Certification in cosmetology or any beauty-related course is a prestigious qualification you might be willing to acquire as a beauty enthusiast. This is because in today’s world, formal certification is undeniably one of the requirements that qualify skilled individuals for positions in relevant industries.

The overriding impression here is that if you want to harness your cosmetics skills in one of the high-class beauty salons out there, you shouldn’t shy away from pursuing certification in cosmetology or beauty therapy.

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With many people gravitating towards beauty specialists for beauty treatments, it isn’t a surprise that the beauty industry continually flourishes immensely. Just as it might interest you to pitch your tent somewhere in the beauty industry, it would be pretty reasonable that you pursue certification in a beauty-related course.

Fortunately, there are a good number of free beauty courses out there with printable certificates.

Are Online Beauty Courses Worth Enrolling In?

Whether online or offline, beauty courses (or beauty training programs) are worthwhile. Meanwhile, anyone fortunate to have seen how dozens and myriads of people –both men and women –die to beautify their appearance will never deny the fact that beauty therapy is a booming industry.

In any country of the world, hundreds of thousands of people throw money into the acquisition of beauty products. In other cases, we see many people trooping to beauticians, cosmetologists and other beauty professionals for one beauty treatment or the other.

The beauty industry has come to stay and presumably, it is certain to further expand in size and profitability every year. Frankly, beauty therapy is a kind of therapy that tends to appeal to people of varying age brackets. For this and certain other reasons, advancing one’s knowledge of cosmetology or beauty therapy should never turn out as a bad idea.

If you’re skeptical about the worthiness of online beauty courses, one thing you need to know is that your chances of making success with such courses are pretty high. This, for a candid reason, is because cosmetology, makeup artistry, beauty therapy and other beauty-specific skills are in high demand.

Just like other online courses, online beauty courses are considerably worthwhile due to the extensive flexibility they guarantee learners. Meanwhile, there are a pretty number of free online beauty courses with printable certificates.

Are There Trusted Universities Offering Online Beauty Courses with Free Certificates?

This is probably one of the questions you may have mused on regarding online beauty courses. Of course, there are many platforms or institutions out there claiming to offer online beauty courses. As you would normally have expected, it is not all of these platforms or institutions that can be trusted.

To ease your access to reliable institutions offering online beauty courses, here is a list of the top 10 universities with beauty courses. (Each of these universities offers free certificates along with the beauty courses)

  • Arkansas Tech University
  • London College of Fashion, UAL
  • Utah State University
  • Lake Area Technical Institute
  • Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  • Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
  • Pamlico Community College
  • Northern Michigan University
  • Trenholm State Community College
  • Eastern Arizona College

Top 10 Free Beauty Courses with Certificates

Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Course

This beauty course is a free program which equips you with the necessary skill for acrylic nail extension. Not only does the course let you study from your comfort zone, it also teaches you maintenance procedures and mixing techniques coupled with the overall process of acrylic nail extension.

If you’re keen to know more about acrylic nail extension, it should interest you that it is a form of nail extension system widely adopted in the UK. Moreover, it allows for hassle-free molding, hence making it possible to achieve the style a client desires for her nails. A pretty exciting plus to this is that the acrylic nail extension system helps spice up the natural texture of the nails.

Whether you want to operate as a professional cosmetician or take up beauty treatment as a pastime, you can count on this online acrylic nail extension course for the required knowledge. Anyone taking this course is certain to enjoy the benefit of learning from experienced tutors.

If you hope to learn fast with this beauty course, you may have to devise a means for practicing on your own. There’s therefore an optional starter kit that you can buy for this purpose.

Makeup Application Training

Makeup artistry is one of the rewarding skills relevant to the beauty industry. A makeup artist could be hired by filmmakers, the theatre and even media houses.

You’ll definitely find this makeup application training course handy for the mastery of makeup application. The course will largely expose you to the practical skills needed for becoming a successful makeup artist. Courtesy of the sellable skills that this makeup application course will instill in you, your services could be needed at photo shoots and fashion shows.

This makeup application course presents you with a certificate and the course is accessible to students of any academic background. The academic requirements that qualify you for enrolment in this course do not go beyond ICT, numeracy, literacy and the understanding of English language. You’ll not be required to tender any pre-acquired academic qualifications before you can enroll in this makeup training course.


Diploma in Beauty Technician –Level 3

This is one of the comprehensive beauty courses that you’ll find handy for becoming a professional in the beauty industry. The course will take you through the understanding of beauty therapy by equipping you with relevant practical and theoretical know-how.

Basically, this level-3 diploma in beauty technician course will show you how to make hairstyles, do eyelash extensions, utilize makeup tools, create makeup kits and perform manicures.

This course, on the one hand, will equip you with the understanding of hairstyling. On the other hand, it will teach you the techniques for giving a variety of beauty treatments. To cap it all, you’ll be taught how to create your own beauty kit. Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a level-3 diploma in beauty technician.

Online Anatomical & Physiological Knowledge of Body Systems Course

This online beauty course is essentially a step towards the completion of advanced training. Foundational knowledge of the human body’s physiology and anatomy will indisputably benefit a professional cosmetician.

