I previously wrote an article on 9 main secrets to get Google AdSense approval with ease. And i’m happy to say that I’ve been receiving some thumbs up and positive reviews from my readers via email on how the article has helped them in getting their site Approved by Google AdSense. It’s really a good news when one’s site is been approved by Google AdSense. But the most important thing is to avoid getting your AdSense account banned.

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No doubt Google AdSense is one of the best ads serving monetizing network. But like I always say, they really have strict policies. Maybe probably you’ve been approved by Google AdSense, that doesn’t mean you should misbehave, because your AdSense account will be banned instantly if you happen to go against any Google AdSense program policies.

What do I mean by this? Google AdSense has made available their Publisher’s policy programs which you have already or will accept when applying for Google AdSense. By accepting their program policies, you’ve sworn an oath that you’ll never Violet or go against their program policies. And when you happen to go against their program policies knowingly or unknowingly your account is definitely getting banned.

If your AdSense account has already been banned due to some policies violation, then I’m sorry, there is nothing you can do about that. But that’s not the end of the world. You can read our article on best Google AdSense alternatives.

Avoid Google AdSense ban

But if you still have your Google AdSense account actively up and running on your blog. Then this article is for you.

So in this very article, I’m going to lay down in details and give tips on how to avoid getting your AdSense account banned.

Tips On How To Avoid Getting Your AdSense Account Banned

1. Never Click On Your Own Ads

This is highly prohibited by Google AdSense program policies. Clicking or self clicking on your own ads can get you banned instantly.

No matter how tempted it maybe, avoid clicking on your own ads. Google is smart enough to track your IP address. Even if you mask your IP address using a powerful VPN that wouldn’t stop Google from detecting the IP address source that made the click. So be warned.

2. Avoid Sending Ads On Email.

Some Publisher’s are guilty of this act. Sending ads on email to your subscribers is highly prohibited by Google AdSense and and if found guilty your AdSense account will be put to ban. So it’s advised you avoid this act.

3. Avoid Begging For Clicks.

The act of begging for click makes it look as if you’re really a desperate and a hungry blogger. Remember Google keeps track of your AdSense account’s ad clicks from all over the internet. They have high tech bots that detects any negative activity on your AdSense account.

The act of asking your friends or your site readers/visitors to click on your ads is against Google AdSense program policies. And should be avoided at all cost.

4. Avoid Copyrighted and Gambling Content.

AdSense won’t display their ads on a copyrighted Content, unless there is a legal permission for it.

Google AdSense also forbid placing their ads on a gambling website such as betting sites, it’s highly prohibited by Google AdSense. And if you should ever place your ads on a gambling site, then your AdSense account could be in their blacklist waiting to be banned soon.

5. Avoid Linking To Site That Contains Google AdSense Prohibited Contents.

This is very important. Especially for those desperately seeking for backlinks. Avoid Linking your site to any site that contains contents or articles which violents Google AdSense program policies. Prohibited Contents such as:

  • Adult Contents (pornography).
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Illegal Drugs.
  • Violence.
  • Gambling.
  • Violent content.
  • Racial content.
  • Hacking/Cracking.
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition

6. Avoid Trickish Techniques To Gain Clicks

Avoid indirect or deceitful methods of gaining clicks such as “Click here to see hot babesclick her to see sexy girls“. This is highly prohibited by Google AdSense and can get your account banned of found guilty.

7. Tampering Your AdSense Code

Google AdSense allows users to change their adSense colour, and sizes, and when this is done, Google AdSense provides a new Javascript code which you can paste where ever it suits you on your site.

Google AdSense forbids illegal tampering of the adSense code. Never interfere or make an unauthorized alterations with your AdSense code for your own benefits. This is the highest form of prohibition and if adSense team should detect any sort of code alterations on your AdSense account, then you’ve bite the dust, your account is going to be banned for good.

8. Avoid Paid Traffic.

It’s really advised you should avoid Paid traffic as it’s against Google AdSense program policies. If you want to promote your AdSense-blog you can promote them on social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, or a quality sites such as Reddit, Quora, and StumbleUpon. Promoting your site on these meantioned sites and social medias are not considered as violation.

9. Making Your Ads Look Like Part Of Your Content.

Google AdSense allows you to freely make your Ads blend with your blog by changing the colour and the size. But tweaking your ads code to look exactly like your blog content is totally unacceptable and highly prohibited by Google AdSense program policies.

10. Avoid Using Adsense On An Unsupported Language Blog

Avoid using adSense on an unsupported blog language. At present, Google AdSense dosent support all Language, so it’s advised to only place your ads on a Google AdSense language supported blog.

So therefore placing AdSense ads code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by Google AdSense. You can read languages supported by Google AdSense.

In Conclusion

Getting approved by Google AdSense is the good thing. But the main task is protecting your AdSense account from being banned.

You have to avoid all Google AdSense Prohibited policies stated in this article and you’ll never have any issues with your AdSense account.

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