Top 20 Hot Selling Products in Nigeria in 2021

Hot Selling Products In Nigeria

Hot selling products are products sold in high demand, be it drop shipping, online store, etc. So if you are interested in going into business in the new year and you are looking for information on the top-selling items in Nigeria to market whether online or offline, here is a clue on what we think are the best selling products in the country currently.

The list is composed of products from consumables to food items, electronics, mobile and data plans. We hope you find our list interesting and ideating enough.

Fast Selling Products in Nigeria in 2021

Getting to know what product is on high demand is very crucial to your business, so as to keep you updated on what product to stalk your store with.
Here are a list of top 20 hot selling products in Nigeria.

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1. Books and stationeries

Books and stationery, be it journals, textbooks, magazines, pens and pencils are on a very high purchase in Nigeria. Education is a key system in the country and the basic needs of education includes books, pen, pencils, etc.

2. Car tracking devices

Nigeria has a bridge in security, social vices such as car hijacking, stealing of cars is rampant, hence the need to purchase a tracking device is on the increase in order to easily track and recover cars if stolen.

3. Building materials

Building materials is one of the best selling products in Nigeria as it is on high demand in the Nigerian market. It isn’t only a profitable business, but it also gets you connected to people.

4. Generator Sets

Generating sets is on high demand in the Nigerian market because of the poor electricity the country has and 70% of business thrives only on a regular supply of electricity, hence the need to purchase a generator is on the increase.

5. Computer and Accessories

The world is now a global village, everything seems to be computerized and easy, the need to purchase computer and accessories by schools, hospitals and companies is on the increase as it reduces workload and reduce stress.

6. Perfumes

Perfumes stand out as one of the most purchased product in Nigeria as no one wants to smell bad, if you are considering opening a business, you can opt-in for a perfume business as it can set you on a path to financial success, but I will advise you do proper research, before launching into the business.

7. Baby Products

Baby Products include wear, toys, diapers, baby food, etc. They are compulsory commodity needed by nursing mothers, the baby product is not only a profitable business but a very popular product in Nigeria as many Nigerian parents tend to pay attention to fulfilling the dreams of their kids.

8. Jewelry

Virtually every Nigerians make use of Jewelry ranging from tiny earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches to a wedding band. This makes the purchase of this commodity on the increase as the product stands as what most people can’t do without.

9. Furniture

Have you ever been to an office, house, organizations without a chair? peradventure you have been to one, I can assure you that sooner or later, you will get to see furniture displayed all over the apartment or building. It’s also a commodity you can’t do without, at least every home has one or two pieces of furniture, some even have more.

10. Television Sets

Television amongst home electronics is the most common appliance you will find in every Nigerian home as most Nigerians are lovers of entertainment. This makes this product one of the best selling products in Nigeria.

11. Liquid soap and detergent

Soap is an essential commodity in every household whether it is in powdered form, liquid or solid. This commodity is on very high demand as it is a must-have in every home because it is either used for washing or bathing

12. Phones

Phones are one amongst the best selling product in the world, everyone wants to connect with new people, loved ones, business partner,s and much more and this can be done with a few clicks on your phone.

13. Fashion & Accessories

Clothes and shoes are very hot cakes in the Nigerian market and the world at large. Everyone desires a change in wardrobe. One unique thing about this product is that it is used by both the rich, poor, young and old. No one wants to step out of their house naked in this part of the world, you will be considered as having a mental illness. Clothes are a compulsory commodity for everyone.

14. Food

Food is also one of the most purchased products in the world. No one can live well without food be it fruit, veggies, etc. Food covers a large scope ranging from raw, cooked, processed to roasted corn, meat sold on the streets to passers-by. The value of food can’t be over-emphasized.

15. Hair extension

Nigerian women are willing to spend a huge amount of money on hair extensions particularly the new trendy human hair that has recently flooded the Nigerian market and it comes in different styles, long, short, curly and straight depending on what choice you want. If you considering what business to venture into, why not try this one out.

16. Cosmetics

Apart from clothes, shoes, hair, etc. Most Nigerian ladies are a huge fan of cosmetics making and they can spend their last penny to look good, this makes this one of the best hot-selling products in Nigeria.

17. Beverages

Beverage is one of the most consumed items in a Nigerian home, be it bournvita, milk, sugar, coffee, etc. You can’t visit a Nigerian home and not find any of the items listed above. It’s a must-have in every home make it one of the most purchased commodities in the Nigerian market.

18. Iron

No one wants to step out of their house in a rumpled attire, everyone wants to look good. Iron also falls in the category of hot selling product in Nigeria as it is found in almost every Nigerian homes.

19. Floor tiles

Floor tiles have displaced the use of carpets, rugs and cement floors due to its affordability and durability, it also comes in different patterns and designs compared to the carpet or rugs. It is the most widely used floor design in the Nigerian home.

20. Soft drinks

Soft drinks come in various brand, we have the Viju milk, sodas, etc. It is a commodity consumed by 90% of Nigerians either young or old. Hence it is needed on a very high purchase.

21. Drinks

Soft Drinks remains one of the top-selling consumables in Nigeria, in Lagos, more than 15 million bottles of soft drinks ranging from coke to cola families are consumed on a monthly bases in Lagos City.

22. Internet Data Plans

The fact be told, Internet data plan remains one of the top-selling products in Nigeria in 2021, this is due to the massive and booming mobile phone penetration in Nigeria, it is a time that people want to keep in the trend of goings in their environment, much more they want to keep constantly updated and that means consuming more data than ever, the industry is a multibillion-dollar industry and it keeps booming year in. year out.


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