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Some of us had known UBA Africard since 2012, when mini-importation was still very hot. I can remember using the cards to place several orders online.

While many still don’t have a clue of what the UBA Africard is all about, we decided to do a simple guide on how to use the UBA Africard, on this page, you will get to find out the purpose of the card, how to get the UBA Africard, some charges of Africard, it’s limitation and other important details you need to know.

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The UBA Africard is powered by UBA through VISA payment processor one of the biggest e-payment processing platforms in the world. What’s the big deal about the UBA Africard and why are online smart marketers using it.

UBA Africard for online payments

The Africard is specifically made for payments purposes, you can use the card to pay for your services or goods bought online internationally or locally, you can as well use it to make offline payments, the good thing about it is that it’s not all other debit cards that are directly connected to your bank accounts, and sometimes you can lose money from unwanted subscriptions.

I have used the card to make purchases on international shops such as Newegg, Amazon, Bestbuy, , eBay, ASOS and it works perfectly well.

So basically it’s a prepaid card, and the best-prepaid card so far right now in Nigeria.

Requirements to Apply for UBA Africard

The UBA Africard is funded before use, which means that you don’t have to have an account with UBA even go get or fund the card, what you need to get the card from any UBA bank is a valid ID card such as driver’s license, NIMC identity card, or international passport, the banks will also demand that you have a passport photograph, back then in 2012, you had to make the passport provision yourself and hand two copies to the bank, and I doubt if that has changed now.

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The UBA Africard is like every other prepaid or virtual cards, it runs on an e-wallet systems superintendent by commercial banks such as UBA, the e-wallet system is connected with chips to a plastic card and has the usually credit card codes, expiration date and cvv codes making possible to use for any online transaction in any currency.

How to fund UBA Africard

To fund your UBA visa prepaid card, you need to visit your bank with cash and have them funded for you. You can as well initiate a transfer from your savings UBA account to your Africard visa card.

Be informed that the card can only be funded between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm daily, so if you need to perform any transaction outside of this hours, it is important to get the card funded beforehand. This is the opening hours of the bank, now in the pandemic, you may want to check that the bank is opened before you leave your house to the bank.

The UBA Africard safe and secured for online and POS transactions, it’s backed by VISA which is one amongst the biggest payment processors today,so when it comes to making online transactions with the UBA Africard you have nothing to worry about.

UBA prepaid card refunds

I can remember in 2012, how many refunds I get for payments that did not go through, though this usually takes days if not months to resolve, you just need to keep your cool and work with the bank until you’ve your money back.

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Africard withdrawal charges:  FREE

Like I said, mostly users of the card mainly uses for online purchases, also you can use the UBA prepaid card to cash out ATMs, the interesting part of this is that withdrawal made using UBA Africard is done absolutely free of charge.

International ATMs withdrawal

This has made the card a good way for travellers and students studying abroad to carry cash in their card, they can made withdrawals anywhere in the world, be it master card or Visa ATMs, absolutely free of cost, some places you can’t make use of your debit cards from Nigerian commercial banks when you’re abroad, with your UBA Africard, you have nothing to worry about, isn’t it interesting?

UBA Naira africard vs UBA dollar africard

Don’t be confused, this is what you need to know, the UBA Naira card is what have been available since 2011 thereabouts, it’s naira card because you can find it in naira, for example, if you’re during $100, you will need to use the daily conversion rate of UBA and pay the bank the naira equivalent.

In 2018, the dollar card was introduced, this makes it possible for users to have their Africard funded using dollar.

While both cards serve the same purpose, it’s just the mode of funding that’s a bit different. The naira card will do the same transactions the dollar card will do.

How long does it take to get the UBA Africard?

If you visit the bank very early, you can finish through the process same day, if you’re lucky not to meet with any form of downtime on their end, but usually you should have your UBA Africard issued to you same day of request in any UBA banking hall Nationwide.

Just make sure to go with your utility bill, means of ID, please don’t go with voters card, or pamphlet of NIMC, go with the real ID cards, and make sure they are not expire. Also go with your $100 equivalent for the first time application and copies of your passport photograph.

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How to load UBA Africard

The card is reloadable, which means that you can always refund your UBA Prepaid VISA card anytime. You can reload the card via your internet banking app. Below is an explainer video from UBA on how to reload your UBA Visa Africard.

Card management:UBA Africard login

There’s a personalized online portal given to you to be able to track expenses and activities in your UBA prepaid Visa card.
On the portal, you can check your past transactions, see your balance, print statements, make transfer to other UBA cards accounts, change your PIN, block the card etc.

Steps to login to My UBA Prepaid card

  1. Use the portal https://www.gtpsecurecard.com/UBA/Login.aspx login to your personal area, 
  2. Key in your User Name/Customer I.D.
  3. Enter your Passcode
  4. Press the login button to enter

UBA Africard transaction limit

On the UBA Africard, being a prepaid card has a $10,000 per year transfer limit, however you can carry more than one card to increase your transaction limit.


If you encounter any issues whatsoever, you can use these details to contact UBA for assistance:

Customer Service: (+234) 07002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA) (8:00hr – 23:00hr)

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  1. Can the Africard work for international payment in Alibaba shop? Because i could not pay 430$ order made on Alibaba and really need help


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