With an online course being a pleasant avenue for advancing one’s knowledge, individuals keenly interested in the electrical field may want to cash in on online electrical courses.

And because such individuals might not want to pay any penny for this sort of education, we have come up with a well-researched list of the top 10 free online electrical courses with certificates.

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For an electricity enthusiast or anybody willing to advance their knowledge of electrical technology, an online electrical course could be the best avenue for doing so. This is largely due to the associated benefits which include reduced cost and convenient mode of study.

Presumably, nobody will deny the fact that online learning, unlike the traditional mode of learning, guarantees the freedom to learn at one’s convenience. On the one hand, the learner will save him/herself the stress of physical attendance and on the other hand, he/she will spend relatively less time.

Beyond the convenience they offer, online certificate programs are relatively cheap. In fact, some of these programs are completely free and in cases where fees are included, chances are that you’ll spend less than what it costs to complete the same program in the traditional way.

An Overview of the Electrical Profession

The electrical profession is one of the indispensable professions in the modern world. For the fact that electricity is a necessity for every home, it is undeniable that people will continually demand the services of electrical professionals.

Basically, the electrical profession involves the activities of designing, constructing and repairing electrical systems or components. It further entails the construction, management and maintenance of power supply systems.

Professionals in the electrical field include electrical engineers, technicians and technologists. They are responsible for the making and fixing of electrical implements which may include electric switchboards, electric motors, electric transformers, circuit breakers, etc.

Why You Should Enroll in an Online Electrical Course

Lots of homeowners appropriate budgets for the installation of electrical utilities in different parts of their homes. In other cases, offices and other business premises undeniably need electricity and for this reason, people can’t just stop engaging the services of electrical professionals.

In both private and public sectors, there is always a considerable demand for electrical professionals. Such professionals include electricians, electrical specialists and engineers and they may be required to channel electricity from public grids to various households, erect transformers and run maintenance checks on general power supply systems.

Just like other online courses, online electrical courses are considerably worthwhile due to the extensive flexibility they guarantee learners. Reading this post further, you’ll find out some of the best free online electrical courses to study in 2021.

What Are the Top 10 Free Online Electrical Courses to Study in 2021?

Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment –Revised

This online electrical course equips its learners with the foundational knowledge of electrical technology. Specifically, the course teaches accurate interpretation of electrical drawings. The course further acquaints learners with test equipment and essential electrical symbols.

While there are thousands of learners already enrolled for this Alison-provided electrical course, you too can take advantage of free enrolment to take up this course. Interestingly, the course furnishes you with the understanding of lighting, communication, power and various other relevant concepts.

There are 30,000+ enrollees for this online electrical course which not only provides you with the fundamental knowledge of electrical technology but also teaches you the use of essential electrical equipment.

Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses

This electrical course extensively focuses on the practice of battery storage and as such, it takes learners through the understanding of various auspicious battery storage mechanisms. Learners will also be exposed to the various uses of battery storage equipment.

You’ll especially learn more about battery storage equipment as well as their uses in different sectors including transportation, the industry and the power sector. While this EIT InnoEnergy-provided course spans a three-week period, it is a beneficial course that opens learners’ eyes to the workings of battery storage technology as well as the opportunities inherent in this technology.

Importantly, this online battery storage course does come with comprehensive coursework. The core issues the coursework addresses are as follows:

  • Grid scale battery storage application
  • Off-grid battery storage application
  • Battery storage technologies: potentials, limitations and characteristics
  • Application of battery storage in mobility
  • Behind-the-meter battery storage application

Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack Certificate

Here’s an online course that specifically targets individuals interested in becoming skilled construction managers. Provided by the University of Michigan, this course equips you with the knowledge of construction management with special attention on construction accounting and the techniques for project scheduling.

The coursework of this online course is detailed enough to take learners through all they need to become skilled in the aspect of construction management. The coursework addresses several issues as listed below:

  • Techniques that assist in appropriately accounting for the construction projects being executed
  • Understanding of equipment use and how to leverage the appropriate equipment for safety and efficiency in construction management
  • The concept of sustainability in the construction industry and the best approaches to the practice of sustainability in the industry
  • The best approaches for the organization and scheduling of construction projects
  • Understanding the creation, organization and financing of construction projects

Introduction to Electronics

This online electrical course furnishes you with the rudiments of electronic components such as transistors, diodes and operational amplifiers. Meanwhile, Introduction to Electronics is a specialized electrical course provided by Georgia Tech.

