With the right tools at your fingertips, growing your Telegram channel/group shouldn’t seem as difficult as some people may have painted it. 

In any attempt to push up engagement for your Telegram channel, it is very important that you select a platform or company with a proven track record in promoting clients’ social media engagement. This engagement essentially incorporates members, subscribers, post views, and other features which help drive up the credibility of a social media account. 

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Despite that there are many platforms offering social media engagement service, you may still find it difficult to filter the reliable ones out of the crowd. Anyway, we’re ready to ease your search for the best websites where you can buy Telegram members for your Telegram account.

In this post, you’ll find out the top 16 sites to buy Telegram members in 2021. All of these sites are reliable and reading this post further, you’ll likely have an idea of what to expect from each of them.


GetAFollower is a trusted site where you can safely buy members and post views for your Telegram group. Besides offering optimum safety, GetAFollower is a reliable website that seeks to improve its service offering. How the site does that is by allowing you to leave a review.

If there is something you dislike about your experience with GetAFollower, you shouldn’t shy away from mentioning it in your review about the site. What you might admire most about GetAFollower is its prolonged retention guarantee (which spans 180 days) coupled with the site’s 100% risk-free policy. 

GetAFollower lets you choose your preferred type of Telegram members and purchase immediately or “add to cart”. 

Media Mister

Media Mister is a safe place where you can buy members for both Telegram group and Telegram channel. And to make payment easy, Media Mister supports quite a number of payment options including Bitcoin, MasterCard, American Express, and Ethereum. 

Whether it’s for your Telegram group or channel, Media Mister’s offerings –members, poll votes, post views and subscribers –will live up to your expectation. Besides its guarantee of secure payment options, Media Mister ensures the delivery of these offerings in relatively short timeframes. If you’re buying as many as 5,000 Telegram members from Media Mister, you can expect to get supplied with the members within nine days. 

Media Mister clarifies that you can always count on the site for the safe purchase of Telegram members. The website also hints you about what you stand to benefit from buying Telegram members. 

To make things pretty easy, Media Mister has categorized its packages into Telegram channel members and Telegram group members. 

Social Boss

Social Boss not only guarantees secure transactions for its clients but also, it supports a couple of payment options including Bitcoin, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

One of the things worthy of reckoning about Social Boss is the site’s 100% money-back assurance. You can purchase as many as 5000 Telegram members from Social Boss.

It’s no longer news that having a huge number of Telegram subscribers projects value about your Telegram channel. Social Boss hammers on this fact and believes that anyone can count on the website for genuine Telegram subscribers, post views and members. Interestingly, Social Boss provides your Telegram channel with quality offerings that will boost its social presence and credibility in the long run.


Social Boss’ price points for Telegram members range between $2.99 and $89.99. The lowest price point ($2.99) can fetch you 100 members while the highest price point gives you 5000 members. 

While its delivery period can last between two and six days, Social Boss is by far one of the best sites out there for the purchase of Telegram members. 


Followersup lays claim to being a trusted seller that has been operating since 2016. It is a site that guarantees quick delivery of Telegram members. 

Followersup charges as low as $17 for 1000 Telegram channel members and it promises buyers a 24-hour delivery period, on the average. But if you’re purchasing as many as 10,000 members for your Telegram channel, the delivery period can go as high as seven days. 

While Followersup prioritizes safe delivery coupled with quality offerings, the website charges as much as $129 for 10,000 Telegram channel members. For a site that considers itself the ideal place for anyone to get offerings that will grow their Telegram channel, it’s unsurprising that Followersup does deliver quality Telegram members, post views and subscribers. 


This site is a reputable platform for the purchase of Telegram members, post views and subscribers. It is a vendor that proclaims to have attracted five-star customer reviews to itself.

AppSally lets you realize the essence of equipping your Telegram channel/group with more members. The site makes it clear that having a huge Telegram following boosts the reach of your Telegram channel. Most interestingly, AppSally clarifies that it is one of the best places you can resort to for boosting overall Telegram engagement. For this reason, the site has a pretty number of packages and offers you an easy avenue for purchasing Telegram members. 

With as little as $20, you can buy members from AppSally and to process your purchase on the site, you simply have to make payment for your order and click the “start order” option on the site. 


Instamber maintains a simple processing method and it guarantees customers a good number of packages. The site believes in helping its customers grow their Telegram channels such that the channels can withstand competition.

Therefore, Instamber’s offerings –post views, subscribers and members –will go a long way to push up engagement for customers’ Telegram channels. With as low as $30, you can purchase 750 Telegram members from Instamber and if you’re keen to go a bit higher, you can opt for Instamber’s medium-level package which costs $55.99 and gives you 1500 Telegram members. 

Just like some other similar sites, Instamber enlightens you about the essence of purchasing Telegram members. Overall, Instamber is a go-to place for offerings that should help boost engagement and credibility of your Telegram channel. 

Social Bar

Like similar websites, Social Bar enlightens you about why you should push up your Telegram following. The site helps you build wide-ranging credibility by allowing you to purchase spreadable Telegram post views.

Simply put, Social Bar’s Telegram post views can be spread across multiple posts. In addition to post views, other things you can buy from Social Bar are Telegram subscribers and members. 

The maximum number of members you can purchase from Social Bar is 150,000 while the minimum stands at 100. For this minimum number of Telegram members, 100, Social Bar charges as low as $0.48. 

Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser is another safe-to-use website for buying Telegram subscribers, post views and members. While the site guarantees real Telegram subscribers, it prettily supports different payment options including Bitcoin, credit card and PayPal.

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Apps Geyser can help you drive Telegram members from different countries of the world and most interestingly, the site emphasizes the realness of its offerings. Hence, customers are certain to always get real subscribers, members and post views any time they transact with Apps Geyser. 

It should interest you that Apps Geyser gives room for negotiation so that in the end, a customer can have a real shot at profitable deals. Apps Geyser doesn’t entertain bots whatsoever and this makes it possible for the site to always deliver real Telegram members. 


Memberlak does offer real and targeted members, making it a distinguished option among websites where you can buy Telegram members. You can bank on Memberlak for 100% targeted members provided you’re ready to pay the $9 associated fee.

While Memberlak’s real members come at a cost of $0.98, the downside here is that the website also offers fake members. Well, that isn’t much of a downside since many of the websites in this post offer both fake and real Telegram members. It’s actually up to you, the buyer, to know what you need and go for it. 

With Memberlak, you’re guaranteed swift delivery and overall, Memberlak is really an exciting platform for the purchase of Telegram features –post views, members and subscribers. 


Cibu lives up to its boast of offering top-quality marketing services at affordable prices. It is one fun website where you can use popular payment methods –Ethereum, Bitcoin and PayPal –in purchasing Telegram subscribers, post views and members.

Cibu appears to be a transparent platform where you get to read precise descriptions of products before paying for the products. Depending on your preference and the impression you want to create, you can purchase real or fake Telegram members from Cibu. Purchasing fake members is actually an option you should think about carefully before going for. 

Needless to say, Cibu prioritizes creating the right impression about itself and that’s just why the website is committed to gaining customers’ confidence. 


Adby sells real Telegram members and the good thing here is that Adby delivers 1000 members for as low as $2. Interestingly, Adby has a PayPal account via which customers can place orders for the website’s offerings.

Whatever it is you’re buying from Adby will be safely delivered to you and as a plus, Adby offers both fake and real Telegram members. You won’t have to be worried about Adby’s trustworthiness as there are a handful of testimonials attesting the site’s legitimacy. 

Adby’s subscribers, post views and members can be purchased for both Telegram channel and Telegram group. 

Viral Fomo

Viral Fomo boasts about offering some of the best deals on the market and quite interestingly, the site can fetch you as many as 1000 members for a price of $17.99. One of the exciting sides of Viral Fomo is the assurance of swift delivery for its engagement offerings. 

Viral Fomo can help clients source Telegram members from Russia and the United States. Plus, there’s the guarantee of high retention rates coupled with top-quality users. 

Ranging from Telegram members to poll votes, Viral Fomo’s engagement offerings are in different kinds. You just have to be certain about the kind of engagement best suited for your channel. 

Among the websites on this list, Viral Fomo boasts one of the fastest processing times. It’s pretty cool that customers of Viral Fomo can expect a processing time less than six hours. 

Add Telegram Member

This website supports easy payment options and offers some of the best price points to buyers of Telegram members, subscribers and post views. Add Telegram Member lays claim to the boast of helping clients drive members from any country of the world. 


The site’s online support is always available to clients willing to contact Add Telegram Member. While this site offers 100% top-quality Telegram members, it’s a great avenue for anyone to get offerings that will push up engagement for their Telegram channel. 

Add Telegram Member claims to support Telegram monitoring which works at all times in tracking engagement. This way, Add Telegram Member will easily figure out where it is necessary to improve engagement for its clients. 

Just Social Panel

Although Just Social Panel requires you to create an account, it is a trusted platform for the purchase of differing engagement including affordable Telegram members. 

Just Social Panel’s engagement offerings work for various social networks including YouTube, Telegram and Instagram. There are a handful of reviews about Just Social Panel and if you just need to see them, you can head to Trustpilot. 

Most importantly, Just Social Panel offers a whole lot of engagement techniques and over its years of operation, it has garnered significant experience which makes it a reliable pick for some clients. 

Channel Member

Channel Member claims to offer different member categories such as targeted members, real members and silent members. The silent members will only increase your channel’s member population rather than participate in conversations. 

The good thing about these silent members, despite being inactive, is that they won’t vanish. But if you want something much better, you should opt for Channel Member’s real members.

Targeted members seem like the best member category as they are individuals whose interests or preferences align with what your Telegram channel is concerned about. 

Famous Follower

Famous Follower is a company that helps in boosting clients’ social media channels. While the company is reachable via WhatsApp, email and Instagram, there have been a good number of positive reviews about it.

With Telegram included in the list of social media that Famous Follower supports, it isn’t any surprise that Famous Follower provides information about how customers can convert their Telegram channels into profit-yielding platforms. 

Famous Follower categorizes its Telegram members by number and clients can make purchase choices ranging between 100 Telegram members and 10,000 Telegram members. 


Hopefully, you’ll find any of the listed websites useful for driving post views, subscribers and members to your Telegram channel. Inasmuch as huge following remains an indispensable need for the growth of your Telegram channel, you’ll at one point in time require the service of a website that can help you purchase Telegram subscribers, members, etc. 

Advisably, take your time to review all of the listed websites and see how you can leverage one or more of those websites in building significant engagement for your Telegram group/channel. Nevertheless, and if you’re able to make the right choice based on what you need, you should make success with any of those 16 sites. 

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