With the help of this online course, you’re certain to acquire the requisite anatomical and physiological knowledge that will help you succeed in beauty therapy. Meanwhile, a certification in anatomy and physiology may constitute the qualifications for advancing your training in the field of aesthetics.


Particularly, this online anatomical and physiological course prepares individuals for teacher training in beauty therapy. If you’ve already undergone the practical training you need to work in the beauty industry, you may simply want to supplement your practical exposure with formal theoretical knowledge. In that case, this anatomical/physiological course on body systems could be your best bet for the required theoretical knowledge.

Body Massage Course Online

This is a beauty course that is specifically concerned with the massage aspect of beauty treatment. Basically, the course exposes students to the Swedish massage strategy, making it possible for them to master one of the body massage types in vogue.

It’s noteworthy to learn that this massage course helps you realize how to incorporate industry standards into the practice of body massage. To make you practice body massage appropriately, this course will expose you to safety measures alongside the theoretical knowledge for conducting therapeutic body massages.

Courtesy of its comprehensive practice approach, this body massage course will considerably furnish you with the knowledge you need to appeal to the massaging needs of differing clients. Ranging from the integration of acupressure down to the adoption of industry-specific standards, the benefits of this massage course are really worthwhile.

Diploma in Cosmetology

This is literally one of the most comprehensive beauty courses on this list. It will, in fact, expose you to varying beauty aspects including the techniques for styling hair, the procedures for different beauty treatments and how to perform a quality manicure.

For the most part, this diploma course in cosmetology comprises tests, quizzes, exams and online training modules. It further comes with effective study materials as well as a highly responsive support service that paves the way for learners to achieve their learning goals.

If you’re keen to become a cosmetologist, this diploma course could be your perfect fit for access to up-to-date, accurate and comprehensible information coming from individuals with years of experience in the industry. Although this course is best recommended to individuals willing to become cosmetologists or beauticians, anyone can take the course as a pastime. Presumably, somebody dabbling in this course could be a skincare enthusiast who is only interested in learning how to beautify their own skin.


Diploma in Makeup Artistry

Here’s a diploma course that offers you all you need to acquire the foundational knowledge of makeup artistry. This free beauty course teaches you how to select the appropriate materials that will ultimately result in harmonious and excellent makeup works.

Broadly, this diploma course in makeup artistry is composed of excellent topics that will aid your mastery of makeup use. You’ll be taught eye, face and beauty makeup alongside the application of brushwork and makeup tools.

This course is further composed of assessment questions as well as images designed to facilitate learners’ mastery of makeup artistry.

Online Bridal & Special Occasion Hair Training Course

Whether you intend to be a professional hairstylist or wish to add hairstyling to your wealth of beauty-specific skills, you can expect to make success with this online course.

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This online course –for bridal and special occasion hair –exposes you to the techniques for creating tight curls as well as differing styling methods. Enrolling in this course will enable you to learn the specialized skill for styling hair for bridal and special occasion purposes.

The theoretical knowledge this course offers, coupled with the video tutorials provided, should ease a learner’s attempt at learning how to create various specialized hairstyles. Interestingly, this hair training course follows industry-specific standards in teaching the practice of hairstyling.

One of the exciting benefits of this hair training course is that you can comfortably leverage it for learning how to make trendy hairstyles. You’ll also stand the chance to learn myriads of hairstyles including simple and advanced hairstyles.

Safety is an essential thing to incorporate into the practice of hairstyling. Therefore, this beauty course not only teaches you how to make hair for wedding and other special functions, it also shows you how to appropriately use straighteners and other styling implements.


Online Brow Lamination Course

Trendiness is one of the features that spice up the beauty industry and that’s just why this online brow lamination course is here to expose interested learners to one of the beauty treatments in vogue.

Basically, this course equips you with the skill for beautifying the eyebrows through shaping, laminating and tinting. There are people out there willing to incorporate eyebrow treatment into their beauty regimen. Hence, enrolling in this online brow lamination course could be your gateway to the mastery of a highly sought-after skill.

Beneficially, this course is packed with video tutorials and exhaustive materials that will readily aid learning, making it possible for you to attain your goal(s) at the end of the training.

Brow Shaping & Brow and Eyelash Tinting Course Online

Eyebrow treatment (entailing tinting and shaping) is really a popular form of beautification. Whether you intend to become a professional eyebrow beautician or learn eyebrow treatment for fun, you can count on this brow shaping and eyelash tinting course for the needed knowledge.

This course will equip you with the safe techniques for eyebrow tinting as well as how to use tweezers for eyebrow shaping. You’ll find this course worthwhile as it complies with industry-specific standards in transmitting the skills for eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping to learners.

Many people –inclusive of men and women of varying age brackets –are increasingly interested in treating their eyelashes and eyebrows. There’s therefore no denying that mastering eyebrow/eyelash treatment could help transform you into a professional in the beauty profession.


There is a high likelihood that you’ll make success with some or all of the free beauty courses discussed in this post. Do well to find out what each of the courses entails so that you can eventually make the perfect choice for yourself.


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