Top 10 Vacations Spots and Places in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country with many sights to see and things to do. It’s no wonder that Nigerian citizens enjoy traveling abroad, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect spot for a vacation.

Visitors to Nigeria’s most populated city will find a wide selection of destinations for any kind of vacation.

Lagos Mega City

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There is the busy and bustling commercial district with skyscrapers and shopping centers or you can escape into one of the many beaches that line its coastlines. The statehouse and national stadium are also within walking distance in Lagos City.

If you’re looking for the best places for vacation in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll talk about 10 of the most popular destinations as well as why they are so great!

1. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Nestled in the heart of Nigeria’s southeastern region is Obudu Cattle Ranch. This location offers a variety of activities including horseback riding and village visits for those looking to experience traditional Nigerian culture. It also has many nature trails suitable for walking or hiking.

2. Yankari Games Reserve

Home to over 200 species of birds, 15 mammals and a variety of reptiles. Visitors can enjoy game drives or walks through the park’s rainforest while taking in the sights and sounds.

You and your family can enjoy sightseeing several species of wildlife including baboons, hippos, elephants and more at the Yankari Game Reserve.

A visit to Marshall Cave Systems is also a fun experience for children as well as adults!

The Wikki River provides an excellent opportunity to swim outdoors in nature while you’re there.

It’s not just animals that will keep people occupied either – outdoor sports facilities like soccer fields are available too so don’t forget your sneakers with this trip!

The best time of year for traveling here is between December-March when things cool down making daytime temperatures 40 Celsius (approximately 104 Fahrenheit) less hot than during other times of the year.

3. Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Olumo rock is a popular tourist place (located in Abeokuta, Ogun State) to visit with its history, culture, and natural beauty.

Olumo is a huge mass of granite rocks with the highest point on the rock ranges from 137m to 145 meters above sea level and there are several caves situated around it with varying lengths and widths.

It’s an ideal place for family vacations as you can find peace amid serenity amidst its incredible beauty–and even enjoy some adventure among ancient history!

4. Jos Wildlife Park

Jos Wildlife Park is an artificial wildlife park that has different types of plants and picnic sites. There are several wild animals like hippos, buffalos, lions, pigmy horses birds crocodiles pythons, etc in the Jos Wildlife Park.

Children’s playground with games to keep them busy for hours at any time; Video viewing center where you can watch videos about how people live all around the world; Picnic Pine Forest which will provide shade if it’s too hot outside or just wants some peace from your family.

The attractions also have restaurants so guests don’t get hungry along their exploration trip through nature!

5. The Benin City National Museum

The Benin City National Museum is a great place to visit if you are looking for fascinating heritage.

You can learn all about the famous Benin Empire and see some of its most important artefacts up close, like terracotta figures and bronze casts.

This museum is perfect for families on vacation who want an educational experience while traveling!

6. Erin Ijesha Waterfall

This waterfall is a great place for kids to enjoy the outdoors. For a truly refreshing experience, visit Erin Ijesha waterfalls!

If you’re looking for adventure, this natural attraction has plenty of it! There are many nearby places like caves that adventurers will love exploring.”

This natural sauna features seven levels with invigorating freshness. Be sure to bring the whole family while you’re there; it’s an unforgettable time for everyone involved!

It’s also an excellent spot for families who want to relax and cool down with a refreshing swim in its pools.

7. Eleko Beach

This beach is the perfect spot for families who want a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. It has sandy white beaches, clear blue waters, and many activities to enjoy such as fishing or simply soaking up the sun.” “Eleko Beach also features some interesting history if you’re interested in learning about Nigeria’s past.

Eleko Beach is a beautiful, serene, and tranquil public beach that offers a great family hangout in Lagos. There are nice shacks by the seashore for you to relax at while enjoying some of their excellent seafood dishes.

They’re also acclaimed for being one of the most scenic beaches in all of Nigeria because it boasts both its gorgeous landscape as well as sun-dappled water – perfect whether you want to layout or go swimming! It’s best visited with friends and loved ones who will undoubtedly appreciate these aspects.

8. Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Centre is a beautiful sanctuary for wildlife and nature lovers from around the world. It has preserved its natural habitats to be one of many great vacation spots on Lekki Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lekki Conservation Center is a beautiful historical and cultural center that’s just an hour from Lagos. In previous times, the land was used to create rice paddies which were irrigated by a natural spring in the area- but now it has been converted into this lovely park for locals and tourists alike!

9. Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture is a wonderful museum with over 7000 square meters of space. It has been called “Nigeria’s Museum Of Modern Art” and it offers some really amazing exhibitions for the public to enjoy- perfect for anyone who loves culture, art, or history!

10. Agodi Gardens

Beautiful gardens are always great vacation spots because they offer so many different things- like a zoo, conservatory, and restaurant! Agodi Gardens is just one of the most beautiful gardens you’ll ever see.

Terra Kulture is a place where you can go to make your kids learn about different cultures and art of Nigeria. It has crafts from the five Nigerian ethnic groups on display, as well as information for parents who want their children to become more culturally aware.

11. Tafawa Balewa Square

This square in Nigeria was named after Tafawa Baloo who served as Prime Minister for a time. It has been called “the symbolic heart of Lagos” and its “most significant landmark”.

12. National Museum

This is the home to a large collection of Nigerian art, as well as exhibits on regional history. It’s one of Nigeria’s most popular tourist attractions!4

Nigeria’s National Museum is a treasure trove of Nigerian heritage. The museum features interesting displays, such as sculptures and carvings! It also has an impressive collection of art from across Nigeria. One notable exhibit includes the Jemaa Head–a terracotta figure that belongs to the Nok culture.

13. Idanre Hills

The Idanre Hills are known for their beauty and precise architectural design. There is a total of 640 steps needed to reach the top, which has 5 resting spots on the way up. The green vegetation surrounding these hills as well as the crystal clear Arun River will give you bliss with nature when visiting this beautiful place!


It’s not too late for a vacation this year, so take some time and think about which of these Nigerian destinations are calling your name! You can’t go wrong with any one of them – they’re all worth the visit.

Whether it is Lagos or Abuja, there is something for everyone in Nigeria; from beach lovers to adventure seekers, there will be an experience waiting just for you.

We’ll get back to work right away building up our research team so that we can start providing more information tailored specifically toward Nigerians who love their country so much.

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