How many times have you heard the word ‘NUBAN‘ and you are wondering what that is? If you’d like what NUBAN means, then you have come to the right page, we shall clear your confusion about what NUBAN is and as well give full details surrounding the acronym to put you in the know.

What is NUBAN?

NUBAN is a 10-digit account numbering methodology that was adopted by CBN for all commercial banks in Nigeria in 2011. Before then there used to be a disparity in account numbers among commercial banks in the country, some use 12 digits while some other uses above 12, at times up to 15, which can potentially cause confusion in the system.

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Facts about NUBAN account number

  • NUBAN is an acronym used mostly in the Banking Industry in Nigeria
  • NUBAN means Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number
  • It is sometimes referred to as NUBAN Account number or NUBAN number
  • It is a 10-digit Uniquely and Individually generated code for each bank customers
  • Your NUBAN number is simply your Bank account number

Since NUBAN implementation all bank account holders irrespective of which bank they are using now have 10 digits account numbers, however, the conventional account numbering system has not been fully nullified, but the recommended by the West Africa Monetary Institute and later implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

All commercial banks in the country are required to adhere to the 10 digit Unit Bank numbering system, bank account holders of current, deposit, domiciliary and savings accounts must have a unique NUBAN code that is peculiar to each customer, meaning if you have an account number that is over 10 digit or less, then it means that you have an incorrect account number.

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Every bank customer has a NUBAN registered into their user profile on the Management system of their bank/banker. So literally, this means that customers can only bank and do other transactions with their banks only when they have a NUBAN account number.

But you may want to ask or be worried about how the NUBAN Account number is generated and worrying about your NUBAN been mistakenly the same with someone else’s, well, let me clear your doubt that your NUBAN account number cannot be the same with any other persons, the numbers are individually and systemically generated for individual bank customers.

Since May 24, 2011, that NUBAN has taken its full course there has not been any issue of disparity of numbers, simply because the numbers are Uniquely generated electronically for each customer in all the commercial banks.

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Purpose of NUBAN account numbers

If you have carefully read the above details about the NUBAN account number, you would have already arrived at the conclusion that NUBAN system is a very innovative one for the banking system, it is not only advantageous for the smooth business process of banks, it also has some uses for users.

  • If your a bank customer your NUBAN makes it possible to do any individual transaction with your bank, public, friends or family without having to worry about any form of mixed up, because it is close to impossible to make a mistake with your account number without getting a NULL result when processed, which means for any transaction to go through, your NUBAN account number must be correctly quoted.
  • Your NUBNAN is needed for your account verification
  • Your NUBAN is also useful for your Bank/Banker verification

How to Get your NUBAN Numbers

  • If you don’t already have a NUBAN number, it might mean you don’t already have an account number with a bank, all you need is to first visit your bank and request to open an account number.
  • But if you already have an account with any of the 27 commercial banks in Nigeria, your 10-digit account number issued to you by the bank is your NUBAN account number.

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Requirements to get NUBAN account Number in Nigeria

  • Valid ID
  • Full Name & Personal information
  • Birth Certificates
  • State of Origin
  • Phone Number
  • Next of Kin
  • Residential Address

How to Check/Validate NUBAN number online

you can check or validate your NUBAN account number online easily on any of the below portals:

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