Full Review – Legit or Scam

Tradeogre Full Review – Legit or Scam

Tradeogre has presented itself to be a trading or investment platform, where you can trade and invest Cryptocurrencies.

And when an investment is involved, a Return on Investment (ROI) is also expected.

Which means that users that invests on Tradeogre, expects some kind of profits within a few days.

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But before you invest your hard-earned money on any online platform, it is essential to do a proper background check, to avoid losing funds to fraudsters.

And what we would do on this page, is to provide you with a detailed review on Tradeogre, to help guide your next line of actions.

So, if you are ready to find out if this platform is safe for investing your currency, then read this piece to the end.

About Tradeogre

TradeOgre – Reviews, Trading Fees & Cryptos (2020)

Tradeogre was established in 2018, and they provide about 76 Altcoins on their website, to broaden user options.

Kindly note, that there is no concrete information on the team behind this program or platform, its registration, or any of its security measures.

However, the website has been rumored to enable the Google 2-step authentication.

Tradeogre does not require any form of identification check, thereby making trading very easy, compared to other platforms.

There is a fixed transaction fee for both makers and takers at 0.2%. But the withdrawal fee depends on the cryptocurrency that is involved.

For instance, the withdrawal fee for Bitcoin is 0.00020241.

You should also note that Tradeogre does not accept Fiat Currencies, which means that credit cards and wire transfers are not accepted as well.

Also, depositing on Tradeogre does not attract any additional cost.

Tradeogre Review

There are so many question marks surrounding the pattern of operation, on the Tradeogre platform.

And as at when this article was published, there has been no active email address or phone number, with which users can reach the customer support of the platform.

Even though they seem to be active on Twitter, some users have dropped complaints that seem not to be attended to.

The domicile Country of Tradeogre is still unclear, even though the platform claims to operate in over 56 Countries around the world.

Legit Or Scam

Honestly, there are lots of red flags surrounding the mode of operations on Tradeogre. We would advise our readers to abstain from trading on such platforms, to avoid losing funds unnecessarily.

We would run further investigations, and keep you updated with our results, to enable you invest safely.

All you need to do, is to bookmark this page or visit regularly, in order to stay updated, on any new information that might be added on this page.

We would also be reviewing other investment platforms, so as to help you make perfect choices, on how you would like to invest your money.

And if you have additional questions to ask on the Tradeogre platform, or you have experiences with the platform you would like to share with us, then do well to leave us a message via the comment section.

You can also share this information with Family and Friends, using the different social media options that has been provided on this page.

And Just as this article has explained, performing a background check, before investing in any of these platforms, is a necessary move.

Final word-I strongly recommend that you visit regularly or get it bookmarked, to stay updated on genuine platforms to invest your money.


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