The Upcoming Challenges in the Cellular Industry


Cellular networks used to be quite simple for years because the main service provided to customers was just calls and text messages. However, due to the advancements in technology, the needs and wants of the customers have changed and now they demand a good cellular network with data packages and fast internet.

The introduction of smartphones and tablets have completely revolutionized the way cell phones were used in the past because nowadays you can do almost everything on your smartphone, like writing an email, printing copies of documents, video chats, games, and other office work as well.

Wi-Fi is an interesting connection as it helps you connect to the internet without any wires and cables, but when people are on the go, they have to use mobile data to connect their devices to the internet.

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The Internet of Things

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The increased use of the internet on mobile devices with cellular data has also increased the use of IoT, where machines are interconnected to one another and can exchange information and data. This popularity of IoT has become a challenge for mobile network operations because machines can now communicate with each other and information can be easily sent to another device. Some companies believe that IoT can never take over cellular networks because they work with cellular data to establish the connection. The cellular companies need to keep on innovating if they wish to survive in the market.

Threat Posed By New Applications

The latest applications as WhatsApp and Skype pose a great threat to the cellular networks because people can call and text their loved ones with absolutely no charges. In addition to this, these Over the Top communications allow you to make international video chats as well, which is a huge competitive edge for these applications. You just need an internet connection that is fast and reliable to enjoy unlimited calls and texts. If you are looking for budget-friendly internet service, then check out Spectrum Internet as it offers incredible internet speeds and unlimited internet data to keep you connected to the World Wide Web at all times.

There is a huge probability that these cellular companies will join hands with these applications that allow you to make free calls and texts because Over Top communications are a huge success and will continue to thrive in the market.

Bad Customer Service

Many people in the United States have lodged complaints about poor customer service from their service providers. In addition to this, people using cellular networks have faced call drop issues and text fail errors.

Cellular network companies need to improve their customer service to satisfy the needs of their customers. Moreover, cellular companies need to come up with attractive bundle deals and data packages to improve their sales revenue because people will only buy their services if they offer affordable deals.

The Emergence of 5G Technology

Customer expectations have gone up with the emergence of 5G technology because they want high-speed internet service along with good quality calls so that they can enjoy an uninterruptable cellular service.

The 5G technology requires a good amount of investment from the cellular companies and not every company is capable of making such huge investments, because they will not be able to break-even due to fewer customers.

With the emergence of 5G technology, the use of the Internet of Things will also increase because 5G technology will offer high-speed internet, which means that the devices will be able to connect on a faster level and the exchange of information will happen more swiftly as compared to the recent 4G technology. Cellular companies will have to manage the speed of their service because, in the initial stages, people will be going haywire to purchase this new technology to upgrade their service package.

However, these cellular companies need to invest in 5G technology if they wish to stay in the market because many companies have already invested in this latest technology and are now on the verge of making it possible for customers to incorporate this technology into their smartphones and laptops.

Having a Competitive Edge

The competition in the cellular industry is immense and companies need to adopt the latest trends so that they can compete. In addition to this, they need to come up with promotional deals so that they can retain their existing customers and attract new ones. Competitive edge can be in terms of price by offering the lowest price in the market, or by providing premium services that no other company is offering to its customers. Furthermore, cellular companies need to expand their area of coverage to grow their target market because many rural areas do not have cellular service and these areas are in dire need of such services.

Interference Management

Another important challenge that cellular companies might have to face is interference management. Different services are designed for different entities; cellular companies have different packages for businesses and individual customers. This difference exists because the usage of both parties vary greatly, which is why exclusive services have to be designed. The challenge that these companies face is that these two services should never interfere with one another as it might cause their customers to suffer losses. There should be separate channels providing services to these entities without any obstacles and issues in the quality of the service.

Resource Allocation

One of the most difficult challenges that cellular companies might face shortly is the problem of allocating their resources according to the bandwidth that they have to provide. Instead of putting all of their resources in one place, companies should diversify and allocate their resources equally to survive in the market by satisfying the needs and wants of their customers.

Pricing Strategies

Finally yet importantly, cellular companies should use penetration strategies to survive in the market by keeping these prices low and affordable because the competition is intense and high pricing strategies would cause their customers to switch to other brands. Moreover, they must provide incentives to their customers for using their services because the customers should feel special and be treated as an integral part of the organization so that the cellular company can win their loyalty and retain them successfully. Promotional strategies can be very helpful in this regard, as they provide the perfect solution to gain more customers by attracting a new audience.

This is all for today, stay tuned for more insightful updates.


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