Delivery (or logistics) business is making impressive waves in Nigeria and other places of the world. This is because it is one business that several other businesses rely on for the distribution of items –goods, parcels, etc., –to final consumers. In particular, e-commerce is an industry that depends on courier services for the delivery of items (already ordered online) to customers.

With authoritative bodies projecting remarkable growth for the Nigerian e-commerce industry, it is highly predictable that delivery business will be positively affected in the country. If you need a better definition for the latter statement, you should like to know that sellers on Konga, Ali Express, Jumia and other popular e-commerce stores engage the services of logistics operators in delivering goods to buyers. These logistics operators are independent channels and alternatively, they are the courier companies with cargo bikes, vans or other kinds of vehicles designed for delivering items to people.

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With courier service companies springing out of almost every cranny and nook of Nigeria, it is indisputable that delivery business has become a thriving industry in the country. Despite that delivery companies abound in Nigeria, you could be clueless as regards filtering out the best options from the country’s crowd of logistics operators.

Undeniably, Nigeria is home to myriads of courier service companies including the ones that have made their mark in the business and those still struggling to find their bearings. If you’re a Nigerian merchant who cherishes having their packages delivered quickly and in good condition, chances are that you’ll want to find out the best courier service companies in Nigeria.

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We have painstakingly researched about the trusted courier operators in Nigeria and based on our findings, we can assure you that there are high-profile and ever-dependable delivery companies in the country. Finally, here is our list of top 10 courier service companies in Nigeria (these companies are arranged in no particular order):

1.FedEX Nigeria

FedEX Nigeria has undeniably cemented its position among the leading courier services in Nigeria. Again and again, FedEX has proven to be one of the most reliable companies for the delivery of parcels and commodities to any destination in Nigeria. FedEX is also touted as one of the most expeditious services for the delivery of items in the country.

With service presence in more than 200 countries, FedEX is definitely a robust delivery company giving many competitors a run for their money. Not only has it recorded impressive growth, FedEX Nigeria has also entrenched itself among the most operative courier service companies in Nigeria.

Courtesy of its highly operative website, FedEX literally brings services to the fingertips of clients. The website has been praised for its amazing functionality as well as its tracking feature which lets you keep tabs on your item during delivery.

FedEX further allows you to create an account through which you can better enjoy what the courier service company has got to offer you. To get started with FedEX as your choice of courier service company in Nigeria, you can head over to FedEX’s website via the link

2.DHL Nigeria

For some people, DHL Nigeria is the best delivery company in Nigeria and quite interestingly, the courier service company has consistently lived up to people’s expectations. With DHL being the world’s leading logistic company, it is unsurprising that DHL Nigeria maintains relevance as the best courier service company in Nigeria.

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DHL is a long-existing courier service company established in 1969 by the trio of Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn and Larry Hillblom. Like FedEX, DHL maintains vast service coverage, courtesy of its ability to deliver items to more than 200 countries.

DHL offers a pretty range of services which include Freight Shipping, Solutions & Special Expertise, and Parcel & Document Shipping. Moreover, DHL offers ease of service access through the DHL website where clients can create accounts, book online and track their items during delivery.

You can always bank on DHL for shipping purposes within and beyond the confines of Nigeria. Most interestingly, DHL is the most popular courier service company in the country.

3.Zenith Cartex International Limited

Zenith Cartex International Limited was established in 2002 and over its years of operation, it has garnered recognition as a reliable delivery company in Nigeria. Although not as popular as DHL and FedEX, the delivery company has successfully cemented its footing with a total of 40 branches and 750 employees. The company’s branches are spread across Nigeria.

Zenith Cartex ships items within and outside Nigeria and its services transcend Haulage & Transportation, Cargo, Shipping Agency, Clearing & Global Freight, and Courier and Parcel. Interestingly, Zenith Cartex has been lauded for its boast of qualified and courteous personnel who attend to clients at the company’s offices.

The website of Zenith Cartex International Limited can be reached via the link This website works in a much similar way to how the websites of the other top delivery companies enable clients to track parcels and goods.

4.United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service is another courier service company with wide-ranging service coverage. With service presence in more than 200 countries, UPS certainly has the ability to deliver its clients’ packages to almost any destination in the world.

UPS sits comfortably among the world’s leading companies for postal and courier services. Over the years, the impressive growth of UPS has been attributed to the company’s assurance of swift delivery and optimum safety for packages delivered.

Just like the other top courier companies, UPS makes it convenient for clients to access its services via a website. This way, the clients can create accounts as well as keep track of packages to be delivered to them.

UPS can deliver packages –goods and parcels inclusive –via different means such as the ocean, the roads, the air and the rails. With over 490, 000 employees under its belt, UPS is clearly one of the largest courier service companies in the world. Without any doubt, the courier operator is a trusted company for shipping items within and beyond Nigeria.

5.ABC Cargo Express

ABC Cargo Express is one of the Nigerian delivery companies you can bank on to deliver packages to your doorstep. Interestingly, the company renders both Door Delivery and Pick Up services with its operation spanning major Nigerian locations –Benin, Lagos, Uyo, Onitsha, Awka, Kaduna, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Kano.

