Top 10 Gas Cookers To Buy In 2020


Gas cookers are one of the modern-day home appliances that have undergone a huge transformation both in household acceptance and structure.

This is a result of the recent realization that they make cooking efficient, faster and easier. It also boils down to the understanding that as opposed to popular conception, they are relatively cheaper and also promote a tidy kitchen appearance.

Gas cookers promote cooking style dynamism. It allows you try several cooking forms and processes, as such, it is an appliance that is really treasured While some come inbuilt with an automatic mechanism that turns the appliance off when your food is ready, others have a gas timer that allows you set a time limit for your food, making cooking stressless and smooth unlike pressure cookers for canning which require you to manually operate them.

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As usual, with the best home appliances to buy, gas cookers vary in terms of size, efficiency, features, quality, brand, and amount. Most times, your choice of gas cooker will depend on the size of your pocket, the need you have for it or your societal status. For example, you cannot expect students to buy huge large-scale cookers. They would rather opt for personal, easy-to-use products.

In as much as the determination of the best gas cookers to buy often depend on the particular use the buyer wishes to make of it as well as the type of brand, here are some great options you might want to consider trying.

1. Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Buy the Scanfrost 4 Gas Burner with Gas Oven -SFC5402B Online

Scanfrost Cooker is a highly efficient and wonderful kitchen appliance. It has six burners that burn at different intensities which are all powered by cooking gas. This ensures you can cook all kinds of food at your desired heat or temperature.

The fact that it gives you room for cooking a variety of dishes at the same time means food preparation is made faster and cleaner.
The price also ranges from 49,000 naira to 71,730 naira.

2. Nexus Gas Cooker

Nexus appliances are always top-notch with beautiful designs and colors that will keep you admiring each time you look at it.

Nexus Gas Cooker comes with burners that burn at different intensities and levels and powered by cooking gas. It is also very durable, gas-efficient, easy to use and to clean, bringing out the beauty in your kitchen and making both cooking, grilling, and baking so much fun!

The price differs depending on the number of burners you are interested in. You can click on these e-commerce sites to explore your options.

3. Cannon by Hotpoint CH60GCIK

The Cannon gas cooker double functions as an oven and grilling appliance. It has a programmable timer and a slow cooking option which means you can take your time while cooking. What really sets the cannon apart is the catalytic lining education basically means the oven cavity has a material that uses the heat the oven creates to clean the oven.

So you’ve got not only a fantastic cooking machine but also a self-cleaner. Finally, it has a gas shut off as well as multiple cooking settings.

4. Polystar Gas Cooker

The Polystar Standing Gas Cooker PVFS-80EG1 is very durable and reliable. It comes in a sleek stainless steel body and a finished design perfect for your kitchen space. You can also easily maintain the body of this cooker simply using a kitchen towel soaked in water to wipe it after use.
The price ranges between 58,000 naira and 167,000 naira

6. Royal Gas Cooker – RG B Series 5640B

Want a royal home? You should explore the Royal gas cooker. The royal gas cooker as part of its kitchen appliances is very dependable, durable and energy-efficient. Its features include a two-button control gas grill, a push-button Ignition, an oven Lamp, glass lid and adjustable legs.
The price ranges from 60,000 naira to 165,000 naira.

7. Stoves Richmond 600G

The Richmond 600 is a freestanding gas cooker and provides conventional heat, which is quite ideal for cooking pretty much any kind of food It has this peculiar classic touch and one extra feature which will blow you.

Know what? You can connect it to your chosen smart device through the Bluetooth connectivity which will allow you to remotely set the clock and timer. Classic huh?

8. Maxi Gas Cooker

Maxi Gas Cooker is definitely for every home with very highly rated products in the market for its reliability and top quality. One of its unique product is the Maxi 60 x 90 -5B. This cooker has five gas burners with varying pit sizes. In terms of its functionality, it remains at the helm of gas cooking products.
The price ranges from 55,000 naira to 100,000 naira.

9. Beko KA52New

This is also among the best gas cookers to buy. It is one that makes a bit of a statement. It has a postmodern structure with a grill at eye level, and what passes technically as a chamber. This means it is basically a 3-in-1, as there is a large main oven chamber as well as a storage area at the bottom which is great for keeping all of your pans and trays in one place. What do you say to a tidy, arranged kitchen?

10. Kitchencraft 60cm Built-in cooker (Hob-Glass-G601-Black Magic)

This gas cooker is superb! It has a high heat resistant surface that speaks class and comfort as well as add finesse and elegance to your kitchen. It’s high price simply emphasizes its high-level position with top-class exterior designs. It is a really big value for your money.

The price range goes between 80000 and 100000


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