Ticketmaster (or fully Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.) is a wide-ranging ticketing provider headquartered in California, United States of America. Broadly, Ticketmaster is concerned with the distribution and sale of tickets on behalf of an array of clients including artists, promoters and venues.

Basically, Ticketmaster serves as a platform that charges its own fees for helping clients; artists, venues and promoters; to sell their tickets to fans. What the clients do is to simply release their tickets to Ticketmaster and set prices for the tickets. As will be discussed later in this post, the prices of Ticketmaster tickets can vary depending on the various charges incorporated into the pricing.

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While this post comprehensively reviews Ticketmaster, it guides you on how to open a Ticketmaster account and provides other essential information about the popular ticketing service.

Ticketmaster’s Partnerships

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Ticketmaster is a wide-ranging ticketing provider known to have partnered with musical acts, venues, theatre tours and professional sports leagues. Popular musical acts the ticketing provider has partnered with include the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Taylor Swift. It is noteworthy that the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) constitute the professional sports leagues for which Ticketmaster provides tickets.

Among sports associations, the notable ones Ticketmaster has partnered with include the PGA Tour, Tennis Canada and the United States Tennis Association. Ticketmaster is also in partnership with StubHub and certain other websites for ticket sale and validation. Ahead of this partnership, Ticketmaster disclosed in 2017 that TicketExchange would be launched for the ticket sale and validation.

In 2008, the National Football League (NFL) struck an agreement with Ticketmaster. By virtue of the agreement, Ticketmaster became the manager of NFL’s resale market on the TicketExchange platform.

How the Prices of Ticketmaster’s Tickets Are Set

Although Ticketmaster is not the actual determiner of its ticket’s face value, the ticketing provider incorporates its own service charge into the pricing. Notably, Ticketmaster’s client sets the face value (i.e. the base price excluding additional fees by Ticketmaster and venues) of a Ticketmaster ticket. The client could be the artist who owns the show for which Ticketmaster is providing tickets.


The additional fees incorporated into the pricing of Ticketmaster tickets include delivery fee, service fee and facility charge. Delivery fee is the additional fee determined by the method of delivering the ticket while service fee is a total of the fees charged depending on the order processing fee and Ticketmaster’s agreement with an artist or other client. Facility charge, in the third case, refers to the fee set by the management of the venue for a particular event.

Ticketmaster’s Acquisitions

Over the years, Ticketmaster has gathered significant momentum in terms of growth, thanks to its acquisition of services including marketing and ticketing platforms. Ticketmaster began this acquisition in 2015 when it took over the ownership of Front Gate Tickets.

Front Gate Tickets is a notable ticketing provider known to have served Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and other festivals. Ticketmaster successfully acquired Universe in that same 2015.

Through TicketWeb, a self-service ticketing platform owned by Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster acquired a social media-centric marketing platform known as Strobe Labs. UPGRADED, a blockchain-based platform for digitizing physical tickets, was acquired by Ticketmaster in 2018.

How to Create a Ticketmaster Account

Before you get to see the steps for creating a Ticketmaster account, you should like to know what you can do with the account.

The first thing your Ticketmaster account lets you do is purchasing tickets and this perhaps is the most important function you’d expect of Ticketmaster. The account also provides you with notifications about your favorite events, sports teams, artists, etc. For example, you can get notified when your favorite event is taking place or your favorite musician is performing at a specified venue.

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Through the Ticketmaster account, you can as well get your ticket sent to you by a relative or friend. Finally, here is how to create a Ticketmaster account on your mobile phone:

  • Visit your smartphone’s app download store to download the Ticketmaster app
  • After successful download and installation of Ticketmaster, launch the app on your smartphone
  • To create a Ticketmaster account, locate and click the My Account tab within the app
  • Click the Sign in But since you don’t have a Ticketmaster app yet, you’ll have to scroll down to the Sign up button provided within the Sign In window
  • For the account signup, you’ll be required to provide the following details –Name, Password, Phone Number, Email Address, Country of Residence and Zip/Postal Code
  • Click the Next button after providing those details
  • Ticketmaster will send you your One-Time Code which you can receive through any of phone call and text message
  • Specify how you want to receive the code and then click the Next button
  • Once you’ve received the code, input it in the required field and click the Continue button

The above information is all you need to create a Ticketmaster account on your mobile phone. You can as well create a Ticketmaster account on your desktop device by simply using your web browser. In this case, there isn’t any need to download the Ticketmaster app.

Simply follow the instructions below to sign up for Ticketmaster via your desktop web browser:

  • Open your desktop web browser and click the link here to visit Ticketmaster’s signup page
  • On the signup page, scroll to the option New to Ticketmaster? Sign Up and click it
  • Supply the required personal details: Name, Email Address, Password, Zip/Postal Code and Country of Residence
  • Click the Next button to proceed
  • Subsequently, Ticketmaster requires you to input your phone number. Endeavor to provide an active phone number as your One-Time Code will be sent to the number as a text message
  • Input the phone number and click the Next button
  • Finally, click the Confirm button to verify the One-Time Code
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Ticketmaster Account Signup

Can I Verify My Account Using a Landline Phone Number?

You can use your landline phone number for account verification if you don’t have a mobile phone number. Once Ticketmaster recognize that you’re using a landline phone number, they will provide your account verification code via a phone call. Also, Ticketmaster will automatically recognize that you’re using a landline phone, meaning you won’t have to state that your number is a landline.

How Do I Reset My Password?

Click this link to see the steps for Ticketmaster password reset.

What Do I Do If I’m Constantly Told I Already Have an Account?

You should use the Sign in button in logging in to your Ticketmaster account. But if you can’t recall your login password, we suggest you check the earlier instruction on how to reset password.

Can I Use a Friend’s Account?

It’s very possible to share a Ticketmaster account with others. But to save you the need to share sign-in credentials with somebody else, we advise that you create your own account. This way, you won’t need to rely on somebody else’s account before you can receive tickets from relatives and friends.


We strongly believe you found the sign-up guide in this post helpful for creating a Ticketmaster account. Also, we’re hopeful that the answers we provided to FAQs about Ticketmaster will solve your account sign-up hitches.




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