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Looking for the most EXPENSIVE SMARTPHONES to add to your shopping list? However, you must comprehend that the most expensive phone might not necessarily be the best phones.
In most cases fashions and social interaction couple with unnecessary show off are the brain behind this expensive smartphones demand an supply.
Take note that most expensive smartphones can always be resold for the same amount after a given period.
Provided the rules of the guaranteed period has not been broken.You want to acquire an expensive phone today; here is a list of top 10 most expensive smart phones of 2020;

  1. Iphone 11 pro max

The new iphone 11 pro max with triple 12MP ultra wide, wide and telephoto cameras is one of the expensive phones in the world today. They have really amazing features designed by apple to reduce environmental impact.
These features include; arsenic-free display glass, mercury-free display, brominated flame retardant-free, PVC-free, beryllium-free, recyclable stainless steel. The iphone 11 pro max uses a face ID sensor and it has the world most personal and secure mobile operating system IO S13.
The new iphone 11 pro max come in 4 colors and the price ranges from $1,600 to $1,698.

iphone 11 pro max

  1. Samsung galaxy s20 ultra

The new Samsung galaxy s20 ultra is one of the most expensive android smartphones in the market today. It has a 6.9” infinity-0 display screen, it has 108MP high resolution camera, 10x hybrid optic zoom and up to 100x super resolution zoom.
The 8k video snap changes how you capture your pictures and videos; this gives you shots you never thought were possible. This Smartphone has a battery capacity of 5000mAh with 128GB storage capacity and 12GB RAM. The price of this exotic Smartphone ranges from $1,399.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra

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  1. Samsung galaxy note 10 plus

Introducing the amazing Samsung galaxy note 10 plus which comes in lots of amazing colors.Apart from its features, it is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market today. This Smartphone has a 6.8” display screen with a Bluetooth enabled S pen. It has a quad camera which is great for taking live photos and videos.
The Samsung galaxy note 10 plus has 5G with intelligent features such as screen optimizer, shot suggestions and flaw detection. It has a battery capacity of 4300mAh and super fast charging compatible with in-box TA and cable. The price of a Samsung galaxy note 10 plus ranges from $1,099 to $1,199.

samsung galaxy note 10+

  1. Iphone 11

iphone 11 pro

The iphone 11 is another amazing new apple Smartphone is top on the list, it is impossible to take a bad picture with this phone as it possesses a dual camera of 12MP ultra wide and wide. The new ultra wide camera captures four times more scene. It is really fast and has a battery capacity of 3,110mAh with an impressive audio system. It is a top apple seller and it cost US$699-US$849.

  1. Samsung galaxy s10 plus

samsung galaxy s10 plus

Samsung galaxy s10 plus is one of the most expensive android smartphones with the best features. Samsung galaxy s10 plus is one the best android to get in the market today. It is packed with all the best of Samsung features, it is the fastest and well polished Smartphone and it comes in a different design unlike other phones.
It has android 9.0(pie) operating system with 128GB storage capacity. Its battery quality is 4,100mAh and it comes with a triple 16mp ultra wide-angle plus 12MP aperture and 12MP telephoto. The Samsung galaxy s10 plus cost $849 to $999.

  1. Huawie p30 pro

Huawie p30 pro is one of the top 10 most expensive android phones in the world today. It is known for its amazing camera quality which helps you get very great photos. The huawei p30 pro comes with a great quad camera system of 40MP+ 20MP+ 8MP+ ToF and a front camera of 32MP.
It has 6GB/ 8GB RAM, storage capacity of 128GB/256GB/512GB and a battery strength of 4,200mAh. The huawei p30 pro cost $1,599.78.

  1. Google pixel 4

Google pixel 4 is a fast trending phone that is fast rising in the market today. Google pixel phones come out great each, each one appearing better than the last. This particular Smartphone has an intriguing camera capacity and its face lock security is highly effective. It comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB memory storage plus it has a battery capacity of 2800mAh. This phone cost $799 to$899.

  1. One plus 7T pro

This is also a top 10 phone that is well designed with oxygen OS/ android 10 which is great. As an expensive smartphone,this phone has a phenomenal picture quality with triple rear camera of 48MP + 8MP+16MP. It has a long lasting battery of 4,085mAh. It has a RAM of 8GB/12GB and features the QUALCOMM snapdragon which enables it take pictures in motion. It is a top expensive phone and it cost about $923.

oneplus 7T Pro

  1. Samsung galaxy a71

Introducing the new Samsung galaxy a71 which was released earlier in January 2020. This awesome phone comes with lots of amazing features, great battery life of 4500mAh, 6/8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. It also comes with a quad camera of 64MPwide + 12MP ultra wide + 5MP macro+ 5MP depth. It has the QUALCOMM snapdragon chipset and it cost $449.79.

  1. HTC U12 plus

HTC U12 plus

Finally, in our list of the most expensive smartphones in 2020, HTC u12 comes in to take the last spot. The HTC u12 plus is unarguably an expensive gadget and it has lots of amazing features. It features the QUALCOMM snapdragon chipset, 64GB/128GB in-built storage, it can take up to 2TB with SD card, it has a quad camera, dual rear camera of 12MP+ 16MP and a dual front camera of 8MP+ 8MP.The HTC U12 Plus costs $799 or $849.
In conclusion,the above listed  most EXPENSIVE SMARTPHONES are unarguably the best of the best you can find in any online marketplace or online eCommerce shopping sites.
Should you encounter any difficulty in making a perfect choice from the list above, consider getting yourself acclimatized with this top list of online shopping sites in the world or rather this best online shopping site in Nigeria, depending on your location.
Have a great day!


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