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The Union Bank mobile app is a tool for customers to perform mobile banking tasks from the convenience of their smartphones. Owing to its versatility, it is a banking facility for carrying out a whole lot of purposes including mobile transactions, account management, tracking of transaction history, payment of bills and checking account alerts.
Mobile banking is not only changing how banking is done but also bringing ease into the banking industry. And of course, the Union Bank mobile app is just one of the banking tools lending credence to the latter assertion.
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Besides availing users the convenience of doing the above anywhere on their smartphones, the Union Bank mobile app is compatible with all account types. Interestingly, the versatile banking device can be used for loans, money markets and certificates of deposit.
Although Union Bank doesn’t impose charges like First Bank ,you might still incur rates for usage and connectivity as specified by your service provider. Meanwhile, the Union Bank mobile app is available to both Android and iPhone users. Provided your smartphone comes with at least the minimum Android version required, you can download the mobile banking app.
This article provides comprehensive information which includes the simple steps for online banking enrollment and how you can download and install the Union Bank Mobile app on your smartphone.
Union Bank Mobile App –How To Download And Install Union Bank Mobile App
Before downloading the Union Bank mobile banking app, you should first enroll in mobile banking provided you haven’t done so. This enrollment may be done using any of two methods –enrollment using online banking and enrollment using the mobile banking app.
Below are the steps for enrollment via online banking

  • Log into your online banking account
  • Navigate to the “Options” tab and click it
  • On the subsequent screen, select “Mobile Settings”
  • Then, choose the “Web Mobile Banking” option
  • The next on-screen information is a set-up page where you’re expected to input essential details
  • Tap the submit button after providing the necessary details
  • On the subsequent page, accept full terms of conditions and then tap the “confirm” button
  • You’ll see a screen indicating the confirmation of your enrollment. Subsequently, Union Bank will send you a text message with the URL for accessing its mobile banking provided you chose to receive text message alerts while completing the initial set-up page

The second method of enrollment is enrollment using the mobile banking app. To do that, simply comply with the information supplied above and then sign in to start the enrollment.
Steps to Download the Union Bank Mobile Banking App on iPhone

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  • Search for your iPhone’s App Store icon and tap it
  • Locate the “search” bar and input the term “Union Bank NC”
  • Doing the above will make the Union Bank logo pop up
  • Tap the Union Bank app
  • Look for the “FREE” button, tap it and wait for it the “INSTALL APP” icon to pop up. (The installation of the banking app begins once you tap “INSTALL APP”)
  • Upon getting the message prompting you to do so, input your Apple ID password and then select “OK”
  • To sign into your online banking account, tap the app icon and supply your login details –online banking ID and PIN

Steps to Download the Union Bank Mobile Banking App on Android

  • Search for your Android phone’s Google Play Store icon and click it
  • Locate the “search” bar and input “Union Bank NC mobile banking” in it
  • With that done, the next page should show you a list of apps
  • Navigate through these apps to see the Union Bank logo
  • Select the Union Bank app
  • Then tap the “INSTALL” icon
  • Tap the button indicating “ACCEPT & DOWNLOAD”
  • To sign into your online banking account, select the app icon and input your online banking ID and PIN

I strongly believe you must must have been exposed  to all that is required to enroll for Union Bank online banking, download the Union Bank mobile app and simply sign into it.
However, if you need more clarification or information, you can visit and explore the Union Bank NC Mobile Banking page.

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