Wakanda Inu token Review

The African-born meme project, Wakanda Inu, went viral in just 24 hours after raising more than 2,000 BNB (about $1.2 million), surpassing its 1,000 (BNB) soft cap.

While many cryptocurrencies were chronically suffering in the much publicized war against digital currencies, Wakanda Inu, with token $WKD meme, was listed for the first time on a pink scale prior to listing on the largest decentralized Binance Smart Chain (BSC) exchange, PanCakeSwap.

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In the 24 hours after its launch at 0.0000001 dollars on November 10th, the token grew by almost 500 percent, before retreating in the days after.

Many different meme currencies have appeared from East and West (for example, Shiba Inu and DogeCoin respectively), but there has never been any meme currency, created and designed by Africans, that has been as successful as Wakanda Inu.

This confirms Wakanda Inu’s belief that “Staying true to the culture given to us by the ancestral Wakandan spirit, only those who are truly worthy can keep a Wakanda Inu full of vibranium.”

The total supply of the project is 985,600,000,000 with a pre-sale rate from 1BNB to 45,000,000,000.

The soft cover and the hard cover are 1,000, 2,000 and 80BB respectively. It is currently included in PanCakeSwap with a liquidity of 92% and burning of unsold tokens.

How and where to buy Wakanda Inu

Although very new, Wakanda Inu has made remarkable ground in becoming readily available to crypto enthusiasts. In this article, we will consider 6 of the top exchanges to buy the novel Wakanda Inu right now:

  1. Quidax
  2. Obiex
  3. Pancake swap
  4. HaggleX
  5. Boundless pay
  6. TATSwap
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Quidax is a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in August 2018. It initially positioned itself as a cryptocurrency exchange focused on Africa, but announced a change in strategy after some incidents in February.

Quidax aims to become the home of BEP20, enabling anyone to access tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and popular cryptocurrencies.

In addition to instant exchange services, Quidax also supports OTC transactions and provides financial technology companies with tools to provide cryptocurrency services to their customers through a dedicated API.

Quidax currently has more than 400,000 customers in more than 70 countries. 


Obiex is another fast rising afrocentric exchange that allows you to trade your cryptocurrency immediately and more conveniently.

Everything on this platform is seamless, from easily creating a wallet to exchanging and storing your coins.

Exchanging encrypted tokens will not be faster than this, and payment can be made in your Obiex balance without any confirmation.

Your stored transactions and assets are completely secure and protected by most advanced encryption security infrastructure to resolve and eliminate any possible fraud risks.

Obiex Finance first listed Wakanda Inu on Friday, November 12th.

Pancake swap

Pancakeswap is a leading decentralized exchange on Binance’s Smart Chain. It offers the best DeFi technologies, many options and uses the CAKE token as its exclusive currency.

This application also offers “Yield Farming” for liquidity pool tokens (LP token) as well as “staker” $CAKE tokens to obtain other tokens from Binance Smart Chain with annualized rates (APR) ranging from 60% to 140%.


HaggleX is another Nigerian blockchain and encryption startup that provides users with a simple, trustless platform which allows users to make payments as well as access, acquire and exchange digital assets. 

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Boundless Pay

Boundless Pay, an initiative of Bitfxt, is a digital wallet that allows you to store and especially exchange cryptocurrencies according to the needs of users.


TATSwap is widely regarded as the African produced first Decentralized Exchange on the continent. It describes itself as the ‘finest way to trade and farm tokens with low transaction fees‘.

Is Wakanda Inu a good investment? 

The coin itself noted on Twitter that it had broken SafeMoon and Shiba Inu records in terms of the number of token holders in the first five days since its launch.

Yes we have broken the records of @safemoon and @Shibtoken (5days post launch) holders.

Yes we smatched 27k wallet holders in just 4days after launch.

We are conquerors, yes we are #wakandans #wakandainu #wakandaARMY #1BillionMcapIsProgrammed,” they said on Twitter. 

The crypto universe is already used to meme tokens, the most famous being, without a doubt, the Dogecoin (from the West) and also the Shiba Inu (from the East). But token memes based on African concepts and created by Africans almost didn’t exist until the Wakanda Inu came along.

Wakanda Inu themselves have been leveraging on the keen interest of the African community to patronise locally produced entities, adding that the token is more than a meme. 

Hello @binance @kucoincom @gate_io @FTX_Official @ftx_app @Hotbit_news @krakenfx @coinbase, How many retweets or community engagement do you need to list #Wakanda?

Wakanda is not just a meme, but a movement by the black community. when are you showing solidarity support?” Wakanda Inu said on Twitter.

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Wakanda Inu full details

Wakanda Inu was originally pre-listed on Pinksale for all wallets on the platform’s whitelist before it was listed on Pancakeswap.

Here are the general project data:

  • Total delivery: 985,600,000,000,000 WKD
  • Pre-sales fee – 1 BNB = 45,000,000,000 WKD;
  • Soft Cap – 1, 000 BNB;
  • Hard Cap – 2.000 BNB;
  • Unsold Tokens – Burn;
  • Liquidity percentage – 80%;
  • Active listings – PanCakeSwap.
  • Official website: https://wakandainu.com/

Wakanda Inu price and address 

At the time of writing this article, 1 WKD was worth $0.00000003 at Pancakeswap. The Wakanda Inu BSC contract address is available here:  https://bit.ly/WakandaInu-BSC

The project’s motto follows a similar line to the one presented in the film Black Panther in which Wakanda is the land of the protagonist:

Remaining true to the culture given to us by the Wakandan Ancestral Spirits, only those who are truly worthy can keep the Vibraniun-infused Wakanda Inu coins,” says the project’s motto.

But is its technology as stable as the marvel cinematic movie? Only time will tell.

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