With FMCG being an acronym for fast-moving consumer goods, it is unarguable that FMCG companies in Nigeria contribute significantly to the growth of consumer markets across the country.

Beyond the fact that they contribute the third-largest portion to Nigeria’s GDP, FMCG companies are very important as their products constitute the basic necessities that consumers use daily.

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Ranging from dairy products down to over-the-counter drugs and beverages, the products of FMCG companies will continually increase in demand among the vast majority of consumers.

FMCG companies abound in Nigeria but majority of the relatively new ones are no match for those dominating the rank of Top 10 FMCG Companies in the country. Nigerian Breweries PLC is, by and large, the most prominent FMCG company in Nigeria. But as you’ll ultimately find out in this post, there are several other outstanding and widely acclaimed consumer goods giants in the country. While few of these FMCG companies are mostly known for certain products, many others bill themselves as conglomerates, meaning they run several subsidiaries with diverse products.

Finally, here is our well-researched list of the top 10 FMCG companies in Nigeria with detailed information on what you should know about them.

What is an FMCG Company?

1.Nigerian Breweries Limited

Arguably, this is the most popular FMCG company in Nigeria. The consumer goods company is currently registered as Nigeria Breweries PLC. However, it was operated under the name “Nigerian Breweries Limited” prior to the promulgation of the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990.

Besides being one of the longest-serving FMCG companies in Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries Limited is the pioneer company in Nigeria’s brewing industry. With nine functional branches across Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries Limited has been able to distribute its top-quality products to a large population of consumers in the country.

Not only does Nigerian Breweries Limited operate successfully in Nigeria, the brewery giant also distributes its products to other African markets. Incorporated in 1946, the remarkable brewery outfit is known for its array of quality products namely Gulder, Legend Extra Stout, Star, Heineken, Goldberg, Fayrouz, Amstel Malt, Malt and Climax herbal energy drink.

2.Unilever Nigeria PLC

Unilever Nigeria PLC comes into the spotlight as Nigeria’s second-biggest FMCG company just behind first-placed Nigerian Breweries Limited. The consumer goods outfit is also considered one of Nigeria’s longest-existing FMCG companies.

Unilever Nigeria PLC operates beyond the Nigerian market and in fact, it occupies a position among the world’s best consumer goods companies. Established as far back as 1923, Unilever Nigeria PLC is a manufacturing and distributing company with a diversified focus that spans foods (such as savoury, spreads and tea), home and personal care products, food ingredients, etc.

Remarkably, Unilever PLC is a conglomerate with a vast number of international brands namely Close-up, Omo multi-active detergent, Lifebuoy soap, Vaseline petroleum jelly, Royco, LUX soap, Lipton, Rexona, Pepsodent toothpaste, Sunlight dishwashing liquid, Blue band margarine, Knorr bouillon cubes, etc.

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In terms of personal care products, Unilever Nigeria PLC churns out such products as water purifiers, household cleaning products and fabric care.

3.Nestle Nigeria PLC

Established in 1961, Nestle Nigeria PLC is a subsidiary of Nestle S.S of Switzerland. Being one of Africa’s biggest and longest-serving foods and beverage companies, Nestle Nigeria PLC deserves a place on this list.

Nestle Nigeria PLC, which is headquartered in Lagos, maintains branches as well as three manufacturing sites, with its major Nigerian factory situated in Ogun State. Ever since it began operating, Nestle Nigeria PLC has vastly contributed to the production of qualitative and nutritious products including chocolate, coffee, confectionery, dairy, maggi food seasoning, Golden Morn, Milo, baby foods, breakfast cereals, Nescafe, bottled water and so on.

Billed as a publicly listed outfit concerned with foods and beverages, Nestle Nigeria PLC is undeniably an acclaimed FMCG that contributes to the promotion of good life and qualitative living of its vast population of consumers.

4.Dangote Group

Dangote Group is an FMCG company that caters to the Nigerian market and several other African markets. Founded as far back as 1978, the FMCG company is a conglomerate concerned with a number of products including pasta, beverages, flour, noodles, salt, cement and sugar.

Over the years, Dangote Group, through its cement-producing subsidiary, has remained the most-patronized cement company in Nigeria. In fact, many Nigerians are usually quick to stereotype Dangote Group as a cement-only company whereas in reality, the group has several other interests.

Dangote Group is basically a consumer goods company but it’s quite fascinating that the group operates beyond the consumer goods industry, especially with interests in oil & gas, real estate, steel, telecommunications, fertilizers and petrochemicals.

In the Nigerian Stock Exchange market, Dangote Group maintains four registered subsidiaries namely NASCON Allied Industries, Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC, Dangote Flour Mills PLC and Dangote Cement PLC.

The group, whose operations span more than 15 African countries, is highly lauded for its commitment to the delivery of valuable products that serve the consumption needs of local people. Just like the other FMCG companies, Dangote Group contributes immensely to the employment of labour in the African countries where it operates.

5.Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC

Previously under the name “West Africa Milk Company Nigeria PLC” (WAMCO), Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC is a dairy-focused FMCG company with its headquarters in Lagos.

The company, which began serving the Nigerian market in 1975, bills itself as a subsidiary of Royal Friesland Foods of the Netherlands. Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC is an acclaimed manufacturer and distributor of dairy products to Nigerian consumers, thanks to the company’s range of operating centres.

