Top 10 Best Business Schools in Nigeria in 2021

Best Business Schools In Nigeria

If you are planning to build more experience in trade and entrepreneur or you’ll like to be at the Wall Street someday, this article will unravel the top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria that can give you want you wanted.

These Business Schools are NUC accredited and they’ll offer you some in-depth courses on business management, marketing, and business training in your sojourn to have a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

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If all you crave for is excellence and academic curriculum that matches that of the wider world, then these top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria will offer you something much more.

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Take it or leave it, these quality Business Schools to be discussed had produced several tons of young and teeming entrepreneurs, administrators, marketers, etc. that are doing great across the globe.

Best Business Schools in Nigeria

Similarly, there are many Business Schools out there — both home and abroad — and there are lots of them online too, but for your own good, you might want to consider this list of the top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria before you make any move.

  1. Lagos Business School

Talking about the best Business Schools in Africa where qualitative and quantitative business courses are being impacted, Lagos Business School can never be left behind.

This top Business School is situated at Lekki, area of Lagos State. Being a private institution, Lagos Business School offers an Executive MBA, Doctoral Management and full-time MBA Programs to the aspiring present and future administrators.

Not limited to that, the Business School also runs an online MBA program that is duly accredited by the relevant authority.

  1. African Business School

African Business School is another great School you can attend for your MBA program. This school is also of top quality, and it’s affliated to several international universities in the US, Europe and other part of the world.

If your dream is to ever work at the Wall Street, with an MBA certificate from African Business School, chances are that the dream will come to pass real quick.

That being said, the Business School offer top business education courses and it’s situated in Gwarimpa, Abuja, Nigeria.

  1. The Executive Business School (EBS)

Of course, an ordinary degree in Business Administration is not enough, advancing to ‘The Executive Business School’ for your MBA program will be an added advantage to your CV.

EBS was founded around 2007 in Lagos, being an accredited Business School in Nigeria, it offers a full-time program in Business Administration, Business Management and some other top courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  1. The Delta Business School

Obviously, there are too many Business Schools in Nigeria but only few of them are doing wonderfully and of course, The Delta Business School is one of them.

This Business School named after the state it is situated; Delta state. But the most interesting part of it is that, the school is not School of Business only, it offers many other beautiful courses in Technology too.

  1. Fate Foundation

Fate Foundation is another top Nigerian Business School that you can apply to for an MBA certificate that’s will be recognized and accepted anywhere in the world.

This School of Business Management and Administration is also located in Lagos and they train wannabe entrepreneurs into professional Business Engineers.

  1. University of Lagos Business School

University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag runs an MBA program too. The Business School is NUC accredited and it’s without doubt one of the best Business School you can trust in Nigeria.

So if you had your undergraduate degree certificate in Business Administration, Marketing, Business Management or all sorts from Unilag, why don’t you apply for MBA program today?

  1. Unicaribbean Business School

Unicaribbean Business School offers a full-time program in Business Management and it curriculum meet that of international standard.

  1. West Africa Business School

This Business School is not only leading here in Nigeria, it’s also topping the chart of the best Business Schools in some other African countries. The School runs many fascinating Masters programs in Business and Management and it has branches in Ghana too.

  1. Integrated Business School (IBS)

Next on the list of the best Business School in Nigeria is Integrated Business School. The school is accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) and it’s located at the far North of the country; Kaduna, Nigeria.

As the name implies, this Business School offers integrated MBA programs both on part-time and full-time basis to the aspiring finance engineering.

  1. Bowell Business School

Bowell Business School is also located in Lagos and has branches in Akure and some other part of the country. The school offers several business management courses which triggered it ranking to top 10 list.


There are many other Business Schools in Nigeria that are doing great but the aforementioned ones are the top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria that are of international standard.

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