Tourism, as we know, has always been an experience never to forget, it sometimes sticks as a life-long tale to tell your loved once. Remember those fairy-tale kinds of stories your grandparents would tell you about their youth and experiences? Yeah, that’s sometimes how the tourism experiences feel like.

All of this, of course, can only come to play if the tourism is one well crafted and drafted, from the sometimes unrealistic imaginations to the fun of company from loved ones and most pertinently the most attractive and beautiful places chosen for a visit.

Nigeria for all its shortcomings cannot be denied the clear and obvious possession of some of the best and most beautiful of places in Africa.

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From the times past and to this days, Nigeria continues to boast a plethora of finely crafted and most natural of eye-catching of tourist attractions around West Africa. Indeed all of Africa, some may even argue that it extends across the globe.

With such an enormous amount of tourist centers comes a definite division in choices should one plan to take a tour though.

We will, in this list, try to rank some of these most beautiful places to try and see which beats out in each other in terms of sheer beauty and attraction. So let’s get down to it.

10. Osun Sacred Grove

Osun Sacred Grove

The sacred grove is located just outside Oshogbo, Ogun state. One of the most old fashioned yet of the most magnificent, it is one of the last of a diminishing number of primary high forests in the southern regions of Nigeria.

Some years before independence marked the beginning of the turning away of men from it as civilization started being instilled.

In the year 2005, the Osun Sacred Grove became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has become one of the most widely visited tourist centers in the country with it being one of the oldest venues around.

In August of every year, the Osun-Oshogbo festival is held in its honor and thousands of people come from far and near to grace the event. Such is the grace and glory this place carries.

Its an evergreen forest with places that contains artifacts and symbols of the olden days such as effigies and sculptures that evoke memories and imaginations of the past. It is surely a place and a site to behold.

9. The Idanre Hill

The Idanre hill is located, as the name suggests, in the town of Idanre in Ondo state.

Unlike many other beautiful tourist attractions, the Idanre hill is not a place built with hands or by the mastery of an architect or engineer, it is a naturally endowed location graced with a level of beauty not found in many places.

A landscape that includes many enthusing views such as the thundering water, burial mounds, and the much-hyped and coveted agbooogun footprint.

It stands at a somewhat terrifying 3000ft above sea level and seems a world of its own, with a unique level of agricultural grace.

On arrival, at the entrance of the hill stands one of the most most significant trees in the city called the Iraya Tree. The Iraya Tree is truly a deserving sight to begin a journey into such a glorious hill.

Inside of it is trees and shrubs of varying degrees of uniqueness, the pure green vegetation is a sight to behold. It is a true definition and embodiment of nature’s gentle touch of perfection.

On the 8th day of October 2008, the hill was added to the list of the UNESCO world heritage properties. It has been a major tourist attraction from times past, and truly a visit to the Idanre Hill is like a visit to a wonderland.

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8. Chad Basin National Park

The Chad Basin National Park is a wide landscape located in Borno state. It is one of the oldest places in North-Eastern Nigeria it however only got surveyed in the early 2000s and it’s boundaries well known and defined.

The park is a very beautiful and natural location, mostly used by farmers and the fishermen, which is a testament to its possession of natural bodies such as the green vegetation and a hugely resourceful sea. It carries a tremendous level of naturally engraved beauty.

It possesses lodging provisions, such that visitors need not be in a hurry to leave, it is truly a complete tourist package. It attracts a few hundreds of visitors on an annual basis.

7. The Badagry Slave Route

Badagry Slave Route

The Badagry Slave Route, now a part of Lagos is a place with a long-standing history.

On a strict scale of sheer beauty and elegance, The Badagry Slave Route may not have made this list but with the history, it carries, albeit a sad one, it deserves a mention here as every tourist may want to see what was the fate of our fathers in times past when they were taken for slaves and captives.

Make no mistake though, The Badagry Slave Route carries its own kind of magnificence, a place with as fresh an atmosphere as you’d see anywhere, it indeed does not portray the history in which it is known for.

It consists of five points which served as a transportation route to slaves decades ago. A green and gracious atmosphere capable of evoking thoughts, emotions, and memories, it is indeed a place worth going.

6. Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta in Ogun state. Another place impeccable history, the Olumo Rock has transcended decades and centuries and seen events like the wars of the 19th century where it served as a fortress to those dwelling in its landscape.

It is a great and wonderful sight to see, 100% natural and a very unique place. From the surrounding vegetation to the burgeoning rocks, it’s a wonder.

There’s really not much to be said about this place but one thing is sure, a visit to Olumo Rock always leaves great memories.

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5. Yankari National Reserve

The Yankari National Reserve is a national game reserve located in Bauchi State, Northern region of the country. It is also called the Yankari National Park and it is one of the richest agricultural resorts in Nigeria with varying degrees of green vegetation and flowers.