Furthermore, the course is an avenue for you to learn the basic operation of electronic circuits under flexible learning circumstances.

While there are over 100,000 people already enrolled for this course, the course comes with comprehensive coursework that exposes learners to the basics of electronics. Some of the issues the coursework addresses are as follows:

  • Understanding the operational amplifier as well as its applications
  • Examination of filter transfer functions
  • Understanding of linear circuit theory and its associated concepts
  • Analysis of diode circuits and understanding how it is done
  • Examining the application of additional operational amplifiers

Energy Production, Distribution & Safety

Provided by the State University New York and the University of Buffalo, this online electrical course focuses on electrical technology with special attention on energy creation, distribution and safety. Therefore, it is a course that equips learners with the understanding of the energy industry, electric power systems and the safety practices for operating in the industry.

To allow learners an understanding of how the energy industry works, this course comprises introductory topics about the industry. The course further familiarizes the learners with the field of electrical engineering and the career opportunities in the field.

If your interest in electrical technology specifically entails understanding energy production and distribution, this online course could be your best bet for acquiring the desired electrical education.

Critical Facility: Power Supply Management

This is another Alison-offered online electrical course and it has amassed as many as 2,450 enrollees. You may want to give this course a shot particularly if you’re keenly interested in learning power distribution and management of power supply systems.

Critical Facility: Power Supply Management is a free-to-access online course that teaches you how to conduct electricity supply and management especially when it pertains to critical equipment.

The course specifically exposes learners to the standardized approaches for the efficient management and maintenance of power supply systems. It further teaches them the appropriate safety measures for the maintenance of these systems.

Solar Energy Basics

Solar Energy Basics is an OpenSunny-provided online course with about 10,000 enrollees. It is one of the free-to-access online electrical courses available on Coursera.

Basically, the course teaches you the rudiments of solar power and through the knowledge the course offers, you’ll develop the ability to install solar panel systems.

This course considerably appeals to beginner learners, thanks to its adoption of easy-to-understand assumptions in educating such learners about system components and functions. Beyond equipping learners with the understanding of solar power and its fundamentals, this course teaches design, sizing, and photovoltaic system integration. People enrolling in the course will also have the understanding of some specialized areas including site assessment coverage.

Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems

This Alison-provided course equips enrollees with profound knowledge of electrical wiring systems with special attention on device boxes, and raceways. It is a free-to-access course with more than 11,000 enrollees.

Being a course that educates you about the components of an electrical wiring system, this course will enable you to appropriately handle the various components of the system.

Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems exposes learners to the procedures and techniques for handling and installing the various constituent parts of an electrical wiring system.

Electrical Transformer Components

Basically, this course educates its enrollees about electrical transformers with special focus on their components and functions. The course is distinguished for its employment of exhaustive 3D models in transmitting knowledge to learners about the composition and workings of electrical transformers.

The knowledge of electrical transformers –entailing the construction and functioning of the transformers –constitutes the vital parts of anyone’s wealth of knowledge in the electrical field. This is because electrical transformers constitute the vital features or parts of an electrical distribution system.

Electrical Transformer Components is one of the Alison-offered electrical courses accessible via Coursera.

Wind Energy

The knowledge offered by this electrical course extensively transcends wind turbine technology, structural mechanics, electrical systems, wind measurements, aerodynamics and so on.

This wind energy course features practical exercises with well-simplified models thereby equipping learners with the ability to carry out wind energy calculations. Lots of people are enrolled in this course which is a proven program for gaining the mastery of wind energy and its peculiarities.

Currently, there are more than 50,000 students enrolled in this free online electrical course.


Online courses with certificates are always a great opportunity to learn at your own pace and eventually obtain your certificate in a relatively short period. Advantageously, the online electrical courses discussed in this post will help you acquire your desired electrical knowledge without costing you a penny.

We strongly believe that this post has helped you find the free online electrical course to enroll in. Do well to learn more about your preferred options among the listed courses before you eventually enroll in any of them.

Nevertheless, all of the listed courses have been found reliable and they offer printable certificates. Also, some of the courses can be found on the popular online learning management resource Coursera.

One of the factors that point to the reliability of the listed online electrical courses is that they are sponsored by reputable sources. Additionally, all of these courses have garnered thousands of enrollees. While the course with the lowest enrolment has up to 2,450 enrollees, there are online electrical courses with more than 50,000 enrollees.


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