What is google amp

I did like to ask you this simple question, (you can drop your answers in the comment section).

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If you are like a lot of mobile user’s 40% according to Kissmetrics you will give up after just three seconds delay.

Well, slow webpage load speeds are proven to make or break your website.

Google has made it clear that fast loading website, especially those that have Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) activated are probably going to rank higher in Google search result and drive more Google website visitors.

The bitter truth is that if you don’t have a fast Loading website or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) activated on your site, it hard to get Featured on Chrome or either way get approved into Google news.

But then, I have good news for you, there is a solution to a slow loading webpage!

The solution is Google AMP Project.

You might have seen Google AMP pages displayed in the search result, indicated by a little lightning bolt symbol. Just like the one in the screenshot below.

What is google amp

Examples of Top Sites using Google AMP

  1. Neilpatel.com
  2. CNN.com
  3. Searchengineland.com
  4. Searchenginejournal.com

If this top site are using Google AMP Project to 10x their website speed, traffic don’t you think you too have to do the same ?

You may be Curious to know what Google AMP is, and how to use it to improve your website load time up to 0. 1 mili seconds load time?

This guide will give you a step by step approach that will help your site load faster with the help of Google Amp project.

Alternatively, you should also strategize SEO optimization to boast your site load time.

Google amp

What is Google AMP?

Google Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open-source initiative with the goal of improving the web-browsing experience by ensuring pages load quickly and reliably.

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Since its launch Google AMP had a far reaching, positive effect on the mobile web user experience and engagement.

And while the initiative focused on optimizing mobile web pages at first, it’s since expanded to improving web pages on desktop as well.

How does Google AMP works

Technically, Google AMP is an alternative framework for HTML that strips away the code making a website robust on a desktop, but is unnecessary in a mobile environment.

This makes any websites built using AMP mobile friendly, lightweight, and able to load much faster (less than half a second on average).

If you already have an HTML website created, you can build Google AMP versions of existing pages and pair them together.

Or, if you’re starting from scratch, you also can create an AMP first website not needing to be paired with a non AMP site.

Creating an AMP site helps your website meet the criteria to be featured and ranked well in search engines.

Just take a look at the screenshot below.

A Google AMP site

A non Google AMP site

From the screenshot above You will discover that, AMP site get more Google love, and also it is a top criteria to be featured in Chrome Article suggestion, and also AMP webpages tends to rank high on SERPs.

How to setup Google amp for your site.

AMP for html

This is an alternative html framework with some restrictions to ensure reliable page performance.

It includes custom elements, called AMP component for building rich content beyond the basic to customize your site.

AMP for javascript

AMP javascript manages resources handling and asynchronous loading. To prevent delays in rendering pages, the AMP for javascript includes custom elements that may have javascript at its core. But are designed to ensure they don’t degrade page performance. Currently, third party javascript permitted with amp on an original basic through amp scrip.

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Amp cache

Amp cache stores a valid amp page and serves it content via a proxy server near the user instead of embedding I on your site. Amp start loading a saved page before a user even clicks on it. If they do, most of the content seen loads almost instantaneously.

The Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As excited as you are about setting up AMP for your site, let quickly take a look at the top benefits of AMP, before the setting up aspect.

1. Increase website traffic

With less time spent waiting for pages to load, AMP shows double time spent on a page and an increase in web session length. What does that mean for website? Overall higher engagement for your content, increased traffic and higher visibility for the ads on your site.

2. Increase conversion rates

Almost half 47% of people say they expect a page to load in two seconds or less. Depending on how fast your websites loads, that can be the difference in whether or not a visitor does what you want them to do on your site.

3. Increase sessions and decrease bounce rate

Having AMP activated will decrease your site bounce rate and increase your session which is good for ranking. Even if you have the highest quality content on your site, if users are unable to access it easily, they will find what they need elsewhere.

4. Website Security

Amp component helps fortify your site’s security and it user’s privacy.

How to setup Google AMP for WordPress

If you are running your site on a wordpress platform, use the AMP plugin to automate much of this process and make sure your pages are AMP compliant.

Once the plugin is set up, your content is automatically validated on the backend.

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The plugin also helps the process of generating AMP content in wordpress.

Part of the necessary conversions are done automatically, making content rendering a smother process.

If some assets or elements get screened as incompatible, you will get detailed information about which components are flagged and how to take actions to address them.

Customize your page

When you are ready to go beyond the basics, there are a number of customizable features called AMP components to add to enhance the content of your page. Check out Amp’s tutorial for an introduction on how to incorporate them into your site.

The following components are a few ways to make your site stand out among others.

Amp Accordion

The amp accordion component provides your visitors a way to display collapsible and expandable content sections.

Amp Carousel

The AMP carousel component displays multiple images horizontally offering layout to choose

Addthis Plugin

Install addthis share buttons on your amp pages directly, why? Because it is compatible with the AMP plugin for wordpress and makes it easier to share content on your AMP website to external sites or social networks.

Amp Fonts.

The Amp font component allows you to include custom fonts in the body or header of your page.

Now it your time –

Now, that you have learned a lot about AMP and how amp works, you now have the resources to optimize your visitors experience, increase your traffic and optimize your web page load time..

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