The service coverage of ABC Cargo Express further spans some foreign locations –Lome, Cotonou and Ghana. You can count on this delivery company for your express delivery of packages to any of the mentioned foreign locations.


ABC Cargo Express has been labeled an effective company for expeditious delivery of packages within Nigeria. In fact, it’s a delivery company that translates your dream of “doorstep” delivery into reality. The website of ABC Cargo Express is reachable via

6. Red Star Express

Red Star Express is a logistic company with a reckonable track record in the offering of services which include Warehousing and E-Commerce Solutions, Information and Document Management, and Freight Forwarding.

In terms of reliability and express delivery of packages, Red Star Express is considered one of the notable Nigerian courier service companies. The company’s website can be accessed via the link As is expected from the website of a logistic company, Red Star’s website is a user-oriented platform for running an account and monitoring goods or items being shipped. You can as well use the website in setting up a live chat with one of the company’s team members.

A large number of merchants and entrepreneurs consistently look the way of Red Star Express for swift delivery of items within and outside Nigeria. Such merchants and entrepreneurs probably cherish the reliability and swiftness that Red Star Express offers. The logistic firm undisputedly fits into the class of the most trusted courier service companies in Nigeria.

7.AB Logistics

AB Logistics is a reliable delivery company with an easy-to-use online platform. You can count on AB Logistics to help ship both minute and voluminous items to destinations within and outside Nigeria.

Some of AB Logistics’ impressive sides include the availability of tracking services and the guarantee of affordable prices. Also impressive is the fact that AB Logistics can deliver packages to all of the 36 states in Nigeria.

Although AB Logistics guarantees inexpensive prices, the logistic company may charge extra fees for “high-value” items such as cameras, tablet devices, PlayStation consoles, laptops, etc. Such extra fees are intended to cover insurance for the items.

Moreover, AB Logistics boasts an on-site calculator feature which saves customers the need to make contact physically or on phone before they can figure out their delivery fees. How the calculator feature works is that it lets you estimate the cost of delivery by specifying your pickup state, the delivery state and the weight of the item. This calculator feature is available on the website of AB Logistics. To access the website, click the link

With AB Logistics having cemented its place as a company with efficient delivery services to any Nigerian location, it’s beyond doubt that the company deserves a spot among Nigeria’s leading courier operators.

8.GIG Logistics and Transportation

This logistic company has firmly registered its name among the courier operators making excellent waves in Nigeria. Courtesy of its innovative and effective approach to the delivery of clients’ packages, GIG Logistics has been able to win the hearts of many people within and outside Nigeria. GIG Logistics’ service centres can now be found not only in Nigeria but also in the U.S and Ghana.

GIG Logistics, which started operation in 2012, aims to become a global courier servicer while still plying excellent delivery service in Nigeria. The website of the logistic company can be reached via the link


9.EMS SpeedPost

Officially, EMS SpeedPost is touted as the courier wing of the Nigerian Postal Service. EMS SpeedPost may not have attracted the sort of acclaim that we know DHL and FedEX for but undisputedly, the courier service company is admired for its low cost.

The service coverage of EMS SpeedPost transcends territories within and beyond Nigeria. Particularly, EMS SpeedPost can deliver packages to some of Nigeria’s major airport cities –including Calabar, Benin, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Enugu –within six hours.

EMS SpeedPost plies its courier business on the backbone of a pretty array of services including Intra City Service, Expedited Mail Services, Prepaid, Speed Post Economy and Airpost Express Service. The website of EMS SpeedPost can be accessed via the link

10.Tranex Logistics and Courier Service Company

Tranex remains the favourite of some merchants in Nigeria not only because it guarantees swift delivery but also because the company has been in operation for a considerable number of years.

Tranex, which formerly operated under the trade name “TNT Skypak Nigeria Limited”, was founded in 1984. In 1992, the logistic company transitioned to the name “Trans-nationwide Express Plc”.

With Tranex being your preferred courier company, it becomes a lot easy to have your package delivered to any location in Nigeria. This may be due to the fact that Tranex not only operates in Nigeria but also, it is one of the country’s indigenous courier service companies. Beyond that, Tranex is distinguished as one of the few Nigerian logistic companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Other reasons for which Tranex may be paraded as a reliable courier service company include the boast of dedicated staff and the adoption of the technological means (an official website) which enables clients to track the packages in shipment. The website of Tranex can be accessed via Although mostly known for its widespread delivery services across Nigeria, Tranex further delivers packages to foreign destinations.



Note that we didn’t list the provided courier service companies in any particular order. While all of the listed companies definitely have good reputations, we urge you to find out more about them before finally picking the one to do business with.

For more convenient access to the companies, you may consider downloading their mobile apps from Google Play Store or your phone’s dedicated app store. If a courier company’s website isn’t just enough for you to seamlessly access the company’s services, using the company’s mobile app might be your best bet.

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