This is the simplified story of how an unemployed graduate in Nigeria made success not withstanding the high rate of unemployment.

I remember the day I met an unemployed guy (let’s call him Thankgod) in Bayelsa. Thankgod is a first class graduate of Imo state polytechnic, he studied Agricultural Engineering

While I was with him, I began to ponder “How come a first class graduate is unemployed”. He used to browse Jobberman seeking for job opportunities.

unemployed graduate in Nigeria

And of course he does get call ups? But it always in Lagos, where will he get the transport to travel for the interview, is there even assurance for him that he will glance through the interview process and secure the job. NO!

How an unemployed guy made over N200k monthly in Nigeria

So, this is what stopping Thankgod? But he got lucky to sustain himself with his handwork.

  • Almaco,
  • Solar energy installation, and
  • 3D wallpaper.

The only cons he is facing is that, at his location (Bayelsa) this services are readily needed except for Almaco.

I began to roll with  Thankgod per time, introducing him to some High Income Skills which he could also add to his income source.

I asked him, What Digital Skills do you possess that you can offer to people that will add value to their lives?

This was the dropdown list of skills he outline

  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft excel
  • Corel draw
  • Photoshopand
  • Autocard

These are some great skills, I said to him.

Then I decided to scale my business with Thankgod due to the facts that he possesses some great skills. We had a discussion, and at the end we came up with a tangible business plan and agreement.

The Business Plan

We decided to host Free Workshop, Seminars for a period of 1 week intervals for each training section to teach people various digital skills (like computer training).

I and Thankgod arranged with a pastor of a church and the pastor gave us access to use is church hall. We used some money for promotion of our upcoming training.

How come about the N200k monthly

home of digital entreprenuers

Funny enough, on the first day of the training. 978 people showed up (most of the turn up were also members of the church hall we are using). We made use of projector in the training the attendees and at the end of the training, we sold the CD and other materials we provided (like e-books, handouts).

We sold the materials at different prize rate such as

  • CD – N1,500 ($5)
  • E-book – N500 ($1.5)
  • Handout – N1000 ($2.5)

After the training, we are able to sale an estimate of 535 materials (in random). So let do the mathematics

Let assume we sold all materials at the rate of N500 which is the lowest prize.

N500 x 535 = N267, 500

After that, we organized another one the upcoming week both online on Whatapp and offline.

At the end of the training session online we made over 1000 sales of materials (due to the influence of online training), you can do the estimated calculation for yourself.

Now, let’s see what we actually did and how you too can actually make something out of it.

Thankgod Testimony


Thankgod is now a full-time entrepreneur, who no longer search for job’s opportunity on Jobberman anymore, he no longer submit CV. He now has time for himself, and that the kind of life everyone aspires to have (FREEDOM)


Thankgod Shocking Employment

Meanwhile, Thankgod did not stop there he kept pushing forward, and he has corrected this wrong impression that SCHOOL NA SCAM by securing a job with Nigeria Most Trusted Insurance Company


Thankgod is now a full-time Investor Advisor in Leadway Assurance Company Plc. and the good part is that, his new job doesn’t hinder him from carrying out is Entrepreneurship works.

Moreover, Thankgod did not betrayed, he decided to start his new million dollar project with mitrobe that will be launching next year 2020 LEADWAY.MITROBE.COM

Thankgod Contact Address


Home Address – 48 Jimmy Ebi Street, Amarata, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Call – (+234) 07060481885
Whatapp – (+234) 07066668412

Or use the contact form below to shoot Thankgod a message:

Well, Now let see what Thankgod did, and how you too can make use something out of it using the latest business techniques.

The Principles

The principles involved here which everybody can make use of are.

  • Find a hot skill or product a lot of people will be interested in
  • Create a product for that skill
  • Advertise and sell the product.

This whole process is call INFORMATION MARKETING well there is a lot of upgrade in this business, so I will simplify the whole process for you to understand better.

Find a hot skill or product

There are some skills that are a lot more in demand than others.

For instance, if you organize a Whatapp training group for free browsing cheats, people will definitely turn up and at the end of the day, they will pay for the materials involved to set up the whole system.

Create a product for that skill

The next thing, is to package the whole step by step guide into a product (like CD and E-books). 

Advertise and Sell the product

This is the part where so many people destroy everything and this is where the result comes in.

For instance.I have been in whatapp group training were people were just leaving the group one after the other when the admin had finished his presentation.

The INFORMATION MARKETING BUSINESS has upgraded and you should also upgrade with it.

There are now various tools, which can run your marketing campaign, and help you, sell your product even if you are away.


I took my time to simplify the step by step process to run a successful information marketing business.  With this report you will learn how to get and setup the AUTOMATION tool which will help you to sale your product even if you are away.

And due to there are a lot of TIME WASTERS, those who will never make profit online because of their non-challant mindset this report will be for those who request for it, those who are willing to start a successful business online.


What you are going to learn

  • How to find a hot skill/ topic
  • How to create product for that skill
  • How to package your product
  • How to market/advertise your product
  • How to sell your product
  • How to use the Automation tool to sale your product
  • How to create a landing page
  • Email marketing

Bonus gifts for those INTERESTED

Well, due to the upgrade in information marketing business, I will give ACTION TAKER a headstart, I will gift them with the following goodies and reports

  • How to setup and run a Facebook Ads
  • Make $400 daily Affiliate marketing report
  • A free access to my paid Whatapp group (29 days blogging challenge)
  • How to start a profitable blog report.

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