Some traffic offenses can be pardoned with due convictions but not the offense of driving without a plate number. The plate number is the country’s means of vehicle identification, so you have no reason to be out on traffic without a plate number.

Many undeserved interpretations may be given to an innocent you by the traffic or security officers for not having a plate number because you disobeyed. That is to say that a plate number is relevant in Nigeria.

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World governments run activities in their countries by establishing several offices to oversee key aspects of their citizen’s life, also in Nigeria, there are several government parastatals and Federal agencies that coordinate different activities in the country, one of these agencies is the FRSC-Federal Road Safety Commission. This agency is responsible for making sure of safe road usage and also enforcing the rules and regulations for road users in Nigeria.

In a bid to monitor and regulate road user activities FRSC allocates unique plate numbers to vehicle owners, just like it is done in all other parts of the world. The Vehicle plate number depicts that the vehicle has been duly registered under the agency.

How to Identify Fake Plate Number

Plate Number Registration is vital for every new car owner, and to make sure you do it properly you need to follow the appropriate procedure and steer clear of fraudulent road side plate number registration vendors who are always cutting corners around due processes to make gains for themselves.

Falling a victim of these type of quack registration providers can lead you into serious legal issues and at the end may land you in jail, make you lose more money or even loose your vehicle.

One of the ways to check if you have an original vehicle plate number is to check or verify the number with the appropriate body-FRSC. The agency has made it possible to do this via several methods and means such as via SMS or text, online on the agency’s website, or via the mobile app on Android or iOS.

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In simple terms, once you vehicle registration is complete you should check your vehicle registration before driving your car on the highway which is usually heavily-guarded not just by FRSC alone, but also by ehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) as well as the Nigerian Police.

If your Plat number is not found in the database of FRSC it may mean that your vehicle plate is not genuine or all processes not duly observed.

How to identify a Nigerian plate number?

The plate number is a combination of letters and numbers printed in blue color on a white rectangular piece of metal. The background has the Nigerian map and the Nigerian coat of arms but, at the left upper corner is the Nigerian flag. At the top, the state of registration and its slogan are seen, boldly written.

Below the plate is “The Federal Republic of Nigeria” Then the main content is a combination of 3 letters with 3digits and 2letters again. Nigeria and Liberia use the north Americans format and size of 6*2 inches (152*300mm). The plate number is always fixed behind every vehicle.

How to verify plate number owners in Nigeria

Well, I can see you’re so obsessed with finding that car owner. The fact remains that as clear and justified as your mind may be, there are other guys outside there ready to misuse the opportunity if the plate number verification procedure was simple.

Therefore to verify the owner of a plate number, you have to go through these processes:

  1. Make the police aware.

If you need to run a plate for some reason, you’ll have to involve the police by reporting to them at the station and stating the reasons for your request. If it calls for security attention, the offender can be traced and arrested.

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  1. Request for the document of permission to check the number plate owner.

The document of permission granted by the Nigerian police is the only tool that can guarantee your success in verifying the owner of a plate number through FRSC.

  1. Visit the FRSC office.

The federal road safety Commission solely has to verify the owner of a vehicle plate number. So you have to visit them with the issue.

Alternatively, you may decide to check it up without involving the FRSC. Yes, it is possible but, you’ll have to pass through a special investigator who will run the plate for you, and you’ll have him paid for the service.

Do you wish to see the vehicle details and not the owner?

Sometimes you may need the vehicle details and not the owner. There are so many easy means to do it.

1. Verify Plate Number online on the FRSC website

Plate Number Verification In Nigeria

The computer will display the information of the vehicle minus the owner, for instance;

– whether the plate number is valid or not

– type of car.

– color of the car.

2. Using the FRSC Mobile app

Technology has helped a lot in simplifying tedious processes. With the FRSC Mobile app, you can verify a plate number

  • Type in the number. Be careful not to punctuate or put space in between letters.
  • Click on the verify bottom.

3. Verify Plate Number Via Text/SMS

Just text the plate number to 33324, and the details will be sent back as a reply to you.

There will be no answers if the number is invalid or incorrect.

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How to check a plate number in Lagos

In Lagos exists a more concise agency that carries out the duty of verifying a vehicle plate number. The agency is the Lagos motor vehicle administrative agency. Running a plate with them gives you more detailed information. You only  need to;

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the plate number.
  3. Click on search.

How relevant is plate number in Nigeria?

You dare not move out of home without a plate number. As earlier said, any other traffic disobedience may be pardoned with due convictions but not driving without a plate number.

There are so many situations that only an idea of plate number can solve.

  1. The plate number is the only way of making every vehicle unique. Just like fingerprints, no two motors share the same plate number.
  2. Sometimes, drivers hit people or cause accidents and run, but the plate number enables their identification and due punishment.
  3. Drivers who park their vehicles wrongly are always identified through this means.
  4. Drivers who refused to stop at checkpoints get apprehended through their plate number.
  5. Stolen cars are traced with their plate number.

Bottom line

Just verifying the plate number owner can save a life or even bring a defaulter to justice. That is why you should not only know these procedures but also have them at your fingertip. This knowledge and actions are required every time and especially during emergencies. I hope this post gave you all you wanted.

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