vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?

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vConnect is a safe place to shop, but like platforms like Jiji, care has to be taken, to afford getting scammed. But before proceeding with this vConnect Site review, we feel it is quite important to explicitly spell out what vConnect it.

vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?
vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?


For many people who are yet to use vConnect, there exists this notion that the platform happens to be a platform like Jiji, on which items can be bought. But it actually isn’t. And if you’d be taking away an additional point from this vConnect site review, it should be that vConnect is an e-commerce platform, but not similar to Jumia and the likes.

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Rather than being an e-commerce platform where items can be bought, the platform is rather a place to find services. In short, while Jumia and its likes deal with products, vConnect deals with services. And now that you’ve learnt this from this vConnect site review, it is quite important you do not forget that.

So back to our main discussion: is vConnect safe for online shopping in Nigeria?

As we have already stated, the answer is yes, but some cautions have to be exercised. vConnect only connects people who need certain services with those who are capable of providing them. In other words, vConnect wouldn’t be the one to collect money from you or offer. And as a result, there exists the chance of finding people who’d try to scam you.

It our habit of giving a few precautions to people who read our articles like this one (vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?). And here are the precautions:

  • If possible, ensure the service provider does his work in a place filled with people
  • Use the screening tools provided by vConnect, to screen out service providers
  • It’s better a reuse a service provider, than search a new one every time
  • Don’t pay until you physically meet your service provider

Furthermore, for people who wonder what kind of services can be found on the platform, we’d like to say vConnect contains many of the popular services you’d find in Nigeria. To give an idea of what services you can find on the platform, you can find people who can help you with solar installations. You can also find massage experts. And yes, it isn’t a mistake, massage experts.

vConnect Isn’t Local

Even though this article is part of a series of articles we’ve been writing about e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, it is however worthwhile stating that vConnnect is not local to Nigeria. The platform also happens to be available to some other African countries like: Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. And just like the Nigerian version, the versions available to these other countries are not platforms on which you’d find the best gaming laptops or related things. They are rather also service-based platforms.


vConnect Is Also Not Like Printivo

As it is not impossible to see a few people who would mistake vConnect for a platform like Printivo, we believe it is important that vConnect doesn’t work the way Printivo works. Printivo personally handles some services, but vConnect does not.

Using the Platform

There is actually nothing difficult when it comes to using a platform like vConnect. Using it is as simple as heading over to the website. And if you’re not interested in the Nigerian version, you can check the website header, to select the version you’d love to use.

From the homepage, regardless of what version is being used, you’d see a search tool. Use this search tool to find whatever service it is you’re interested in.

And even though, we have stated that vConnect can be used to find services, this is also a platform people often use to find places. We have a lot of businesses which have presences on the platform, most especially in states like: Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, Ogun, and Rivers.

Signing Up

While using vConnect, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to create an account. And good enough, creating an account on the platform isn’t difficult. To sign up, you can find the link to the account creation page, from the website’s homepage. But for the sake of ease, we are providing the link here, so you can go straight to the sign up page.

To create an account, you would have to provide your first name, last name, email, and a desired password. But for people who already own a Google or Facebook account, you wouldn’t have to, as you can simply use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.

vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?
vConnect Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?


In conclusion, while some of you might have thought vConnect to be a place you can find a latest phone or a cool laptop, it is not. It is rather a platform where you can find services and places.


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