Some of the FMCG company’s notable products include milk powder, whey derivatives, cheese, peaks, ready-to-consume milk, butter, condensed milk, baby foods, coffee enrichers, Frisco and three crowns.

Outside its fame as a consumer goods company, Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC has been described as the leading manufacturer of dairy products in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1973, WAMCO Nigeria PLC deals out a broad variety of fruit-flavoured drinks and dairy products to the Nigerian market.

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6.Pz Cussons

Pz Cussons is an FMCG company with special focus on healthcare products. The company is widely acclaimed for its dynamic, creative and innovative exploits in the production and distribution of quality healthcare products to consumers across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Pz Cussons, which was established in 1829, has constantly delivered quality products, hence earning itself credit as an acclaimed international consumer goods company. The FMCG company has churned out some of the best-selling consumer goods –especially healthcare products –within and beyond Nigeria. Some of the company’s notable products include imperial leather soaps, Venus, toiletries, gels, detergents, shampoos, Baby Cussons, olive oil, milk and Robb.

Although Pz Cussons manufactures a good deal of products, the company’s major brand is concerned with a vast array of cosmetic products and imperial leather soaps.

The FMCG company maintains a huge presence in Lagos where its joint-venture store is situated. Not only is Pz Cussons a remarkable international consumer goods company, it’s also one of the leading FMCG companies in Nigeria.

7.Flour Mills Nigeria

Flour Mills Nigeria is the acclaimed manufacturer of golden penny flour which is undeniably one of the most-consumed flour products in Nigeria. The consumer goods company, which has been serving the Nigerian market for over 50 years, maintains other interests cutting across livestock feed, pasta production and agriculture.

Flour Mills Nigeria is highly determined to push up its ante among Nigeria’s leading FMCG. It is, therefore, unsurprising that the company has diversified into other products, as an addition to its mainstream flour production.

As an operative conglomerate, Flour Mills runs several subsidiaries namely Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills, Golden Noodles, Golden Shipping, Golden Sugar, Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Company, Golden Pasta, Niger Mills, Northern Nigeria Flour Mills and Apapa Bulk Terminal.

Obviously, Flour Mills Nigeria maintains an integrated operational model, making it one of Nigeria’s FMCG companies that have contributed to consumers’ wellbeing in no small measure.

In 1978, Flour Mills Nigeria was licensed to operate as a public limited liability company but records show that the FMCG outfit was actually incorporated as a private limited liability company in the early 1960s.

8.Vital Products PLC

Vital Products PLC is a Nigerian household brand that has withstood the test of time. Besides accounting for a reasonable portion of market share in the Nigerian FMCG industry, Vital Products PLC has constantly dished out quality products to its huge population of Nigerian consumers.

Thanks to its diversified mode of operation, Vital Products PLC has been able to constantly manufacture and distribute a considerable range of consumer products including alcohol-free beverages, fruit juice, seasonings, spreads and tomato pastes.

Vital Products PLC is also known for catering to the pharmaceutical needs of the Nigerian market. In fact, records show that the FMCG company began its operation with the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.


Over the years, Vital Products PLC has strengthened its footing as a consumer goods outfit with focus on pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

9.Chi Limited

Chi Limited is a subset of the Coca-Cola Company and it maintains a strong footing as the leading FMCG company in the Nigerian market for alcohol-free beverages such as fruit drinks, yogurts and fruit juices.

Incorporated in 1980, Chi Limited operates as a manufacturer of multiple beverage products including dairy products, fruit juices and fruit drinks. While the company also produces snacks, it has been described as a consumer goods company with health-enhancing products that appeal to varying consumers.

Chi Limited –through its dairy products and fruit-based goods –caters to the nutritional needs of men, women, kids and the aged.

10.Dufil Prima Foods

Dufil Prima Foods is most notable as the pioneer manufacturer of instant noodles in Nigeria.

Dufil Prima Foods may not command the sort of fame evident in some of the other FMCG companies on this list but in reality, it has struck a huge landmark with its introduction of Indomie. Notably, the company blazed the trail of instant noodles in Nigeria having introduced Indomie in 1995.

Dufil Prima Foods is said to have undergone a significant restructuring following which it merged with De United Foods Industries PLC and became a holding company of the latter. The FMCG company, which presently runs two factories, is considered a merger between the Salim Group of Indomie and the Tolaram Group.

According to reports, the merger was triggered by the hike in demand for the company’s products by Nigerian and foreign consumers. While Indomie remains Dufil Prima Foods’ notable brand, the holding FMCG company is aimed at the production and distribution of quality products to the Nigerian market. Interestingly, the company’s plants are considered the largest among similar plants in both Africa and Nigeria.


There are other notable companies in the Nigerian fast-moving consumer goods industry. But based on our well-conducted findings, the listed ones are the leading players in the industry not only because they have withstood the test of time but also because their quality products have constantly enhanced the wellbeing of consumers.

Here comes the full list listed and highlighted above;

  1. Nigerian Breweries Limited
  2. 2.Unilever Nigeria PLC
  3. Nestle Nigeria PLC
  4. Dangote Group
  5. Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC
  6. Pz Cussons
  7. Flour Mills Nigeria
  8. Vital Products PLC
  9. Chi Limited
  10. Dufil Prima Foods



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