Top 20 Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria

Top 20 Online Shopping Sites That Ships To Nigeria

Some Nigerians just can’t get enough of the experience that comes with international shopping, and they are constantly seeking online shops that sell and ship to Nigeria from Abroad.

It is why we have decided to make this piece to open you up to some of the top online eCommerce shopping sites that sell and ship to Nigeria.

Online eCommerce Shops that sell and Ship to Nigeria

We just enjoy shopping online, as it can be easier, quicker and far more convenient! You will not need to waste the entire day on your back, riding with big bags in your hands from one shop to another trying to shop, from the comfort of your bed you can shop from as far the USA or China and have your product delivered to you. without stress.

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Shipping prices sometimes double or sometimes come in triple the price of the product you’re buying, But if you know where to search, you’ll get thousands of items shipped free of charge. It is why we have collected the best online shopping sites that ship to Nigeria.

The most famous convenience stores of today have just about everything you need to purchase. And most will deliver it to your door free of cost.

1. Aliexpress

In 2010 Aliexpress was launched as an online shopping platform. It was composed mainly of Chinese small business owners. The company is a sister company of Alibaba and has since become the second most-visited e-commerce website in the world after Amazon.

AliExpress is comparable to the eBay marketplace, it is a massive multivendor platform that helps third-party salespeople to sell their products. Aliexpress is home to millions of sellers which are mainly manufacturers and bulk breakers in China.

The company has gained a lot of prominence over the years as there is free shipping for almost any product on the site. Unlike Amazon, it does not produce its own branded products.

Some items offer free international shipping, but this depends on the seller. Before starting your search, check the appropriate box in the filters.

One of the things we find very interesting about this China-based online shopping site is the fact that you can buy personal business effects like cell phones, tablet PCs, computers, shirts, accessories, watches and more at a discounted rate, even when you’re purchasing only one piece for personal use.

2. Amazon

You will possibly find everything you’re searching for on Amazon. It all started as a book retailer but now sells everything from clothes to electronics, footwear, and more.

The platform is a vast online marketplace of books, videos, music, and gaming gadgets, toys, clothing, sporting equipment, supplies, home and garden products, and even grocery stores. Amazon delivers reasonable pricing for all of the pieces.

There are a million options for you to receive free delivery from Amazon. The first option is to sign up for the company’s delivery program, Amazon Prime, at a cost paid either quarterly or weekly.

Amazon has created unique versions of its website to cater to different countries. The prices of products may differ slightly from country to country, you can search out other country versions of Amazon website to compare prices and find a better offer.

3. Asos

ASOS remains the only international store that ships directly to Nigeria from the UK. The online fashion and accessories store has carved out an impressive niche for herself and won the heart of a growing number of Nigerians.

This is because the store cares about shipping fashion items to Nigerians when others don’t.  Once your order is above 20 pounds or 30 USD, you get free shipping from the UK to Nigeria, their shipments are handled by Skynet Global in Lagos.

Nick Robertson established ASOS alongside Quentin Griffiths in the year 2000. The business has since become one of the world’s most preferred beauty and fashion stores.

Their fast delivery and a wide range of inventories are known. Asos sells a variety of items from hundreds of brands in the world.

On the Asos marketplace, you can find more than 80,000 items. In the store, customers and students also benefit from discounts on the platform.

4. DHGate

DHGate is another China-based international shopping platform specializing in the selling of Chinese generic goods. The online shopping site tends more towards buyers who are explicitly intended for breaking bulk than general consumers. The shop has Free shipping worldwide on a good number of her products.

5. Macy’s

Another online shopping site on our list that ships to Nigeria is Macy’s. The American fashion store has been the ideal place of many fashion-centric Nigerians to shop their favorite fashion pieces.

Macy has hundreds, if not thousands, of high quality branded items. It also runs exclusive promotions from time to time and offers spectacular discounts on featured items on the store.

6. Abe Books

AbeBooks has a gigantic collection of books at relatively low prices, and thousands of them are available for free delivery to outside US and Canada.

You can filter your searches to find books that can fly to your free of cost to your corner of the world.

7. Everythingunder5pounds

The UK online fashion store has a massive collection of trendy clothing, shoes, accessories, lingerie and nightwear all marked for sale for a measly £ 5. You can as well get Children’s apparel from the store and have it delivered to Nigeria at an affordable rate.

8. Walmart

Walmart is a well-established American departmental store that has evolved in the past decades to become a national household retail brand. The Walton family business has grown to become the oldest department store in the USA.

Walmart has what you can call the largest retail chain in the world, with more than 12,000 retail chain outlets in more than 26 countries across the globe. Using Walmart’s online shopping site, You can buy thousands of popular products and have them shipped to you without the need to physically visit the store.

We are still very clear on whether Walmart ship to Nigeria directly, but one thing is certain, you can get reliable and cost-effective providers like Skynet Worldwide and Shoptomydoor to have your product shipped to you with ease of mind.

9. Nordstrom

Nordstrom has a longstanding history as one of the biggest clothes stores to shop online. They offer men’s, women’s and children’s apparel at different price ranges, on the shopping site, you will find from budget-friendly labels to exotic luxury products.

The company was founded in 1901 and has since grown to become a store with more than 300 pickup outlets. You can order for your item easily on their shopping site online and have it shipped to Nigeria at an affordable rate.

10. Wish

Wish is an online shopping site for sellers ‘ and buyers ‘ purchases. It doesn’t manufacture her own products like Amazon and mostly sells generic products, just like Aliexpress but usually claims to ship from the USA. Piotr Szulczewski, James Prendergast and Danny Zhang established Wish in 2010.

Wish has more active users on her mobile application,  the app with ease of use and lets you buy a range of product from mobile phone to clothes and accessories, and have them shipped to you, you can filter product for free shipping to get them shipped to your doorstep in Nigeria free of cost.

11. MiniIntheBox

The store has evolved to be one of the biggest online shopping malls that sell electronic and mobile devices, accessories, toys, gaming gears, equipment, and more. There are no minimum order specifications and everything ships freely worldwide.

12. Book Depository

Book Depository is an online book retailer based in the United Kingdom with a large catalog providing free delivery to over 160 countries. The store was created by an ex-employee at Amazon but later acquired in 2011 by Amazon in 2011. Book Depository offers free shipping and currently ship from an ever-growing catalog of dozens to hundreds of books.

Other International online stores that ships to Nigeria are:

  • Topman
  • Moda Operandi
  • Overstock
  • Nordstrom
  • Farfetch
  • Matchesfashion
  • CB2
  • Newegg


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