Launched in 2017, TRON is a wave-making cryptocurrency committed to providing content creators with an entirely decentralized media platform via which they can publish their content and get to do business with content consumers directly.

TRON, which was formerly operated on the Ethereum blockchain, now operates on its self-developed blockchain. Also, the platform boasts its own token, known as TRX, which is highly reckonable for having recorded a valuation increase of 3300% within 15 days in 2017.

How Does the TRON Platform Work?

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TRON works as a platform which removes the need for middlemen in the inter-relationship between content creators and content consumers. Broadly, TRON functions as a peer-to-peer network which helps limit the cost of content through the removal of middlemen.

While this fosters a direct relationship between content creators and content consumers, it further offers benefits. On one hand, the content creator gets the fee for his content directly and on the other hand, the content consumer buys the content at a comparatively reduced cost.

The TRON platform allows for the creation and publication of varying content including music, films, photos, apps, etc. People publishing their content on TRON can expect to get the content in front of a huge audience. While the content published on TRON is readily available for purchase, the content creator is paid directly for the content. Notably, the fee for content published on TRON is paid using TRX and beneficially, a consumer (purchasing the content) bears no additional fee.

TRON’s 3 Tokens Explained

TRON is associated with three tokens namely TRON Power (TP), TRONIX and TRON 20 Token.

TRON Power (TP) –this is particularly for TRON users interested in a sort of long-term commitment which involves sealing up their TRONIX. This, alternatively, means that while TP is a kind of Steem Power, it is clearly a TRX that has been deliberately locked up by its owner (a TRON user). The bottom line of this long-term commitment is that the TRON users, in return for accepting to seal up their TRONIX, will be rewarded with a number of benefits including voting rights and TRON POWER.

TRONIX –this is a MainNet token otherwise regarded as TRX. TRONIX is provided by the TRON Foundation and is built on the TRON Protocol to serve as a basis for the valuation of the other tokens on the Tron blockchain.

TRON 20 Token –this, of course, is a different token from the two other TRON tokens and basically, it works in an identical manner to Waves and NEM. Broadly, it avails content creators on the TRON platform the chance to develop their own tokens and dole out the tokens.

What are the dApps Found on TRON?

There are a decent number of dApps on the TRON blockchain and some of the commonest dApps therein are:

  1. 888TRON
  2. TronTrade
  3. HyperSnakes
  4. Blockchain Cuties
  5. WINk
  6. TRXMarket

TRON’s imposing suite of developer tools, coupled with the launch of MainNet, has made it convenient for developers to build new dApps. Quite interestingly, a certain report on dApps has confirmed that TRON dApps have outperformed other dApps particularly in the areas of transaction volume and active users.

Where to Buy/Sell TRX in Nigeria

A decent number of high-quality exchanges are available for people to trade TRX in Nigeria. If you’re a Nigerian willing to sell or purchase TRX, you can use any of these exchanges:

  1. Remitano
  2. Blockvila
  3. Binance
  4. HitBTC
  5. Bittrex
  6. Changelly
  7. Coindirect


Regardless of the fact that some crypto experts have predicted a favourable future for TRON, it is undeniable that the cryptocurrency is garnering dramatic waves. Only in its first two-year existence (following its launch in 2017), TRON has recorded some landmark achievements some of which include holding the nTROn global summit, bringing lots of dApps to its platform, collaborating with Samsung and launching the TRON Virtual Machine.



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