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Searching for Anti-theft apps? The days of loosing phones are over. There are certain tracking apps that are built for your Smartphone to help you recover if stolen.
There are so many anti theft option available for you to install on your android devices.To mention a few is a list of 10 popular and reliable anti Theft app you CSB try out.

1 Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is a very protective app for your phones. This anti theft app is rated best for Android. It is easy to use and works accurately as a tracker and lock for your stolen device.

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By using this app, you are able to track through map, the last location your phone was used. It also locks your phone until the device is tracked eventually.

2 Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner

This is one the commonly used anti theft app you can try out on your Android Smartphone. This app has a window and IOS version as well. Effectively, it has multiple functions of protecting your device from external theft and internal virus.

This app act as a cleaner for your device and so far has been highly rated as the best security app you can have on you device.

Some of its features are;

  • Virus scanner
  • Call blocker
  • App locker
  • Photo vault
  • VPN
  • Alarms
  • Map
  • Remote controls.

3 Anti-Theft Alarm

Funny as it may seem, this app is top notch when it comes to securing your device. It works magical and totally ruins your device when stolen.

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The best part is that, when you have this app on your phone and accurately set its features perfectly, stealing your phone is like a total waste of time because the device automatically makes alarm when charged or location changes, making it difficult for anyone with your device to enjoy it.

4 Where’s My Droid

This is another great app with very interesting features that can help you find your missing device easily.

Some of its features are;

  • find the phone by making it ring/vibrate
  • find phone using GPS
  • GPS flare
  • Remotely lock device
  • Remotely wipe data

“Where’s My Droid”is a perfect option for “Google’s Find My Phone”. They function similarly and makes it easy for you to track your device.

5 Mobile Security

This is the best I have used. The mobile security has multiple functions. Apart from protecting your device, it is a great storage app for you files (especially confidential file).

It is also a great hiding device for you device. With its encrypted function, you can save anything.

Anti-theft features

  • device locking
  • location tracking
  • Remotely wipe data, etc.

6 Cerberus Phone Security

This app is also a highly recommended app for all. The Cerberus Phone Security is a great Anti-Theft detector app with 100% security and protective assurance.

The app helps you recover your misplaced, lost or stolen device. The app also help has features that makes recovery easy. Some of these features are a remote control option which makes controlling lock on your device easy.

Also, it also has an alarm feature that when stolen, phone starts making a loud alarm, display a message, etc.

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7 CrookCatcher

Wow! This is simply the best anti theft app you can try. Do u wonder why? The CrookCatcher is a very fast app for all.

After installing the app, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that when your device gets stolen, the security app works especially when the thief trys to either log in or unlock code with the wrong pin. The security app snaps the theft’s face and automatically sends it to your email displaying every detail including GPS tracker and more.

8 Prey Anti Theft

Just like the crookcatcher, Prey Anti Theft makes recovering your stolen phone easy. It takes pictures from your stolen device just like the crookcatcher and sends it to your email. Also, you can track the GPS location of your device just by installing the anti theft app.

9 Anti Theft Security

Although this app is not too popular it has been testified to be one of the best as well.

What can you do with this app?

  • locate lost Smartphone using SMS
  • remotely lock the phone
  • Take a selfie of the thief.
  • it has a smart SOS distress mode which automatically alerts the preset contacts.

10 Pocket Sense

With this app, there is no need to fear pick pocket any more. Firstly, when your device is fully installed, it ward off pickpocket as the app has amazing features that makes a loud sound notifying you that your phone is about to be hijacked.The Google app also has other features like Charge sense mode, motion sense mode, etc.

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These apps are some of the best apps to use on your device. Every of the listed devices here have it feature respectively but are all aimed at helping you recover your phone

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