Created as a game reserve in 1956 but later converted into a national park in 1991 and indeed the biggest national park in the country. It is one of the most popular national parks and as such one of the most visited.

It is very large, covering a whopping 2250km square of land making it a potentially endless tour of remarkable views. It is a testament to its elegance that attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

When tourism in Nigeria comes to heart, it is difficult not to think of the Yankari National Park.

4. Old Oyo National Park

old oyo national park

The Old Oyo National Park is located in the Northern region of Oyo state.

Don’t let the word ‘Old’ deceive you, the National Park is evergreen and looking fresh and as cool as you may like. A naturally endowed landscape with a rich abundance of life stock and wildlife.

Of course, such a place comes a great and interesting history. Indeed the park is named after the ancient capital of the Oyo Empire (Oyo-lle meaning Old Oyo).

Its historical and cultural setting marking it out amongst other places of its kind. One of the oldest yet one of the most coveted places in Oyo state.

The park is 2512 km square making it a near-infinite site to tour, a potentially remarkable and unforgettable one.

When you think about a tourism visit to Oyo state, the Old Oyo National Park just has to be your very first choice.

3. Kajuru Castle

The Kajuru castle is located in Kajuru village of Kaduna State. The erection of the castle was kickstarted in the year 1981 and it took a mammoth eight years to finish.

Such is the complexity of the structure that not even the German expertise which was deployed for the project could raise it any faster as it was declared completed in the year 1989.

Over thirty years on and the magnificence of the structure still lives on. The structure still stands as one of the most beautiful venues in Nigeria. Built and adorned with the very best of building materials such as the granite stones and the turrets.

Inside of it contains lovely views such as the most elegant of flowers and the sea-blue swimming pool, and a stupendously magnificent touch of old fashioned yet classic rural setting that evokes memories and casts at least vague images of the years past.

It has since been privatized and has a capacity of about a hundred and fifty persons.

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It is hardly thinkable that a privately owned resort would carry such magnificence. Located in the highly unique venue of Lekki in Lagos state, it is one of the biggest and most unique private resource centers in Nigeria.

Talk about sheer beauty and grace, there are few others that can boast it as much as The La Campagne Tropicana.

A beach resort with natural freshness and elegance, the sea breeze adding an element of glory, with the naturally engraved trees making the place all the more glorious.

The sea-blue swimming pools offer a great refreshment and are well equipped to accommodate even persons without swimming abilities.

La Campagne Beach Resort is truly a place for all and fully deserves a place in a list like this one.

You could hardly think of a beach resort in Nigeria today without the La Campagne Beach Resort coming to mind. It happens to be one of the finest places in the country today and even across West Africa and probably all of Africa.

Another unique feature of this resort is it’s all-encompassing provisions, with the resort making provision for lodging with rooms and apartments in varying degrees of cost and uniqueness.

1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly and most popularly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in the Obudu Plateau of Cross River state.

To be number one on our list for the top 10 places to visit in Nigeria is never easy. Of course, there would always be an element of controversy given the enormous abundance the country possesses when it comes to tourist attractions.

After much deliberations, the Obudu Mountain Resort takes top spot ans this is as a result of several reasons.

It was kickstarted 9 years before Nigeria gained independence in 1961 and has since gone on to become of the most sought after tourist attractions in the country.

Imagine that sea-green wonderland you always watched in the movies, that could very much be the Obudu Mountain Resort. Terrifically graced with a natural abundance of green vegetation, it’s one hell of a sight to behold.

It is indeed one of the most visited tourist centers in Nigeria, both locally and on the international scenes. That testifies to the amazing nature of the resort, it’s a place any tourist will want to visit.


So there you have it, ten of the best tourist attractions and the best places to visit in Nigeria.

Tourism has grown in relevance over the years with many very curious to explore the hidden beauties of this great nation Nigeria, hence the need for a list like this one cannot be overstated.

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Here is a quick recap of the top 10 best places to visit in Nigeria;

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort
  2. La Campagne Tropicana
  3. Kajuru Castle
  4. Old Oyo National Park
  5. Yankari National Reserve
  6. Olumo Rock
  7. The Badagry Slave Route
  8. Chad Basin National Park
  9. The Idanre Hill
  10. Osun Sacred Grove

It was a really difficult list to make with the abundance of beautiful places this country possesses but ultimately one which had to be made.

Picking ten from a pool of naturally endowed venues that Nigeria possesses was always going to be a stiff task but nevertheless one which needed an answer that was duly provided.

You may very well disagree with one or two of our picks or order of elegance but it’s very OK. Variety, of course, is the spice of life.

Have anything to say? Please, drop them in the comments section below.

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