Top 10 Therapy Careers That May Interest You
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Everyone needs help once in a while and regardless of what their specific problem is, there’s guaranteed to be a therapy specialist available to help.

If you have a passion for assisting other people with the physical, mental, and social issues they may face, then a career in therapy might be for you.

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Here’s a list of the top ten most interesting therapy fields you can pursue.

1.Speech Therapy

Many people have issues with vocalizing either due to developmental problems or injuries. Speech therapists work with patients to help them speak more clearly and with a greater range through muscle exercises and vocalization techniques.

2.Drama Therapy

For those with a flair for emotional expression, drama therapy might be appropriate. These therapists help individuals with behavioral or disability issues by acting with them through various real-life scenarios to improve social skills and emotional responses.

3.Family Therapy

In an ideal world, family dynamics would work perfectly, but the reality is that a great number of families have serious issues. Family therapists help families in need of mediation or communication assistance develop more healthy forms of interaction.

4.Physical Therapy

Physical therapists assist people who lack a full range of motion due to old age, medical conditions, or injuries. They use a variety of tools, techniques, and exercise plans to strengthen whatever muscle groups need to be targeted to help individuals achieve the level of physical ability they’re looking for.

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5.Exercise Therapy

Similar to physical therapy, exercise therapy involves assessing a patient’s individual physical needs and goals to then devise a specified plan to improve physical and mental health. Exercise therapists often work alongside other professionals, such as doctors.

6.Music Therapy

Music has an incredible impact on people’s mindsets and emotions. If you have some musical talent you would like to put to good use, then you can help people through music therapy. Typically, this involves using music as a tool to teach people with social disabilities or change the mood of mentally ill individuals.

7.Occupational Therapy

Using similar techniques to physical therapists, occupational therapists help patients regain the mental or physical functions they require to engage in day-to-day activities. It’s also common for occupational therapists to teach patients how to use certain tools to get around or accomplish tasks.

8.Art Therapy

Art therapists help patients who may have difficulty expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings. Through teaching people how to physically represent what they’re thinking, art can improve people’s coping abilities and mental state considerably.


Hypnotherapists help their patients overcome serious mental blocks they have which cause mental anguish and behavioral issues.


One of the most classic types of therapy careers one can pursue is that of the psychotherapist. Usually, through consistent sessions with patients that involve discussions about trauma, emotional problems, and behavioral issues, psychotherapists can help people overcome their fears and decisions that wreak havoc on their lives.

Getting Started

It’s never too late to start helping people and there are numerous fields of therapy that can be used to improve quality of life.


If you desire to improve people’s lives and have a unique talent, a career in therapy from a reputable place like Best Psychology Degrees might be worth checking out.

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