If you’ve been searching the hardware wallet market for a decent option to shelve out your bucks for, Trezor is likely one of your best choices.

Perhaps, you’ve heard a lot of things about Trezor wallets. Whether such things are fascinating or not, here are 8 things you need to know about Trezor wallets before opting for any.

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Trezor Wallets Work with Other Devices

Verily, one of the laudable advantages of Trezor is that you can use your Trezor wallet with a pretty number of other devices including your Android smartphone (provided it supports USB OTG), your Mac laptop, Windows device, Linux gadget, etc.

Trezor Accessories Are Available

One of the things that should interest you about Trezor is the availability of its accessories such as the Trezor stainless steel storage facility (for safekeeping recovery seeds) and the cases (silicon and leather cases) for housing your Trezor wallet. Quite interestingly, you can purchase these Trezor accessories from both the manufacturer and third-parties such as eBay and Amazon retailers.

Trezor Wallets Are Duly Protected

If there’d ever be one thing to worry about after purchasing your Trezor wallet, it wouldn’t be the security of your coins. Frankly, Trezor wallets are designed to support PIN protection as well as the use of passphrases. On one hand, your Trezor passphrase is tied to your seed and on the other hand, the PIN protection (feature) protects the wallet against violent PIN attacks by third parties.

Trezor Wallets Support a Wide Variety of Coins

It is quite fascinating that each of Trezor One and Trezor Model T is compatible with a wide variety of coins. While Trezor One is capable of storing up to 700 different cryptocurrencies, Trezor Model T boasts expanded storage, accommodating approximately 1000 cryptocurrencies.

There’s A Notable Difference between Model T and Trezor One

Of the two Trezor wallet models, Trezor One is clearly the older model but Model T happens to be the better version. Prettily, Model T packs a more efficient processor, features expanded multi-currency support and comes with a more spacious touch-enabled (color) screen.

Trezor Wallets Are Usable with Other Wallets

Of course, Trezor wallets can be used with other wallets so long as such wallets support BIP44, BIP32 and BIP39. On one hand, Trezor wallets are built to support varying deterministic hierarchy standards including SLIPs 10, 11, 15, 16 and 39, and on the other hand, they are duly compatible with a number of transaction standards including BIP 16, BIP 125, BIP 141 and BIP 173.

Trezor One Is Available in Two Colours

It is notable that Trezor One –which is the earlier of the two Trezor hardware wallet models –is available in two colours: anodized aluminium and white. While the Trezor wallet in anodized aluminium costs 500 euros, the one in white colour variant costs 69 euros.

The Design of Trezor Wallets Might Not Seem Appealing Enough

It’s really subjective to tell whether the design of Trezor wallets is appealing or not. However, some expert reviewers have claimed that compared to that of Trezor wallets, the design of Ledger Nano wallets is much more appealing.

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As you have carefully read our 8 Things You Need to Know about Trezor Wallets, we hope you now have considerable insight about Trezor wallets and can make a reasonable choice at the point of purchase. Get started by visiting trezor here

It is beyond doubt that Trezor wallets are great hardware wallets to keep handy. While it’s also doubtless that there are many other hardware wallets on the market, Trezor obviously stands out as one of the best hardware wallet brands.


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