Top 10 Password Manager For 2020

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Passwords are a way to secure our activities online using either words or numbers or a combination of words, numbers and special characters. They ensure users’ data are protected from attackers. It gets rather stressful trying to memorize a long string of passwords we use to register on multiple platforms. To handle this barrier, password managers were developed to help you keep track of all the passwords stored on multiple platforms. If you are looking for a reliable password manager to use in 2020 then read through this post as we will be discussing the top 10 password manager for 2020. Let us define what a password manager is used for before proceeding to the list.
A password manager is an extension installed on the browser to aid in password generation and memorization. Using a password manager, you don’t need to remember long, strong, unique passwords for every website. The password manager handles that for you and also helps you generate random passwords. 
Top 10 password manager for 2020
The downside to using a password manager is that in the event an attacker gets access to your account, they can see all your passwords because most of these password managers do not encrypt the password. So when someone hacks their system, it affects the entire users.
With that in mind, let’s proceed to the list of the top 10 password managers in 2020.

Top 10 Password Manager for 2020

The list below comprises the best password managers that have been tested and confirmed safe and working in 2020.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane has an attractive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to generate strong passwords and store them securely. Once you save a password, Dashlane auto-fills it whenever you would like it to save lots of time.

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  • It monitors the dark web regularly and sends you personalized alerts if it discovers your data has been leaked or stolen.
  • With Dashlane’s emergency contact feature, you’ll grant account access to someone you recognize and trust. 
  • This password manager offers a free version that limits you to at least one device and allows you to save lots of up to 50 passwords. 
  • Dashlane also features a Premium Plus plan that gives credit monitoring and fraud Insurance. 


  1. Keeper

Keeper is an efficient password manager that targets businesses but also works well as a private password manager. The software has been tested by multiple independent reviewers and confirmed that the Keeper is secure and trustworthy.

  • It makes use of proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture to make sure no one–including Keeper–has access to the private information that you simply store with the password manager.
  • Keeper offers a limited free plan that permits you to use the password manager on one mobile device with a knowledge storage cap of 100MB.


  1. LastPass

LastPass promises to simplify your life, and that’s precisely what it does. The well-designed software works within the background of your device or browser to secure, store, and auto-fill your login information without a hassle.

  • LastPass offers an excellent free version that allows you to sync your information on unlimited devices. When you sign up for a free plan, you also get a 30-day free trial of LastPass Premium.
  • The premium plan also comes with additional features such as secure sharing, emergency access, and priority tech support. 


  1. 1Password

This password manager is a superb choice if your biggest concern is security. 

  • It generates a Secret Key supported your private Master Password to encrypt and authenticate your data. 
  • 1Password features a transparent privacy policy that guarantees your personally identifiable information (PII) isn’t shared with third parties under any circumstances.
  • There is no free version of 1Password, but you’ll use its 30-day free trial to seek out if you wish for the service. You can choose between multiple plans for private and business use.


  1. RoboForm

RoboForm makes it easy for you to log-in with just one click, regardless of what website you’re browsing.

  • Automatically capturing and storing passwords as you browse the net, allowing you to securely access them across all your devices.
  •  It stores your passwords in organized category folders, making them easy to seek out.
  •  PBKDF2 SHA256 protects against the dictionary, brute force and other forms of attacks.
  •  It offers 2FA that supports TOTP-based authentication apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.
  • RoboForm has a free plan and two premium plans for private use.


  1. NordPass

NordPass may be a powerful new password manager from the top-rated VPN provider NordVPN. 

  • It quickly learns your passwords and auto-fills them whenever you need to log in anywhere. It offers secure storage for your private notes and MasterCard information.
  • You can use WordPress for free of charge as long as you would like. 
  •  The premium version gives you the choice to securely share passwords, credit card information, and notes with trusted family, friends, and colleagues. 


  1. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a password manager tool that offers enhanced 2FA and supports biometric identification using your fingerprint on compatible devices.

  • Your passwords are going to be conveniently auto-filled for you, while your master password can only be saved by you and isn’t seen on their servers or devices.
  • Its securely encrypted vault will safely store all of your MasterCard information and sync to all or any of your devices for straightforward one-click checkouts.
  • Sticky Password offers a free and premium plan and therefore the free plan includes a 30-day trial of premium. 


  1. RememBear

Far from being just a cute name, RememBear uses top security measures to stay your passwords secure without compromising convenience.

  • To make sure you’re the sole one which will access your master password, RememBear uses a Secure Remote Password through the
  • A Diffie-hellman key exchange that verifies your password without actually exposing it to an internet connection.
  • RememBear offers a free version that you simply can use on one device and a premium version that will work on all of your devices.


  1. Intuitive Password

Intuitive Password takes the security of its users seriously. 

  • It stores all network data behind layers of firewalls, and access to its databases is strictly controlled by application certificates. 
  • It offers a robust antivirus program that’s regularly updated.
  •  It offers two-factor authentication using the time-based one-time password algorithm TOTP, and a messaging-based one-time password algorithm for SMS.


  1. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce may be a reliable password manager that gives a spread of log-in options with automatic two-factor authentication.

  • You can log-in to the password manager using its unique Selfie 2FA photo recognition, biometric fingerprint recognition, a PIN code, or a standard master password.
  • LogMeOnce offers both free and premium options to users and businesses and has user-friendly browser extensions and native apps.


Password managers have come at the right time considering the increasing threats and hacks occurring each day. The anti-theft app also Helps in securing almost all our activities are performed online, it is important that we have a good password system and password managers help with that. Although some of them are premium products, there can never be a price placed at security. Have you ever used a password manager before? How do you memorize your passwords? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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