If you really desire cooling systems that spruce up your home or office space with refreshing ambience, you’ll easily agree that inverter ACs are your best options.

Adding to the guaranteed high efficiency, the features of inverter air conditioners are so great that they can make you abandon the traditional counterparts for ever.

Inverter ACs are awesome cooling systems that will certainly deliver the kind of refreshing feel you want for your bedroom, living room, office, etc. They are powerful air conditioners which, usually, produce less noise and consume less power.

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If you’ve heard about how excellent and functional inverter ACs can be, compared to the traditional ACs, you may want to purchase and fit one in your home space. But before you hit the market for such a purchase, you must note that inverter ACs are more expensive than the traditional ones you find around. For the most part, the reason for this is that inverter ACs offer additional features such as reduced power consumption, reduced noise and high efficiency.

Now that you’re aware of the excellent functionality of inverter ACs, you may want to replace your less functional traditional AC with one of the best inverter ACs on the market. Here’s our list of the top 5 inverter air conditioners in Nigeria.

1.Haier Thermocool 1.5HP GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner

Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner (1.5HP) - (HSU-12NRG1) - Ohale Thermocool Retail Store

This Haier inverter air conditioner is an energy-saving air conditioning system which you can comfortably use at home or in the office. The inverter AC can be powered by both small and big generators and works pretty smooth in cooling your home space.

Manufacturers of this Haier inverter AC claims it guarantees 60% energy saving. Besides being an energy-saving inverter AC, GenPal Inverter AC HSU-12NRG1 happens to be the best inverter AC on this list in terms of efficiency.

Although not the costliest inverter AC on this list, Haier GenPal Inverter AC looks a bit expensive at a price around #180,000.

2.Hisense 1HP Split Inverter Air Conditioner

Hisense 1hp Inverter Split Copper Air Conditioner (AC) |

Considered the second-least expensive option on this list, Hisense 1HP is a self-cleaning split inverter AC. At a quite affordable price of #145,000, Hisense 1HP is a pretty deal. Particularly, the inverter AC packs a couple of great features including a remote control for you to seamlessly control the device from afar.

Hisense 1HP is a perfect air conditioning device for your rather compact spaces such as your mini office, bedroom or living room. This air conditioner can operate uninterruptedly for 12 hours, thanks to the 1HP it features.

3.LG 1HP Gencool Smart Dual Inverter Split Air Conditioner

LG 1HP Dual Inverter Air Conditioner – GENCOOL – Specs review and Price - MyNaijaShopper

This is a dual inverter split air conditioner that cools your home in a breeze. Some of the great aspects of this inverter air conditioner are low power consumption, automated cleaning (of itself) and reduced noise.

Besides being a compact and efficient inverter AC, LG 1HP Gencool is a reliable system for cooling your space without any hassle. One thing you’d surely love about this inverter AC is that it doesn’t get cluttered with dust, thanks to its support of automated cleaning.

The LG 1HP Gencool dual inverter AC can be purchased via Jumia where it costs as much as #160,000.


4.Gree Inverter Air Conditioner

Gree Silent King (Inverter Series) 1 HP AC Split Unit - Newcoolmex

Gree inverter air conditioner is one great cooling device with a pack of excellent features including R410a refrigerant gas, inverter compressor and high noise reduction. The regular unit of noise (for inverter ACs) is 48dB but the Gree inverter air conditioner guarantees as low as 18dB which translates into comparatively low noise.

Beyond the excellent features above, the Gree inverter AC is packed with three variants of HP – 2HP, 1.5HP and 1HP –which intending buyers can choose depending on their preferences.

While the Gree inverter AC can operate under 54 (Celsius) degrees working temperature, the cooling device is specifically designed for areas with tropical climate. It’s well presumable that Gree’s inverter AC is a powerful cooling device suitable for Nigeria and other countries with tropical climate.

If you reside in a very hot region, it could prove reasonable that you pick Gree above the other inverter air conditioner brands on this list. Importantly, the Gree inverter AC is a great match for places with erratic power supply, thanks to the device’s wide voltage range earmarked between 145V and 265V.


Gree isn’t as popular as Haier and LG but this is never a sufficient ground to think its products can’t be as good as those coming from the more popular brands. If truth be told, Gree’s inverter air conditioners are outstanding but at prices ranging from #210,000 to #320,000, it’s certainly arguable that they’re comparatively more expensive.

5.Scanfrost Inverter Compatible Air Cooler –SFAC 9000

Archive: Scanfrost Inverter Compatible Air Cooler - SFAC 9000 in Benin City - Home Appliances, Adesanya Kehinde |

Scanfrost SFAC 9000 packs a couple of amazing features including reduced power consumption, self-regulated cleaning, reduced noise and a rustproof fan. With this inverter AC, you’re pretty sure of a soothing environment.

In terms of cooling capacity, Scanfrost SFAC 9000 can adequately serve a dimension of up to 420 sq.ft. What this means is that even if your living space (such as bedroom) measures up to 420 sq.ft, you can rest assured that the inverter air conditioner will cool it absolutely.

While this Scanfrost cooling device comes at an estimated price of #120,000, it also packs tripartite cooling pads considered highly efficient. Just like the other inverter ACs on this list, Scanfrost SFAC 9000 can be purchased via Jumia and some other popular online stores in Nigeria.


Hopefully, you’ve found the above information useful for figuring out how much you may have to pay for some of the best inverter ACs in Nigeria.

However, you should note that prices of top inverter ACs can vary across physical retail stores in the country and such variation may be dependent on certain retailer-specific factors.

While we’ve provided you with estimated prices based on the pricing available on Jumia, we’re hopeful that the stated prices can be factored into your budget. If you’ll ever end up buying one of the listed inverter ACs at a different price, the price variation will most likely seem very minimal.

Here comes the full list of the top inverter ACs in Nigeria currently.

  1. Haier Thermocool 1.5HP GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner
  2. Hisense 1HP Split Inverter Air Conditioner
  3. LG 1HP Gencool Smart Dual Inverter Split Air Conditioner
  4. Gree inverter air conditioner
  5. Scanfrost Inverter Compatible Air Cooler –SFAC 9000
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