Top 10 Back to School Gadgets Everyone Should Have

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Back to School Gadgets is a must have for all students  planning on performing high in their studies. School is a place of learning new skills, knowledge and ideas. Each semester comes with its own trend and challenges .There are lots of modern gadgets, technologically created to give you a fun fill school experience this year.
It is always good to be fully prepared for the new semester; here is a list of top 10 gadgets that would help make this semester better than the previous one;

  1. Rocket book wave

Top 10 Back to School Gadgets Everyone Should Have
The rocket book wave is a back to school gadget that comes really handy and helpful. With the rocket book wave, it has never been so easy and convenient to store and share notes on your phone. Unlike your common notebook that you use and dispose once it’s full, the rocket book can be reused for up to 5 times.
The FriXion pen comes with an eraser that makes it easy to erase the old notes or you can microwave it. To use the microwave to erase, you put your rocket book in the microwave and place a coffee mug on the wave symbol. Pour in three-quarter water into the cup, and then wait for it to disappear. Now you can cool it and begin using your rocket book again. It has a user friendly rocket book app which allows you transfer notes to your phone.

  1. XD Design Bobby back pack

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The XD Design bobby original anti-theft back pack has amazing newly improved features like hidden zippers and pockets, it is cut proof, it comes with an integrated USB charging port, it is a water repellent fabric and it comes with illuminating safety stripes. It also has shock-proof compartments that can fit in a 10” tablet and a 15.6” laptop. With the bobby back pack, you don’t need to worry about theft because all you things are secure. It is the perfect back to school back pack.
3 .Smart watch
Smart watch-Back to chool gadgets
If you are an apple or android user, a smart watch is what you need to keep your lifestyle in check. It is very compatible and portable. It can be connected to your Smartphone using Bluetooth and it us efficient for making and receiving calls, listening to music, it can also be used to keep your health in check.  In case of accident or illness, it sends a signal to someone or the police for medical intervention. This device comes in handy when going to school.

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  1. Bluetooth tracker

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A Bluetooth tracker is a must have device for school. It is a smart small device that is attachable to your personal things to enable you find them when they get missing. This gadget is connected to your phone using Bluetooth, so you get a notification on your phone whenever your belongings get lost and you can locate them easily with the tracker. This gadget comes in handy when going back to school.

  1. Kindle paper white E-reader

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The kindle paper white E-reader is more durable, ultimately the best and it’s fully water proof. It is a perfect gadget for a back to school portfolio. It comes with a base storage from 4GB – 8GB, it has Bluetooth audio for audio book. Its portable and fully waterproof nature makes it easy to read anywhere including while taking a shower. The latest version of kindle paper white e-reader is best in class reader experience.

  1. Echo Smart pen

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A smart pen which is also known as a digital pen is a gadget used to capture the handwriting of a user and converts it into digital data; this enables the data to be utilized in various applications. The echo smart pen gives you the ability to do more with just one device. It gives digital life to your words; it has an infrared camera, an inbuilt microphone and speaker. The echo smart pen is a linking bridge between ink and digital.

  1. Bluetooth speaker

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A Bluetooth speaker also comes in handy for students that love music. This gadget allows you play songs from your phone through the speaker using Bluetooth. It is pocket friendly and it is really easy to connect, turn on the Bluetooth speaker by switching the power on then turn on your phone Bluetooth and you have the music buzzing in no time. Get yourself a Bluetooth speaker and listen to all your favorite jams this semester.

  1. 2-in-1 laptop

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As a student, get yourself acquitted with the 2-in-1 laptop which is known for its dual usage. It is detachable and it comes in handy. You can conveniently use it as a tablet of a laptop, so you can always view the content and access its functions however you like.

  1. Smartphone charger

Image result for Smartphone charger
During classes, there are lots of tasks performed with your Smartphone task like researches, social media and so on. During this period your phone battery is likely to get drained during the school day. It is advisable to always go with a portable Smartphone charger. They come in different versions and pattern and they come in handy in school.

  1. Multipurpose calculator

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Calculation and math go hand in hand and a calculator is highly needed, it is advisable to always be with your calculator in case of any vital calculation and there is a good way to multitask. With multipurpose calculators, you can have access to do more than add, subtract or divide. The device comes in form of a watch which keeps you on track with time.


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