The Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Why this 5G Device Matter

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 is regarded as a dominant flagship smartphone that comes with 5G network, 120Hz display and more superior cameras in a compact design. TechCrude has decided to review this latest addition to one of the best Android smartphones to by this year, and we will be providing details about the Samsung Galaxy S20 and why this 5G device matters a lot.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy S20
Tech giants Samsung have revealed the release date of this brand new android device, and has pegged the date as March 6; however, pre-order begins on all online retail stores from February 21, 2020.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 doesn’t come cheap at all. Samsung has revealed that the price for their latest inclusion to an already available amazing list of top Samsung phones will sell for $999.
TechCrude is delighted to inform you that the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with 12GB of RAM as well as 128GB of storage space. It is your choice to purchase a model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 that has higher storage or RAM, but you can always add close to 1TB of storage through the phone’s available microSD card slot.

Colors and Design

There is no much of a difference in the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 than the Samsung Galaxy S10. The front camera is a bit smaller than it was before, and it is located in the top middle rather than the right side, which makes it not to be noticeable. Also, there is no much curve that comes with the Galaxy S20.
There is no inclusion of a headphone jack accompanying the Samsung Galaxy S20 if you purchase it, making it the first of the Galaxy S flagship phone that does not have this feature. This means that when you are purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S20, you should get one of these wireless headphones for a superior audio experience.
The colors are not interesting yet for the majority of people. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is presented in Cosmic Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, and Cosmic Gray. Just like we have it in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, there should have been the introduction of an Aura Glow.

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The 5G, and Speed

One major thing you should be equipped with the Samsung Galaxy S20 is that the first model is not compatible with the 5G network. The reason is that the version of the Galaxy S20 does not support mmWave technology. While this device was launched, the Samsung Galaxy S20 works with sub-6-GHz 5G networks.
Meanwhile, Verizon has stated that they will design and release a version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 that supports the mmWave in Q2, which means the next version will certainly support 5G networks. To conclude, it is quite complicated at first, and we await later versions to be produced by Verizon.

Battery Life and Charging

While the android device has 5G connectivity as well as a 120Hz display, the Samsung Galaxy S20 surely has a longer battery capacity to last you through one day. What impresses a lot of people about the Galaxy S20 is because of the massively improved battery capacity.
Samsung has certainly developed its battery capacity, and that is why they came up with a 4,500 mAh battery capacity in this Galaxy S20. The previous Samsung Galaxy S10 had a 3,400 mAh battery capacity, so there is much of an upgrade. However, it is yet to be confirmed how long it lasts through constant usage, and we believe time will surely tell.


The Samsung Galaxy Display: What does the 120Hz refresh mean?
Although a fast processor is helpful, the rate of the refresh of the display can enable the smartphone to feel much enjoyable while using it, depending on if you are navigating through websites or playing phone games. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 6.2 inch OLED display and it also has a 120Hz refresh rate. Recall that on the Samsung Galaxy S10, the refresh rate was 60Hz, which makes the Galaxy S20 a better development in that area.
In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has an updated 240Hz touch sensor, which makes the smartphone much more responsive to touches on the screen.

Specifications: Performance, Memory, Camera, and More

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the first smartphone that comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor that makes its speed exceptional. Also, it has a whopping 12GB of RAM which also contributes to its speed.
Another interesting thing about the Galaxy S20 is that Samsung is not restricting its users on how to make use of the memory. This is because they allow their users to allocate up to three applications to be kept in the RAM. That is why there is no form of lagging with the Galaxy S20 and the games and applications load as quickly as anything you know.
If you are a lover of space, the Samsung Galaxy S20 got you covered, as you can store as much as anything you want.
This Galaxy S20 is embedded with 128GB of storage capacity. Added to this amazing storage space, you also have the option to add up to 1 TB of storage space through the microSD card slot.
There is more to enjoy with the Samsung Galaxy S20 than you can ever imagine. Right from the camera, which features a triple-lens of 12 MP to the primary camera of 64MP and the front camera of 10MP, to the CPU and battery capacity, you can be sure to enjoy this smartphone.
If you fancy getting hold of the Samsung Galaxy S20, these online stores in Nigeriaare already taking pre-orders, so you can go for yours now and be among the first to enjoy the all-new amazing Samsung Galaxy S20 android phone.


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