Forex trading groups are a great avenue for both beginner and seasoned traders to gain access to the expert-provided tips they need for profitable trading.

Essentially, the experts behind such groups take their time to identify lucrative opportunities and figure out the existence of these opportunities. By doing so, they are able to convince beginners (and even experienced traders) about the appropriate periods to dip their feet in the markets.

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There are lots of Telegram Forex groups out there but not all of such groups possess the capabilities for excellent performance. We have, therefore, attempted to ease people’s search for reliable Telegram Forex groups by coming up with a comprehensive list on the top 13 Telegram Forex groups to join in 2021.

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1.MYC Signals

MYC Signals is one of the Telegram groups you can bank on for top-quality Forex trading signals. Whether you’re looking for a free group or willing to join a paid-for group, you can rest assured that MYC Signals will serve you right.

Frankly, MYC Signals creates a suitable avenue for its users to reap excellent returns through the trading signals it offers. While MYC Signals’ paid-for group is better recommended to anyone craving lots of top-quality signals, you can still make do with the free group for a decent number of excellent signals.

There are a couple of pros about MYC Signals and one of them is that the Telegram group offers updates on post technical analysis. Prettily, this does have the advantage of allowing users of MYC Signals to have in-depth knowledge of the associated trades.

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2.Royal Forex Signals

Royal Forex Signals is highly recommended to people looking for top-quality features but quite unfortunately, the Telegram group barely offers free signals.

The trading features of Royal Forex Signals are well suited for the educational needs of Forex traders. Notable among these features include trade setups and excellent charts. Prettily, the charts incorporate key chart patterns and ranges required for Forex traders to identify the important areas to consider while diving into the markets. This, of course, is by courtesy of the vital themes usually explained in the commentary of each chart.

Each of Royal Forex Signals’ charts will provide you with great insight through which you’re able to identify opportunities and thereupon develop the confidence to trade.

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3.Wall Street Forex Signals

This Telegram Forex group is considered honest in its offering of signals. When its signals do not seem to have great potentials, Wall Street Forex will let users realize this.

Wall Street Forex doesn’t seem like the best Telegram Forex group in terms of educational content but of course, the group does offer both premium and free signals. While using Wall Street Forex’s free service, you’re certain to come across adverts encouraging you to switch to the premium service.

If you’re bent on exposure to more and more educational content, Wall Street Forex Signals might not seem like the best Telegram Forex group for you. However, the telegram group is great for Forex traders always looking for honest signals.

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This is another Telegram Forex group that lives up to its name. Interestingly, the developers of PipChasers are committed to helping the group’s premium members reel in great returns on their investment, hence the need for “chasing pips”.


PipChasers might not pique your interest if you’re hell bent on getting educational content. While this constitutes the cons of PipChasers, it’s also a likely red flag for traders willing to master the ropes of Forex trading. Put simply, a lack of educational content is a hindrance to amateurish traders who may be looking for educational advice/recommendations that will make them better traders.

If you wouldn’t mind joining PipChasers despite its lack of educational content, one of the offerings that should excite you about the group is its trade management support. PipChasers, by way of such trade support, offers active advice to its members about the actions that will help them reap the benefits of a trade during its life cycle.

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5. Forex Pips Factory

Forex Pips Factory offers both free and premium services and it is considered one of the small signal providers in the industry. This Telegram Forex group does have its own shortcomings but in terms of signal quality, it fairly rivals the bigger players.

The most notable downsides of Forex Pips Factory are unsatisfactory frequency of signals and insufficiency of educational content. If you’re keen to get Forex signals very frequently, Forex Pips Factory might not be the perfect match for you.

In the area of educational content, Forex Pips Factory leaves much to be desired. This is due to the group’s failure to offer explanatory content such as comprehensive charts that will enable traders to realize the rationale behind trades.

Where Forex Pips Factory should have prioritized educating its members, what the group does is attempting to lure free-service members to the premium service through promotional material.

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6.Pip Prophet

This Telegram Forex group prides on its capability of foreseeing excellent trades and generating a truckload of pips. Of course, this is a clear indication that Pip Prophet lives up to its name.

Some of the features/qualities which project an excellent impression about Pip Prophet include its responsive customer support and great educational content. Broadly, Pip Prophet provides a number of TA charts that help members understand if a particular trade is worth being considered or not.

If you need to ask questions pertaining to the markets, Pip Prophet’s pricing or something else, you can always rely on the group’s customer service agents for optimal support.

Another good thing about Pip Prophet is the boast of loyal followers who have long enjoyed the quality signals offered by the Telegram Forex group. In plain reality, Pip Prophet prioritizes quality and this is a probable reason for the group’s infrequent release of signals.

Pitting Pip Prophet against certain other Telegram Forex groups, it’s evident that the group releases a comparatively low amount of Forex signals. Nevertheless, Pip Prophet’s signals are known for great performance.

