provide more info, so read on.

How Printivo actually works

To help give you a pretty comprehensive idea of what’s going on behind the scene, as regards Printivo, we’d first have to go back in time.

Some years ago, a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology was about graduating, and like many other students in his shoes, he started to think of how he’s going to survive after school. And this prompted him to put on the hat of an hustler.

Printivo Founders [Image from: connectnigeria.com]
Printivo Founders [Image from: connectnigeria.com]

After putting on this hat, it didn’t take him long to discover a problem often faced by small and medium-sized businesses in Lagos: setting up an SME is very time consuming, and one of the causes of this time consumption and stress, is the printing of things like business cards, letterhead papers, etc. The man saw it as a business opportunity, and soon he and a group of guys started a company that would help save these people from their nightmares.

Oluyomi Ojo, our guy in question, and his team mates, launched Printivo, a company that helps SMEs handle the printing of cards, letterhead papers and their likes. An owner of an SME only has to be supply them a design they’d like to use for their cards, etc, and Printivo would help handle the rest.

Printivo not only solved this problem, they actually solved it so well that they soon become popular in the city of Lagos. And in a matter of years, the company expanded to other states of the country. In fact, the fact that you came here wondering what is Printivo, is an evidence that this platform has remarkably grown in popularity. In 2015, we also have TechCrunch claiming Printivo to be a company trying to be the Vistaprint of Africa.

Printivo, as we have stated repeatedly, requires you provide a design for your items, but interestingly, the company offers a lot of designs from which you can select from. And not only that, if you already have a design, you can supply them the design.

So once you make your payment, the company would go about buying the materials needed for your product. Then they’d go about printing the designs on the items, package them, and have them delivered at your doorstep. It doesn’t matter where you are in Nigeria, you product is guaranteed to get to you?

But I Don’t Hear of Printivo Very Often, How Can I Trust Them

Printivo is truly not as popular as companies like Jumia and Konga, but we can assure you that this company can be trusted. Aside the fact that these guys have personally helped me print my name on a colour-changing coffee mug, there are also many other companies that have used the services of the company. If you’re still in doubt, you can take some time to google Printivo or even the name of its CEO Oluyomi Ojo.

Colour-changing Mug
Colour-changing Mug

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