The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused numerous changes in human behavior, companies, businesses, schools as well as the internet. Some of these changes are mostly negative as the virus is encouraging people to stay at home, companies to work from home and many others.

Internet has been the major source of enlightenment to people since the outbreak of the COVID-19 up till this moment. While people are asked world-wide to stay at home and be   save from the virus infection, they can still access news portals, get in touch with friends with the help of high-speed internet connection, buy things and have access to other benefits that the internet has to offer.

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In the mist of all these changes, the COVID-19 will change the global internet atmosphere for good in the following ways;

  1. E-Learning

As the world is fighting COVID-19 outbreak, more than 130 countries have closed schools nationwide. About 80% of students world-wide have resulted to e-learning.  That means hundreds of millions of students are using this medium to complete their studies even from the comfort of their homes. People have even  started to observe that online learning is as effective as normal schooling. A you can see, e-learning is one of the good changes that covid-19 has on technology and the global inter
net atmosphere by extension because even after this pandemic, people will continue to study or learn online as it would have become a part of them.

  1. Banking, Shopping And Bills
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Before the outbreak of COVID-19 the internet has been providing access to bank accounts by allowing people to view their balances, make transactions, send money, pay bills and others. Due to the lock down currently observed in many countries globally, the internet will give people the ability to find different products they wish to purchase and buy them without having to visit the stores.

It will also provide easy access to people to be able to compare prices between sellers and even have a first-hand view of what other people think about the product through online reviews which will help them in making better choices. This is another positive and good change that the COVID-19 will have on the global internet atmosphere and from now onwards, people will get used to banking online, paying bills online and shopping online that they will no longer need to unnecessarily live their homes on the quest to get things done at all times.

  1. Work From Home And Access To A Global Work Force

The internet is the perfect place that allows people to work with others from around the world with instant communication. The internet can also make producing new products and services faster without the people involved getting physically in contact with one another.
As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, a simple internet connection can provide people with the ability to work from home using their computers. You can even start Making Money through Blogging.

This will help employers to look for employees online from across the globe and save them from getting affected by the disease as they will all be working from the house. It will also help to save money at the long run.

  1. Donations And Funding
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The internet has access to a wider audience, with an internet connection, people can easily donate funds to help find a cure for the virus or get some necessities that are very vital for people who cannot afford them and the sick. The internet at this critically period is the only place people can find online services that can make it easy to help donate or support the course to finding a cure for the  virus.

  1. Entertainment 

The internet gives everyone access to a wide variety of entertainment which includes watching videos, movies, listening to music, and playing games online. This period of isolation is the best time people can fully use their internet connections to get lots of entertainments for themselves and the good news is that this will in turn be another positive or good change the internet atmosphere will get because even after the lock down people are eventually going to continue getting entertained in numbers from the internet.


The above mentioned and many more are the various ways  COVID-19 will change global internet atmosphere for good. I must also add that there is presently no established cure for the virus and therefore people should stay home to continue to stay safe.
While you are home, you can get busy by learning online, working and even shopping. Thanks to the internet, these acts cannot in anyway get you infected by the virus.

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