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7.Tugas FX Signals

Tugas FX Signals is one of the Telegram Forex groups that do not offer free signals. Although one of the relatively small Telegram Forex groups out there, Tugas FX Signals is an effectively managed group which creates an avenue for members to assess its premium signal service.

Members in the free channel of Tugas FX Signals tend to get lured to join the premium channel. One convincing reason for this is that the group shares the results of premium-service trades to those in the free channel.

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If you’re subscribed to the free channel of Tugas FX Signals, you’ll not only lack access to signals but also educational content or charts. As a free-channel member of Tugas FX Signals, you may want to have some inkling of the educational content offered in the premium channel. This will likely help you weigh the quality of the content before opting to join the premium channel. Unfortunately, Tugas FX Signals doesn’t allow its free-channel members to have a feel of the offerings in the premium channel before joining.

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8.Forex Signal Solutions

This group backs each of its Forex signals with a chart and this way, those subscribed to the group get to know the rationale behind an associated trade. Forex Signal Solutions offers both free and paid-for channels and it is greatly admired for its provision of free signals. Realistically, these free signals let members in the free channel have a feel of what they will enjoy if subscribed to the premium channel.

The drawbacks associated with Forex Signal Solutions have been identified as inconsistent management and lack of frequency between trades, as experienced by those in the free channel. Some experts believe that the lack of frequency may have resulted from the impression that it is only the group’s premium-channel members that are provided with the best signals.

Inconsistent management, in the second place, looks like a subjective drawback but whichever way, Forex Signal Solutions still remains a great Forex group.

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9.Olymptrade Signals

You’ll not get free signals on Olymptrade Signals but of course, this Forex group will still delight you with its excellent trade setups and valuable charts. This means the group will likely serve you well in the area of educational content.

The charts you’ll find in Olymptrade Signals are detailed and honest, hence giving you inkling of the pair to choose and the best way to trade it.

Although some experts have suggested the provision of more educational content, lack of free signals looks like the only observable downside of Olymptrade Signals.

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10.Ten Times Profit Fix

If you crave Forex trading education, this Telegram Forex group would be a nice fit for you. On the one hand, Ten Times Profit Fix precisely explains trade setups and on the other hand, the group’s chart setups have been considered excellent.

Ten Times Profit Fix is great for trading education simply because it avails you an avenue to learn so that you’re eventually equipped with the requisite skill for successful trading. Prettily, the group achieves this through posting charts that members can analyse.

As a member of Ten Times Profit Fix, you’re free to analyse the group’s charts from your own viewpoint. Depending on whether you’re satisfied with the generated analysis or not, you can follow or reject the group’s trading signal.

Attempting to live up to its name, Ten Times Profit Fix is committed to helping members make “ten times profit”. Presumably, the group hopes to equip members with sound trading education as a precursor to the ten times profit.

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11.SSJ Forex Signals

If you’re damn crazy about getting trading signals on a daily basis, this Telegram Forex group could be the perfect match for you.

SSJ Forex Signals is touted as a volume-centred group because it offers between 4 and 7 signals daily. Constructively, this is considered excessive and some experts have identified it as the reason why the group’s signals will be unavoidably poor in quality.

As SSJ Forex Signals’ team devotes excessive attention to the search for signals, less time is committed to the release of vital charts and other educational material.

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12.The Forex Institute

If you’re such a fastidious trader, The Forex Institute is likely one of the most befitting Telegram groups for you. The only downside about this group is its relative newness in the industry.

The Forex Institute boasts a number of strengths including the provision of reliable technical analysis and the release of top-quality signals. Observably, the rationale behind these quality offerings is that the group is bent on taking Forex to a higher level of professionalism.

Also, traders who are afraid of trading their own money can consider the money management service offered by the Forex Institute. This, presumably, is one of the pointers to the reliability of the Forex Institute.

The Forex Institute is generously consistent as it provides members with 1-2 signals on a daily basis. Despite being a relatively new player in the Forex space, the Forex Institute has shown qualities that augur its capability of standing the test of time.

Find out more about The Forex Institute here

13.Forex Reaper

Forex Reaper is one of the best Telegram Forex groups with lots of excellent qualities. While the group has been criticized for its lack of consistency in the release of signals, it’s very likely that the infrequent release of signals is only observed in the free group. Traders in the premium group may in fact receive signals frequently.

One of the good sides of Forex Reaper is the attachment of vivid trading instructions to its free signals. Such instructions are meant to guide members on what to do as regards trades.

Unlike many of the other Telegram Forex groups, Forex Reaper provides its members with market insights and updates. This provision does not only keep members abreast of market trends but also equips them with the information required for making smart trading decisions.

If you hate to see lots and lots of promotional content while using a Telegram Forex group, you may want to avoid some groups. But prettily, Forex Reaper posts a relatively moderate amount of promotional content so that some members don’t find such content annoying.

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Frankly, all the Telegram Forex groups in the list above do have their pros and cons. It’s therefore advisable that you weigh the pros and cons of a group before choosing it.

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