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Uyo is not only acclaimed as the capital city of Akwa Ibom but also, the mega city is widely admired for housing majority of Akwa Ibom’s leading luxury centres.
Whether you’re a long-time Uyo resident or a gadabout who can’t do without patronizing relaxation centres, you can always bank on Uyo for the sight of mind-blowing hotels.
Frankly, these hotels have got the state-of-art features, facilities and amenities which will always make your day. Therefore, you should be delighted to find out the top 10 hotels and/or luxury centres in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.
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Monty Suites & Golf

This Uyo-based relaxation centre boasts a decent number of facilities with the most prominent ones being a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant, a bar and an outdoor swimming pool. Interestingly, each unit in Monty Suites & Golf is decently equipped with several ready-to-use amenities including a desk, a shower, a refrigerator, a TV set (with satellite channels), a hairdryer and a kettle.

K-Orbit Hotels & Suites

Some of the amazing features of K-Orbit Hotels & Suites are a bar and a fitness centre. While this hotel’s units are generously packed with air-conditioners, each room also has ready-to-use facilities such as a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV set and a desk.


Just like the other hotels above, ALIZ AMBRUZ HOTEL is one of Uyo’s deluxe hotels with 24-hour free-to-use Wi-Fi. For customers’ optimum pleasure, the hotel boasts great amenities including an infinity pool, an all-year outdoor pool, a table tennis facility and a fitness centre. Quite interestingly, ALIZ AMBRUZ HOTEL allows customers to come in with their pets.

KINIZ Luxury Apartments

Some of the eye-catching features which make this relaxation centre an outstanding place are its open area specialized as kids’ playground, a shared lounge area and its offering of an a la carte breakfast. At KINIZ Luxury Apartments, customers enjoy the use of essential unit facilities including a wardrobe, a fridge, a microwave, a satellite TV, etc.

Fresh Spring Hotels & Towers

At Fresh Spring Hotels & Towers, customers wallow in great pleasure courtesy of the hotel’s state-of-the-art features including a bar, a restaurant and air-conditioned rooms. Some of the added benefits you stand to derive at this hotel are free-to-use WiFi, a responsive 24-hour front desk and free parking for your vehicles.

Economy Lodge

Economy Lodge is described as a 2-star hotel with air-conditioned rooms well decked with flat-screen TVs and wardrobes. Other heart-sweetening benefits this hotel offers are free WiFi, a deluxe swimming pool, a 24-hour front desk, free parking, etc.

Signature by Royalty

This Uyo-based hotel captures the fancies of pleasure lovers courtesy of its array of lovely services including a currency exchange section, a 24-hour front desk, a space for luggage storage, a concierge service, a fitness centre, room service, a bar, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, etc.
Besides packing well-fitted wardrobes and private bathrooms, the rooms at Signature by Royalty come with desks, showers, kettles and flat-screen TVs, amongst other ready-to-use facilities.

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Grace Garden Apartments

This Eket-based luxury centre offers free WiFi, room service and an always-responsive front desk, amongst other top-quality benefits. Also, its air-conditioned rooms house a decent number of amenities including private bathrooms, wardrobes, flat-screen TVs, desks, etc.

Kastrufid Lodge

This is another lovely Uyo luxury site offering a la carte breakfasts to customers. Quite interestingly, Kastrufid Lodge is a luxury centre that packs desirable unit features including desks, air conditioners, flat-screen TVs, etc. Moreover, it offers other much-expected features inclusive of free parking, free-to-use WiFi, a bar and a restaurant.

Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

This top-class hotel, situated in Mbiakong, is one of Uyo’s most cherished luxury centres as it offers a whole lot of eye-catching features including a spa, an outdoor pool, and always-on free WiFi. Besides providing customers with the avenue for extra fun activities such as squash and golfing, Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort boasts well-equipped unit rooms incorporating private bathrooms, air conditioners, flat-screen TVs, etc.


We hope you’ve had an insightful review of Uyo’s top 10 hotels and/or luxury centres. If you’re really keen to have a fun moment during your stay in Uyo, you can always bank on any of these luxury centres to thrill you to the fullest.

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