Top 3 Ways to Make Money While Traveling Abroad

Have you ever envisage yourself in a place totally different from your home country? Some people are of the opinion that travelling changes your mentality from good to bad, simply as a result of one incidence or the other.

Although I am not in total disagreement to their judgment, but I believe it’s a personal opinion. For me, I always believe that wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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The world entirely is like a full text book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Creating room for a particular incidence to cloud your reasoning is not a healthy thing to do.

Recently, I was in Gwanju institute of science and Technology, south Korea for a six months internship programme, believe me or not, it was the greatest thing that did happened in my life. Been my first time, I had no prior knowledge of the language, culture, religion and kind of foods etc. But my heart was already prepared for the journey, and it was remarkable.

People are inclined to think that traveling and living abroad will cost them a fortune, believe me, it’s not that much. Just a few dollars. Instead, you will in turn live like a king because of the enormous opportunities available. Except you plan on driving expensive cars and going out for shopping on a daily basis.

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Take my advice; living with the people and acquire more knowledge about their culture, foods and tradition is the real hit.

With the above been said, below are the top 5 ways to live like a king while travelling abroad.

  1. Start a Blog and become a Problogger With Ease

How To Start A Blog

I was privilege to attend a day seminar hosted by John Chow of; a problogger who makes millions of dollars teaching people how to blog and make money online. He visited Sanjose city in the US, for a day seminar, and I was marveled by his success. From a newbie blogger who barely handle his internet bills, eat properly to currently a millionaire blogger.

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Although other probloggers raking in millions from blogging abound, like Yaro Starak of, Pat flyn of and Harsh Agrawal  of . The list is unending.

All this success, just from the comfort of their homes or kitchen. Starting a blog from the beginning can be very demanding although less expensive, as low as $10 for a domain name with free hosting from blogspot – but pays extremely well at the long run. These days, there is hardly any child above 16 years without a mobile device to surf the internet for any information. With your blog, you can reach out to this teaming population after carving a niche for yourself; you can create a product catalogue to market your own merchandise like Books, mobile devices and shoes etc. Apply for affiliate marketing programs and make profits from relevant commissions earned.

Engage in pay per click services like Google Adsense. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine after working for 20 years, decided to retire from his banking job and travelled to Toronto Ontario in Canada, while travelling he took some beautiful photographs and autographs with some personalities, while in plane and when he landed in the city. Made few post, comments and shared on his little niche blog, Instagram and Facebook account which he created few months back before retiring from his job. Shockingly, he earns few dollars and today he is happy with his blog that currently earns between $1000 to $5000 on monthly basis.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, so much effort is needed to generate the desired income. The important thing is that it doesn’t require you renting an office, just from any place you are. You’re certain of making your money. if you’re inquisitive about starting a blog now, you’ll find mountains of helpful and relevant  information online from blogs like,,, Honestly, this is the best shot to start with while planning your next trip abroad.

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  1. Teach English and Become a Real King

Teach English in India | Go Overseas

This is practically my best option to rule while planning your next trip abroad. Do you think English language is simple? Visit Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China and even Middle East countries; you will be mesmerized at what you will discover. Frankly, I had to return back to my home country because I needed to see my Grandmother and help her out with one or two things she needed.

Some clients pay as much as $3000-$5000 monthly including a well furnished accommodation, airfare to and fro from home country and lots more, the only requirement is for you to be a native speaker of English, posses relevant university degree in any field. Citizens from countries like UK, US, Australia, Newzealand and South Africa are always given priorities. Although qualified intending teachers from other countries are also accepted. Additionally, been a university graduate with relevant English teaching certifications are also highly desirable.

Most credited online organizations offer certified TEFL/TESOL and CELTA Certifications to registered members and also offer job placement after undergoing one or two week’s intensive training with them. What I did was to register for TEFL online at, received my certificate in four weeks and visited for short job placement in Seoul. I was able to make $10,000 throughout my stay in South Korea for a period of 6 months.

Hopefully, I will be travelling back by the end of this year to teach English in Busan, South Korea for at least two years through liveteflprague  program. Living like a king is not in any form a doubt because opportunities are countless and if you think you might need something different or a place to rest your head after landing, just keep reading.

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3. Engage in Freelance Writing

20 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Online

I have talked about blogging, and sincerely I won’t be at peace if I don’t reveal the real hit. Everyone I encounter these days are planning on travelling abroad for either long-term or short term basis, but there exist a common stumbling block, which is money. Do you think money is still a problem? I will receive your answer in the comment box below. According to Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud, a blogger can be a freelance writer, but a freelance writer cannot be a blogger. Nevertheless this statement is true to an extent, because a freelance writer can decide to create a blog for himself after making so much money.

Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online while travelling abroad. It also requires good and presentable writing skills, you can join any of these power packed sites covered by Writersincharge that pays hundreds of dollars for freelance writers.

Grab some writing jobs, and earn money. Freelance writers can earn as much money as they desire because they set their working time, decides on working part-time or full-time, work from anywhere within and outside the city. This is what I call the true king spirit. The pen is truly mightier than the sword. Been a freelance writer only requires few skills such as good mental and physical mindset, good content research ability and the ease in conveying practical information in writing.


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