Top 10 Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

This article is all about the Top 10 Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria. Lets get started, as it is going to be short list.

Honestly, there are lots of online investment platforms in Nigeria recently, largely due to the increased rate of unemployment and bad government. With investment undeniably a great avenue for wealth acquisition, it is no surprise that online investment platforms now constitute the best online platforms for making money.

Over the years, the above claim has been the case not only in Nigeria but also in many other places of the world. Quite frankly, making money online interests a favorably large population of Nigerians. Therefore, we have come up with the top 10 online investment platforms in Nigeria.

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Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria


PiggyVest is a long-surviving online investment platform launched as far back as 2016. While the platform is well suited for both savings and investment, it is widely used by some Nigerians who cherish the security of their invested funds. Prettily, PiggyVest offers a handful of investment plans including Target Savings, Core Savings, Investify, Flex Dollar and Safe Lock.

You can read more about PiggyVest here and learn  how to join PiggyVest without issues. 


Cowrywise is a well-designed investment platform tailored to the needs of people willing to meet certain financial targets. Courtesy of its simple user-oriented interface, Cowrywise is easy to use by anyone for hitch-free investment and savings. Quite interestingly, Cowrywise has a special investment plan, described as Halal Savings, which is best suited for Muslims who consider it “unislamic” for their savings to yield interests.

Cowrywise has  impressive interest rates, an app, tools & guides, Cowrywise is the smartest way to plan, save & invest. Join them today by clicking here

Recently, Cowrywise introduced the emergency fund plan, kindly learn more about it via the video below;

3.Wema Bank Alat

This online investment platform is based on a referral system, as registered members get rewarded for bringing new people to the platform. In addition to this referral system, Wema Bank Alat offers two categories of savings plans namely group savings plans and personal savings plans.

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This is a decent online investment platform that lets people achieve various purposes including borrowing, investing and savings. On one hand, Riby is widely admired for its seamless investment offers and on the other hand, it has been labeled the best online investment avenue for small businesses, cooperatives and trade groups in Nigeria.

Visit Riby today by visiting here

As one of the best Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria, is indisputably  second to none .With investment undeniably a great avenue for wealth acquisition, it is no surprise that online investment platforms now constitute the best online platforms for making money. is a suitable online investment platform not only for Nigerians but also for prospective investors in other countries. Having said that, the striking aspect of is obviously its suitability for online investment in crucial areas of real estate, mutual funds, bonds, stocks and treasury bills.

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6.FBN Edge

Developed by FBN Quest Asset Management, FBN Edge is specifically targeted at mutual funds investment. As an online investment platform, FBN Edge operates through an app which lets prospective investors create mutual fund accounts and keep tabs on their investments anywhere they are. If you as a Nigerian would like to try out FBN Edge, you can tap into the potential of any of the platform’s plans namely FBN Fixed Income Fund, FBN Money Market Fund and FBN Heritage Fund.

Join FBN Edge by clicking here


This particular online investment platform in Nigeria could be your nicest bet if you’re bent on investing in appliances, domestic items, automobiles or real estate. By and large, Kolopay operates through a mobile application well designed to enable Kolopay users in accomplishing their goals. Notably, Kolopay supports automated savings and it offers an annual interest rate of 10%.

Join Kolopay today by clicking here

8.Thrive Agric

As its name implies, Thrive Agric is an online investment platform best suited for agriculture-related investments. With Thrive Agric, you only need to select your preferred farming plan and thereupon, you put up enough funding for it. Favourably, you’ll have the chance of watching your investment as it advances from the growth stage to the harvest stage. More favourably, your investment will yield an annual return that ranges between 6% and 25%.

How Thrive Agric Works

1.Create an Account
Join one of the  largest community of digital farmers funding farms, empowering farmers and making a profit. Everyone who is interested can easily Sign up using their  respective email to get started.

2.Choose a Farm
After signing in, choose a farm from the available set of farms, select the number of units you would like to fund and proceed to make the payments.
3.Get relevant Updates from ThriveAgric
Once you’ve fully registered, they will be a personalized dashboard for you. On your personalized dashboard, you would get regular realtime updates for farm progress as well as access details of all the farms you have funded till date.
4.Get  Your Returns
Once the harvest is been made and processed,expected returns of proceeds from produce are distributed to all subscribers to a farm. This is done within the stated tenure period.

Join ThriveAgric Today by clicking here


Trove is a great online investment avenue specifically targeted at individuals willing to invest/trade in cryptocurrencies, bonds and stocks in the USA, China and Nigeria. Frankly enough, Trove is excellent for investors who would like to receive professional tips which should enable them to make smart decisions.

JoinTrove today by clicking here

10. PayDay Investor

Developed by ARM, which is one of Nigeria’s high-profile asset management firms, PayDay Investor lets you kick up your online investment with a sum as small as #1000. Quite interestingly, the platform also avails people (such as friends and relatives) the chance of group savings in pursuit of a shared goal.

PayDay Investor Screenshot

Why Invest with PayDay Investor?

  • Better returns
  • Track your interest daily
  • Tax-free Interest/Dividends
  • Invest towards several goals in one place
  • Safe, secure and quick access to your money
  • Experienced investment fund managers

Visit Payday Investor by clicking here



Verily, there are a pretty number of other excellent online investment platforms in Nigeria but the ones discussed in this article are likely the best you can always bank on for fruitful investments.


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