The Best Paint Companies in Nigeria

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Best Paint Companies in Nigeria–Paint is one material in the world that is commonly used; it is a colored substance which when spread over a surface leaves a thin decorative surface.The prices of paints in Nigeria vary depending on locations and choice of paints is a function of desire and need. There are tons of paints companies in Nigeria as we speak, and this has also contributed immensely to the growth our economy in terms of products manufacturing. ALSO CHECK OUT:Prices of Paints in Nigeria Previously we’ve written a nice piece on Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria, you might love it. There are different kind of paint for different type of users, such as the Acrylic paints for artists, watercolor paints, Emulsion and Acrylic paints for road markings, buildings and industrial However, such paint is produced and manufactured by a different type of company. Are you interested in knowing the different types of paint companies in Nigeria? In this article, I will focus on the top 15 paint producing company in Nigeria.

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1. Dulux paint

The Best Paint Companies in Nigeria
Dulux  is one of the best paint  production company in Nigeria and is well known for its high-quality and decorative paint production. Dulux paint was founded in 2015, it produces over 120 colors scheming with high speed and precision for both wholesalers and retailers, it also has branches in over ten major Nigerian cities. ALSO CHECK OUT:Top 15 Startups in Nigeria solving Nigerian Problems There are also good at color consultancy services in case you are interested.

2. Berger Paints Nigeria

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Next in number 2. position is the Berger paint, the company was established in 1760 by a German color chemist, but in 1959 it begins its operation in Nigeria. Berger paint section currently produces the best paints in Nigeria. It is also known for its high-quality production of pain. The company operates in 6 different segments
  • Decorative  
  • Architectural furnishes
  • Industrial coatings
  • marine and protection coatings
  • automotive and vehicle refinishes
  • Wood finishing and preserves
The headquarter of Berger paint is located in Lagos but operate in 25 depots across Nigeria.

3. International Paint West Africa (IPWA)

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Another company that produces quality paint in Nigeria is the International Paints West Africa otherwise known as the IPWA. It is a certified company by the Nigerian industrial standards and also by the standard organization of Nigeria.

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