Tutorial: How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20

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How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20
The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a marvelous device, and we’re all aware of the authenticity of this fact.

The android device is fully packed with a lot of features that almost seem unnecessary at most times, but we think it is important that you should know that if you’re gonna find some of these features interesting if you check them out. The Samsung Galaxy S20 runs on Android 10, accompanied by Samsung’s proprietary One UI 2.1 on top. Apart from being light on the aspect of hardware, this android smartphone is absolutely loaded with certain features that you’re actually going to find joy in making good use of, rather than having something that is just going to be a resource hog. One of such features is the inbuilt capacity to take scrolling screenshots – a feature that is perfect for the times when you have to take screenshots of anything lengthy, for example, twitter threads, or a chat history.

This is How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20

We previously talked about some of the best Samsung phones for you to buy this year, and this device is definitely one of the best Android smartphones in the market this year. Follow this tutorial which we have provided below to see how you can take scrolling screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

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This procedure is just too simple and easy for anyone to execute. Follow the steps we have listed below, and observe the pictures we have attached, and you’re good to go. Ensure to enable the screenshot toolbar (if not already enabled by default) before you proceed.

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  • On your Samsung Galaxy S20 device, head over to Settings
  • Scroll down to Advanced features
  • Locate the option Screenshots and screen recorder and tap on it

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20

  • The next menu presents you with the Screenshot toolbar which you simply need to make sure is toggled on.

  • Navigate to any screen on your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone which you would like to snap, and simply click on the highlighted button below on a toolbar that will appear at the bottom of your screen, and your scrolling screenshot will be taken.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20

  • You can press it as many times as possible depending on the length of the page you want to take screenshots of.

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That is all you need to know on How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20. Carefully follow all that we have provided in this really easy tutorial above to take scrolling screenshots of any screens or conversations on your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone.
Although we have tried to make this tutorial very self explanatory by including all the most important details on How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S20, it is possible that you may still have some questions to ask, or some suggestions, maybe. We’re available to have your thoughts. All you need to do is to leave a comment in the comments box below and we will attend to you. We have also prepared these top 20+ best online shopping sites in Nigeria, and also the top 10 best online shopping sites in the world for you, just in case you need the most secure platforms to shop for your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, and many other cool stuff.


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